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hours price Listed rates from ¥1,080, discounted from ¥360 checkin checkout content Four-star traditional Naxi palace-style hotel that is adjacent to Ancient Town. Inside the hotel’s traditional setting, modern facilities and services can be enjoyed. Amenities include 214 deluxe guestrooms, The Mushroom King restaurant, KTV, spa, and roof garden to name a few. Guaranteed online reservation is available. *


phone tollfree fax hours price content MUX is the IATA code for Multan Airport. serves a variety of cuisines * Drink Alcohol is sold at Ramada and Sindbad Hotel to Non-Muslims only. All types of both local and international propriety soft drinks are available in almost every store


náměstí''' ) is one of the main city squares and the centre of the business and cultural communities in the New Town (New Town, Prague) of Prague, Czech Republic. Many historical events occurred there, and it is a traditional setting for demonstrations (Demonstration (people)), celebrations, and other public gatherings. The square is named after Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia Saint Wenceslas


, the restaurants known as the El-Wadi restaurants in Zahle serve exquisite Lebanese food. In Beirut, Abd el-Wahab in the "Monot" area also serves excellent Lebanese food in a traditional setting. International food chains such as KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Burger King or Domino's pizza and many other are widely spread and easily found across the country. French Patisseries and Bistro's such as Couqley, Chinese, Italian, American and Japanese cuisine are also widely spread


as the traders in Manama souq consist of Bahrainis as well as expatriates from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and neighboring Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. The souq is frequented by tourists from all over the world to experience the traditional setting of the marketplace which has been preserved over the years. *Organization of workshops to enlighten various stakeholders, such as (a) pure water producers (b) the Patent and Proprietary Medicine Dealers Association (PPMDA), and (c) the National Union of Road Transport Workers and National Association of Road Transport Owners (NURTW & NARTO), *Raising awareness not just in Nigeria, also in other countries like India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Egypt, *Holding meetings, in concert with the Chairman, House Committee on Health and his members, with Ambassadors of countries identified with exporting fake drugs into Nigeria and solicited their support to stop the trend, This theory relates with how conflict prevention occurred between India and Pakistan in their 2001 - 2002 nuclear standoff (2001–2002 India–Pakistan standoff), where India was at risk of losing its global partners. The relationship between the People's Republic of China and Taiwan (Republic of China) was also cited as an example of this theory - they both have strong supply relations with each other and a war between the two seems very unlikely today. According to historian Andy Worthington, author of ''The Guantanamo Files'', Yacoub Al-Amir was captured in Pakistan, had never traveled to Afghanistan, had no commitment to Jihad, and testified at his Combatant Status Review Tribunal: ''"I disagree with al-Qaeda on everything."'' Commons:Category:Pakistan WikiPedia:Pakistan Dmoz:Regional Asia Pakistan


all over the world to experience the traditional setting of the marketplace which has been preserved over the years. The daughter of the Royal Navy Captain John Moresby, Clara Thomas, ''Canadian Novelists 1920-1945'', Longmans, Green and Comoany, Toronto, 1946 p. 10-11 Elizabeth Louisa Moresby lived and traveled widely in the East, in Egypt, India, China, Tibet and Japan but settled eventually in Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia), British Columbia, Canada in 1919. Moresby was already sixty years old by the time she started writing her novels, which commonly had an oriental setting, and then became a prolific author. She wrote under various pseudonyms, depending on the genre. As '''Louis