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network. The elimination of large contracts between upstream and downstream created an efficient system of gas flow which the estate was fed. Urban structure Couva is approximately 15 km from San Fernando, 15 km from Chaguanas and 40 km from Port of Spain. It has a general East-West orientation and sprawls the Caroni Central plains with a constant north easterly wind. Couva benefits immensely from its unique location. The Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

housing for working people. The streets are named after those who founded the Company, including geologist and writer Hugh Miller (1802-56). The colony houses are now considered coveted properties, due partly to their unique location near the Royal Botanic Gardens (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) and Inverleith Park, and ease of access to the city centre. The colonies are often considered to be almost a village in their own right. It is characterised by its wealth of open green space. The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Inverleith Park, in addition to the numerous playing fields owned and used by the independent schools Edinburgh Academy, Fettes College, Stewart's Melville College and George Heriot's. The Royal Botanic Gardens' nursery garden, for growing and cultivating plants, is also located here. Within Inverleith, there are very few shops and offices, and it is almost entirely a residential and recreational area. In late 1823, George Lauder, described as a "farmer of Inverleith Mains", *Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala (Linnaean Garden), Sweden, (as ''U. japonica''). Acc. no. 1998-1284, obtained from the Russian Federation. *Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK. Listed as ''U. japonica'', acc. no. 19031053. *Royal Botanic Gardens (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Kew, UK. Acc. nos. 1995-581, 1995-1305 *Longstock Park Arboretum, Longstock , Stockbridge, UK. One juvenile specimen planted 2010. *Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK. Acc. no. 20042084 *Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, UK. Acc. no. 2004.0515 *Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala (Linnaean Garden), Finland. Acc. no. 1930-1013. *Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK. Acc. nos. 19699368, 16899359, 19699365 *Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, UK. Acc. no. 2001-0188, 3 specimens collected in Iran, 2000.

Greater St. Louis

been founded by French missionaries and explorers in 1668. Because of its unique location within multiple counties, portions of Centralia are associated with different Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs). The Centralia Micropolitan Statistical Area includes all of Marion County. The Clinton County portion of the city is considered part of the St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri), MO (Missouri)–IL Metropolitan Statistical Area (Greater St. Louis), while the Jefferson County


and ending at 21:00. It offers by virtue of its unique location some nice views of the city, the Number One Yangtze River Bridge, Yellow Crane Tower, etc. during the day and an interesting nightscape view after dark. See thumb 220px Snake Hill Park from the Yellow Crane Tower. (Image:Snake Hill from Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan.jpg) *


. Here you find a lot of cheap pubs, open-air BBQ´s and casual gatherings of students and other young people who enjoy the sunset and mild Xiamen nights over a drink. * Wikipedia:Xiamen


RAF base converted to a 78 room hotel. Cost is around $100-150us pp per day all inclusive (includes regular brand alcohol). Another unique location is Keyodhoo Guest House, this guest house is located on top of a recreation center build by Australian after the tsunami ($20 pp per night). Most travelers to these locations are scuba divers for the diving or adventure travelers. Other Inns B&B can also be found on Vaavu Atoll, Dhaalu Atoll, Kaafu Atoll, North and South Male Atoll. Only


and 901 and get off at the East Station. phone tollfree fax hours 24 hours price free content Tianjin Italian Town is also known as the Italian Concession which was built in 1902. The Italian Town was finished in 2005. It covers the area from Coast area to the Victory Road. Across the river from Italian Town lies the Ancient Culture Street, Peace Shopping and Pedestrian Street, Tianjin Financial Road, Little White CBD (小白楼) and Tianjin Municipal Government. Owning the unique location


tollfree fax hours price $40 night checkin checkout content The Star Hotel enjoys a unique Location in Bethlehem apart from being the highest point in Bethlehem, yet it is in the centre near to the shopping Area offering an ideal choice for pilgrims and Tourists alike. The Church of Nativity is six minutes walk through the old bazaars. *


Street from Straight Street, or rope ladder on city walls 100m from Bab Sharqi phone +963 11 541-4115 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content This hostel has a unique location, with some rooms in a tower on the city wall. While the location is excellent and the rooms are decent. Laundry service with an automatic washer is 200SYP. Satellite television is available in the common area but there is no on-site Internet access. The website has both a printable map


to their unique location, history or architecture. The former racetrack turned central park, People's Square (People's Square (Shanghai)) park, located in the heart of downtown Shanghai, is especially well known for its proximity to other major landmarks in the city. Fuxing Park, located in the former French Concession of Shanghai (Shanghai French Concession), features formal French-style gardens and is surrounded by high end bars and cafes. Zhongshan Park in northwestern central Shanghai is famous for its monument of Chopin (Frédéric Chopin), the tallest statue dedicated to the composer in the world. Built in 1914 as Jessfield Park, it once contained the campus of St. John's University (Saint John's University, Shanghai), Shanghai's first international college; today, it is known for its extensive rose and peony gardens, a large children's play area, and as the location of an important transfer station on the city's metro system (Shanghai Metro). Shanghai Botanical Garden is located

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