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poor-quality gasoline heavily mixed with water. While it will run Dacias and Ladas with a somewhat clunky performance, a Western car could be irreperably damaged by it. (Think of Back to the Future part 3) *'''Visit the farmers'-market''' A bit north of the town center. While not as big and bustling as the flea-market it's still a unique place of Eastern European culture. *'''Visit the indoor swimming-pool and thermal healing bath'''. Southeast, near the TESCO. Hungary is famous for it's


address Bremba Rd lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content This is a unique place. At day the grounds serve as a car wash, and on Friday and Saturday nights it turns into an open-air nightclub. They also serve very decent plates of BBQ pork. The DJ either plays 90's hit music (i.e. Madonna and Euro techno) mixed up with contemporary indigenous music. Sleep There are many cheap hotels and small restaurants on Bananuka Road, around the corner


movements, the Koreans have a unique place among China's ethnic minorities as despite being fiercely protective of their culture and language, they generally do not harbour any separatist intentions. Since large areas of Yanbian were off-limits to travelers, the tourist facilities and people who speak English are kind of non-existent at the moment but that is changing. Unlike other Chinese cities, this little city is relatively clean and peaceful. You can find quite many cafes for this little

Nizhny Tagil

next to the big industry. It is a city merged with the industry, which is tangible in the history and architecture, and even in the air: once you don't see the smoke, you sense the smell, and once the smell vanishes, the smoke re-appears. Many people deem Tagil an intimidating city, and you may even notice Russians (outside the Urals) using "Nizhny Tagil" as a synonym for an awful and disgusting place. This is in fact the wrongest attitude to be conceived. Nizhny Tagil is a unique place where

Comodoro Rivadavia

español teatro.jpg thumb El Español Theatre. You can also visit the old lighthouse located eight kilometres away from the downtown, close to the fishing town of Caleta Córdova. It is quite quaint and mysterious. If you are interested in races, you can go to the horse tracks located in Rada Tilly Village, and admire the beautiful horses which compete there. One unique place that you shouldn’t miss is the Windmill Farm, which is really breath-taking

Downtown Eastside

web last Maxwell first Gillian title Keeping the Door Open url http: publisher AIDS Vancouver accessdate 2006-11-15 Two communities are part of East Vancouver but often referred to separately because of their unique place in the city's fabric: the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown (Chinatown, Vancouver). Main Street Main Street north of Hastings is effectively part of the Downtown Eastside and includes the former headquarters of the Vancouver City Police and the Vancouver Pre-Trial Centre. Adjoining side-streets are largely small industry and warehouse, though verging quickly on Gastown to the west and Japantown (Japantown (Vancouver)) to the east. **Department of History (website) **Humanities 101 (Downtown Eastside Community Program and Outreach) (website) **School of Journalism (website) Robert Pickton (w:Robert Pickton), one of Canada's most profilic serial killer (w:serial killer)s, has been found guilty of all six counts of second-degree murder (w:murder) in connection of the deaths of women from the Downtown Eastide (w:Downtown Eastside) in Vancouver (w:Vancouver).

Sa Pa

, the influence on agricultural yields and health related issues are significant. The geographical location of the area makes it a truly unique place for many interesting plants and animals, allowing it to support many inhabitants. Many very rare or even endemic species have been recorded in the region. thumb right 300px Sa Pa town hall (Image:Sapa4.jpg) The scenery of the Sa Pa region in large part reflects the relationship between the minority people and nature. This is seen especially in the paddy


", Weifang and its fresh winds are well known throughout the province. Besides kites, Weifang, like many other Chinese cities, is forever under the constructor's crane with new buildings popping up seemingly overnight. Modern and new but still retaining its old-school charm, Weifang is a unique place to witness the "real China" (or the new China) where the past meets the future in an endless array of complete contradiction and awe-inspiring moments that truly is the essence

Naga, Camarines Sur

Metropolitan Cathedral, Naga City, Philippines.JPG thumb left Naga Metropolitan Cathedral is the seat of the Archdiocese of Caceres The bishops of Cáceres occupied a unique place in the Philippine Catholic hierarchy during most of the Spanish regime. By virtue of the papal bull of Gregory XIII, ecclesiastical cases originating in the Spanish East Indies, which ordinarily were appealable to the Pope, were ordered to be terminated there and no longer elevated to Rome. Decisions of bishops were made appealable to the archbishop and those of the latter to the bishop of the nearest see. Thus, in the Philippines, the decisions of the Archbishop of Manila were subject to review by the Bishop of Cáceres whose jurisdiction then extended from the whole Bicol region, the island-province of Marinduque and the present-day Aurora (Aurora province), which was once part of the former Tayabas province, which is now the province of Quezon (Quezon province). In this sense, bishops of Bikol were delegates of the Pope and could be considered primates of the Church of the Philippines. This was the reason why bishops of Cáceres and archbishops of Manila were sometimes engaged in interesting controversies in the sensational Naga case and in such issues as canonical visitation and the secularization of the parishes. As papal delegate, Bishop Francisco Gaínza, then concurrent bishop of Cáceres, sat in the special ecclesiastical tribunal which passed upon the civil authorities' petition to divest Fathers Burgos, Gómez, and Zamora of their priestly dignity. Gaínza did not only refuse the petition but also urged their pardon. For hundreds of years during the Spanish colonial era, Naga grew to become the center of trade, education and culture, and the seat of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in Bicol. American colonial period With the advent of the American rule, the city was reduced to a municipality. In 1919, it lost its Spanish name and became officially known as Naga. It acquired its present city charter in 1948, and its city government was inaugurated on December 15 of the same year by virtue of Republic Act No. 305. align center WNP align center RPUN style "background:#DDDDDD" Naga Airport align center -


of Life' at the Mayakovskoho square (Mayakovsky square (Zaporizhzhia)). A daily exhibition of artists' organizations of the city is a unique place in Zaporizhzhia, where people can communicate with craftsmen (Artisan) and artists, watch classes of carving, embroidery, beading and other creative works, receive lessons from professional artists, designers, and cartoonists. Some attractions thumbnail Zaporizhia at night (File:Zaporizhia at night.jpg) The

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