Moresby''', she wrote nonfiction, including a history of Egypt. As '''E. Barrington''', she wrote historical romances, including a tale of Napoleon (Napoleon I of France) and Josephine (Joséphine de Beauharnais) (1927). As '''Lily Adams Beck''', she wrote stories set in Asia and influenced by Oriental philosophy and religion, sometimes in the style of Lafcadio Hearn. John Grant (John Grant (author)) and John Clute, ''The Encyclopedia of Fantasy'', "Beck, L(ily) Adams", pp. 99-100, ISBN 0-312-19869-8 She was also known as '''Elizabeth Louisa Beck''', '''Eliza Louisa Moresby Beck''' and '''Lily Moresby Adams'''. She was a staunch Buddhist and strict vegetarian, highly critical of the materialism of the West. History For Sale, brief but seemingly good biography of Lily Adams Beck. Beck's stories collected in ''The Opener of the Way'' feature an occult detective (Occult detective fiction) '''PLACES:''' east country - Machpelah - Mamre - Lahairoi - Havilah - Shur - Egypt - Assyria '''Magdi Abdelghani Sayed Ahmed''' (born 27 July 1959 in Cairo; ''Arabic'' مجدي عبد الغني), known as '''Abdelghani''', is a former Egyptian footballer (Association football), who played as an attacking midfielder (Midfielder#Attacking midfielder) . * '''Blessed are those eyes that have seen more water than any man! Blessed be that haughty mind that aimed at the greatest hope!''' May you be blessed who row the current your life long and now with dry unfreshened lips descend to Hades to find the hidden deathless springs and slake your thirst! My son, it's death who keeps and pours the deathless waters. ** Voice of the Nile, from Odysseus' story, Book VIII, line 1290 (the first line is taken from an Egyptian (w:Egypt) hieroglyph (w:hieroglyphics).) ''Maximillian'' * (Opening Voiceover): A long, long time ago, Nosferatu (w:Nosferatu), the undead, the race of the Vampire were driven from Egypt (w:Egypt). Most fled to the Carpathian Mountains (w:Carpathian Mountains) of Transylvania (w:Transylvania), but others of better taste, including myself, travelled south through Africa (w:Africa) and over the Atlantic (w:Atlantic), to a beautiful island hidden deep in the Bermuda Triangle (w:Bermuda Triangle). There we lived for happy centuries, feasting on the blood of unwary travellers. Until discovered by the hunters once again. Then the blood that spilled was our own. I, alone, escaped. But a Vampire-alone is a Vampire doomed. My chance was to find the one known offspring of our tribe that had been born in a foreign land. A woman, somewhere in this place, called Brooklyn (wBrooklyn)... * Interesting. I've been stabbed, and I've been hanged, and I've been burned. Even broken on the rack once, but I've never been shot before. It kind of itches a little. *Many of the reviews have been written by non-Jewish as well as Jewish critics, and not by 'representatives of Jewish organizations' as Carter has claimed.--Alan Dershowitz * Carter's claim that "Israel launche d preemptive attacks on Egypt (w:Egypt), Syria (w:Syria), Iraq (w:Iraq) and then Jordan (w:Jordan)" (5) ... is inaccurate ; in the 1967 Six-Day War Jordan (w:Jordan) attacked Israel (w:Israel) first, Israel tried desperately to persuade Jordan to remain out of the war, and Israel counterattacked after the Jordanian army surrounded Jerusalem (w:Jerusalem), firing missiles into the center of the city.--Alan Dershowitz Alan Dershowitz, "The World According to Carter," ''New York Sun'' November 22, 2006. * Carter's use of the loaded word "apartheid (w:apartheid)," suggesting an analogy to the hated policies of South Africa (w:History of South Africa in the apartheid era), is especially outrageous, considering his acknowledgment buried near the end of his shallow and superficial book that what is going on in Israel today "is unlike that in South Africa — not racism, but the acquisition of land."