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Library (1964-1965) url email address Koulukatu 21 lat 62.7865 long 22.8427 directions phone +358 6 4162 326 tollfree fax hours Mon–Fri 10–19, Sat 11–15, During summer: Mon–Thu 10–19, Fri 10–17, Sat closed price content The City Library - Regional Library, the architectural pearl of the Aalto Centre, was constructed in 1964-1965. The open book shaped building is a very unique design. **

Da Lat

paradise-by-the-dashboard-light work Air Canada enroute publisher Air Canada enRoute accessdate 22 September 2012 author Samantha Coomber date 1 January 2008 The station’s unique design—with its roofs, arching ceiling, and coloured glass windows—earned it recognition as a national historical monument in 2001.


By appointment price Free of charge content Unique design and decorative objects, wallpapers, paintings, ceramics and jewelery, cozy lamps are made in workshop gallery *

Rockville, Maryland

', however, the bearings, seals, and support systems for the water-lubricated bearing have caused many problems. Further, the circulators employed a steam turbine drive that adds complexity to system operations. These ''unique design features'' (emphasis added) resulted in water ingress to the core, the primary reason for poor plant availability."

National Climatic Data Center

, Kansas title Overpasses and Tornado Safety: Not a Good Mix url http: ddc ?n over work Tornado Overpass Information publisher NOAA accessdate 24 March 2012 However, a highway overpass is a dangerous place during a tornado: the subjects of the video remained safe due to an unlikely combination of events: the storm in question was a weak tornado, did not directly strike the overpass, and the overpass itself was of a unique design. Due


in Kaohsiung show a city of aesthetics. Unique design from MRT station to the city's public works of art, city space into an art gallery. "Dome light" in the concourse of Formosa Boulevard Station of Kaohsiung MRT is one of the world's largest public glass works of art, and it is the public art chanticleer representative works in Kaohsiung.


as "one of the most remarkable keeps in England", is of a unique design and probably based on Byzantine architecture. The keep still stands among the earth-covered remains of the outer fortifications. Boundaries It comprises the northern part of Ipswich and central Suffolk. The seat is primarily rural farming territory. The exception to this is the three wards from Ipswich Borough, and Kesgrave, a new satellite town, which are far more suburban in character

Kingston upon Hull

, Dorset "Troy-town" (unique design; described by John Aubrey; ploughed up 1730) Early career He made his first appearance on the stage in Brentford at the age of twenty as Dumont in Nicholas Rowe (Nicholas Rowe (dramatist))'s ''Jane Shore''. His first London appearance was at the Haymarket Theatre in 1778; he played in benefit performances of Thomas Otway's ''The Orphan'', Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson (writer))'s ''The Country Lasses'', and David Garrick and George Colman (George Colman the Elder)'s ''The Clandestine Marriage''. Almost immediately, however, he returned to the country, and he spent the next decade and more touring, from Hull (Kingston upon Hull) to Liverpool. He first performed with Sarah Siddons in York in 1786; by that time he had earned a substantial provincial reputation. In 1794 in Dublin, as Othello, he first attained high rank in a national capital; by 1800, London critics had dubbed him the ''Dublin Roscius (Quintus Roscius Gallus)''. His unusually long provincial apprenticeship in many ways served him well. After an initial concentration on romantic leads, particularly in comedy, he gradually found his metier playing rakes and villains. As a regional star, he performed with Siddons, Dorothy Jordan (Dorothea Jordan) and other London celebrities; he had over 300 roles in his repertoire. *On Hilldown, a hill between Farnham and Guildford, Surrey "Troy-town" *Holderness, between Marfleet and Paull, East Riding of Yorkshire (near Kingston upon Hull) "The Walls of Troy" (this had a unique dodecagonal layout; illustrated 1815) *Pimperne, Dorset "Troy-town" (unique design, roughly triangular, with paths winding apparently at random; described by antiquary John Aubrey in 1686; ploughed up 1730) thumb left 250px Humberside International Airport (Image:Humberside_Airport_10Jun06.JPG) In 1970, after changing hands several times, Kirmington was selected as the best location for a regional airport serving the Hull (Kingston upon Hull), Grimsby and Scunthorpe localities and has become Humberside International Airport. yearofbirth 1935 placeofbirth Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire countryofbirth England '''James Graham "Jimmy" Binks''' (born 5 October 1935, WikiPedia:Kingston upon Hull Commons:Category:Kingston upon Hull



24.75560 directions phone +372 6 809 300 tollfree fax checkin checkout price €158 content The Estoria is a part of the same building complex as the Viru hotel, but it follows the upmarket "Solo" concept and features colourful and unique design elements throughout its interior. The level of comfort and facilities is higher than at the Viru, but the 93 rooms are placed in a smaller building with less spectacular vistas. *

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