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Mérida, Mérida

of the local team, Estudiantes de Mérida F. C. (Estudiantes de Mérida Fútbol Club). Soccer is the most popular and widely supported sport, but given the city's location, a variety of extreme sports are also practiced as well. In addition to the aforementioned soccer, the current athletic infrastructure also supports a wide array of other traditional sports, including tennis, basketball, baseball, and Venezuelan sports such as bolas criollas. The Metropolitan Stadium of Mérida

Dera Ghazi Khan

-danda'' is one of the famous traditional sports especially in boys in rural areas. *Doda Saraiki Game *Baandar Killa *Pittu Garam *Stapu (Hopscotch) *Kabaddi *Ludo (Ludo (board game)) *Akh Macholi *Yassu Panju *Chirri Uddi, Kawa Udda *Pugan Pugai *Luk Chhap (Hide-and-seek) or Chuppan Chupai *Bantay (Marble (toy)), also called as ''Chidday'' or ''Goliyan'' Arts and entertainment The city has produced various famous artists like Tauqeer Nasir, which are known nationally and internationally. The National Arts Council, D. G. Khan is also established to promote the arts and theatre in the city. Press and media Daily Jang is also published from Dera Ghazi Khan


is also popular among Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Balochistan, played on horseback by two teams that use their skills to grab the carcass of a headless goat and then get it clear of the other players and pitch it across a goal line. Other traditional sports include ''naiza

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Activities Association contained up to 42 schools, mainly from the mid-sized cities of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge foothills - from the mountains to the Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) area, and especially along the US 29 (now I-85) corridor between Kings Mountain and High Point, and continuing west along US 74 to Rutherfordton. The WNCHSAA schools featured some of the best high school sports in the state, with many longtime traditional sports powerhouses amongst their midst. Many

Federation of Malaya

celebrates the independence of Malaya (Federation of Malaya). Although festivals often stem from a specific ethnic background, they are celebrated by all people in Malaysia. Traditional sports are popular in Malaysia, while it has become a powerhouse in international sports such as badminton. Malaysia hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1998, the first Commonwealth Games where the torch passed through more countries than England and the host. File:Malaysia states named.png thumb 600px alt


through the Lens of Tuberculosis" Research Group. Department of Anthropology, The University of Auckland, N.Z. page 19, footnote 4 year 2012 url http: webdav site arts shared Departments anthropology documents-publications Tufoua%20Ethnographic%20Research%20on%20Meanings%20and%20Practices%20of%20Health%20in%20Tuvalu%20final.pdf accessdate 16 March 2013 Traditional sports in the late 19th century were foot racing, lance throwing, quarterstaff fencing and wrestling, although the Christian missionaries disapproved of these activities. WikiPedia:Tuvalu Commons:Category:Tuvalu Dmoz:Regional Oceania Tuvalu

French Polynesia

and French Polynesia; along with ''teka'' (spear throwing), ''motora'a'' (boxing) and ''amoraa ofae'' (heavy stone lifting) will be included as part of the Heiva i Tahiti or traditional sports festival held in Papeete every July. A similar sport is also played in the Cook Islands during the Te Maeva Nui national day celebrations. On 4 May 1972, following Irving Stowe's departure from the chairmanship of the Don't Make A Wave Committee, the fledgling environmental group officially


dealt with the conflicts between traditional and post-colonial society. Literature and films during the next two decades concentrated more on wholly Cameroonian themes. DeLancey and DeLancey (#DeLancey) 120. Sports National policy strongly advocates sport in all forms. Traditional sports include canoe racing and wrestling, and several hundred runners participate in the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope each year. West (#West) 127


: article.shtml?cmd%5B347%5D x-347-103788 title Silenced – United Arab Emirates publisher date 21 September 2003 accessdate 2013-04-20 Sports thumb Aviation Club Tennis Centre Dubai Tennis Stadium (File:DTC1.jpg) Football and cricket are the most popular sports in Dubai. Five teams (Al Wasl FC, Al-Ahli Dubai, Al Nasr SC (Dubai) Al Nasr


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