--Alan Dershowitz thumb 250px The Republic of Sudan (File:LocationSudan Africa.png) '''Sudan (w:Sudan)''' (or '''The Sudan'''; officially the '''Republic of the Sudan''' or '''Republic of Sudan''') is the largest African country by area. The country is situated at a crossroads between the Horn of Africa (w:Horn of Africa) and the Middle East (w:Middle East). It is bordered by Egypt (w:Egypt) to the north, the Red Sea (w:Red Sea) to the northeast, Eritrea (w:Eritrea) and Ethiopia (w:Ethiopia) to the east, Kenya (w:Kenya) and Uganda (w:Uganda) to the southeast, Democratic Republic of the Congo (w:Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the Central African Republic (w:Central African Republic) to the southwest, Chad to the west (w:Chad to the west), and Libya (w:Libya) to the northwest. It is the tenth largest country in the world by area. 144px thumb right Converse with her had an irresistible charm, and her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behaviour towards others, had something stimulating about it. ~ Plutarch (File:Cleopatra-VII-Antikensammlung-Berlin.jpg ) '''Cleopatra VII (w:Cleopatra VII)''' (69 BC – 30 BC) was a political ruler and religious figure (w:Ancient Egyptian religion) of ancient Egypt (w:Egypt) who, allied with Julius Caesar, solidified her rule. After Caesar's assassination, she aligned with Mark Antony (w:Mark Antony) of the Second Triumvirate (w:Second Triumvirate) with whom she produced twins, and whom she married by Egyptian rites. She committed suicide after the successful invasion of Egypt by the forces of Octavian (Augustus), who afterwards, with the execution of her son Caesarion (w:Caesarion), ended the Ptolemaic dynasty (w:Ptolemaic dynasty). * ''This Ryvere comethe rennynge from Paradys terrestre, betwene the Desertes of Ynde; and aftre it smytt unto Londe, and rennethe longe tyme many grete Contrees undre Erthe: And aftre it gothe out undre an highe Hille, that Men clepen Alothe, that is betwene Ynde and Ethiope, the distance of five Moneths Journeyes fro the entree of Ethiope. And aftre it envyronnethe alle Ethiope and Morekane, and gothe alle along fro the Lond of Egipte, unto the Cytee of Alisandre, to the ende of Egipte; and there it fallethe into the See.'' ** This River (w:Nile) cometh, running from Terrestrial Paradise (w:Garden of Eden), between the Deserts of Ind (India), and after it smiteth into the Land, and runneth long time through many great Countries under Earth. And after it goeth out under an high Hill, that men call Alothe, that is between Ind and Ethiopia the distance of 5 Months' Journeys from the Entry of Ethiopia (w:Ethiopia); and after it environeth all Ethiopia and Mauritania (w:Mauretania), and goeth all along from the Land of Egypt (w:Egypt) unto the City of Alexandria (w:Alexandria) to the End of Egypt, and there it falleth into the Sea. ** Ch. 5 thumb right The Gaza Strip (Image:Gz-map.png) GAZA - The Israeli Army (w:Israeli Defense Force) is believed to have killed three Egyptian (w:Egypt) soldiers in a border incident. The shootings occurred near the Philadelphi Route (w:Philadelphi Route) on the Gaza (w:Gaza)-Egypt (w:Egypt) border. Both nations patrol the area intensively for arms smuggling (w:arms smuggling) into Gaza. thumb right The Gaza Strip (Image:Gz-map.png) GAZA - The Israeli Army (w:Israeli Defense Force) is believed to have killed three Egyptian (w:Egypt) soldiers in a border incident. The shootings occurred near the Philadelphi Route (w:Philadelphi Route) on the Gaza (w:Gaza)-Egypt (w:Egypt) border. Both nations patrol the area intensively for arms smuggling (w:arms smuggling) into Gaza. Of the countries ratifying the treaty, the largest are (in order of decreasing population) India (w:India), Pakistan (w:Pakistan), Bangladesh (w:Bangladesh), Japan (w:Japan), Mexico (w:Mexico), Thailand (w:Thailand), France (w:France), and Burma (w:Burma). Nations that have signed but not yet ratified include China (w:China), USA (w:USA), Brazil (w:Brazil), Nigeria (w:Nigeria), Philippines (w:Philippines), Viet Nam (w:Vietnam), Germany (w:Germany), and Egypt (w:Egypt). The largest non-signers are Indonesia (w:Indonesia), Russia (w:Russia), Colombia (w:Colombia), Tanzania (w:Tanzania), and Uzbekistan (w:Uzbekistan). The Himalayan (w:Himalayas) kingdom of Bhutan (w:Bhutan) went beyond the treaty requirements when on December 17 it became the first country in the world to completely ban the sale of tobacco. An Egypt (w:Egypt)ian baby, born with two heads, is recovering after a successful operation to remove the second head in Cairo (w:Cairo) on Thursday. The case of Australian (Australia) Mamdouh Habib (w:Mamdouh Habib) attracted widespread attention in that country, after he was released in January after 40 months, without any charges being pressed. Australian officials were aware that he had been transferred by the United States to Egypt (w:Egypt) for six months. During this time, Habib claims he was subjected to various methods of torture, including electric shock (w:Electric shock) and being held under water. *from the Arab world (w:Arab world): Algeria (w:Algeria), Bahrein (w:Bahrein), Comoros (w:Comoros), Djibouti (w:Djibouti), Egypt (w:Egypt), Iraq (w:Iraq), Jordan (w:Jordan), Kuwait (w:Kuwait), Lebanon (w:Lebanon), Libya (w:Libya), Mauritania (w:Mauritania), Morocco (w:Morocco), Oman (w:Oman), Palestine (w:Palestine), Qatar (w:Qatar), Saudi Arabia (w:Saudi Arabia), Somalia (w:Somalia), Sudan (w:Sudan), Suriname (w:Suriname), Syria (w:Syria), Tunisia (w:Tunisia), United Arab Emirates (w:United Arab Emirates), Yemen (w:Yemen). Putin was on a four day tour of the Middle East (w:Middle East), where he visited Egypt (w:Egypt), Israel (w:Israel) and Palestine (w:Palestine). This was the first high level visit of a Russian official to Egypt in 40 years, which was followed the next day by a visit to Israel — a historic first, since no other Russian president has ever visited Israel. The ship recently sailed to Jordan (w:Jordan), Lebanon (w:Lebanon), and Egypt (w:Egypt) before coming to the Gulf of Oman (w:Gulf of Oman), and docking in its Sultan Qaboos port, where it was received in style by the Tourism Minister Rajiha bint Abdulameer bin Ali, one of three female ministers in the cabinet. Oman is the only country in the Gulf to have its own tourism ministry, created last year to encourage visitors to come partake in Omani life and culture. The kidnappers of Egypt's (w:Egypt) ambassador to Iraq (w:Iraq), Ihab Al-Sherif, remain anonymous amid pleas for his well treatment. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit (w:Ahmed Aboul Gheit) said that Cairo (w:Cairo) was working with Iraqi authorities to advance the release of Mr. Al-Sherif, who was kidnapped on Saturday. The alleged mastermind behind the London bombings was reported captured in Cairo (w:Cairo), Egypt (w:Egypt) last week. Police believe that a U.S. trained chemist, Magdi Asdi el-Nashar (w:Magdi Asdi el-Nashar), 33, helped build the bombs that killed over 50 people. A branch of the Al-Qaeda linked terrorist organization Abdullah Azzam (w:Abdullah Yusuf Azzam) Brigades in Egypt (w:Egypt) has claimed responsibility for the attack. They also claim responsibility for last month's terror attack (Many dead in Egyptian resort blasts) in Sharm el-Sheikh (w:Sharm el-Sheikh), Egypt and for the 2004 attack on Egyptian tourist resorts (w:2004 Sinai bombings). left 130px thumb w:Ayman al-Zawahiri Ayman al-Zawahiri (Image:Zawahiri.jpg) is believed by the U.S. military to be involved in orchestrating insurgent activities in Iraq. Egypt (w:Egypt), who has Zawahiri's brother in prison, has provided the United States with a DNA sample, which would allow officials to positively identify the fugitive al-Qaeda leader. It is also reported that the DNA has already been used to run tests at the FBI (w:FBI) in Washington DC (w:Washington DC). Commons:Category:Egypt WikiPedia:Egypt Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt


Foundation for Journalism , which offered him a chance for further study in journalism at Harvard University. The crowd as well as the traders in Manama souq consist of Bahrainis as well as expatriates from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and neighboring Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. The souq is frequented by tourists from all over the world to experience the traditional setting of the marketplace which has been preserved over the years. The first mention is in the Silapadhikaram, written in India at some time after the 2nd Century CE. Introduced into Sri Lanka at some time after this, it absorbed earlier deities such as that of ''Kiri Amma'' ('milk mother'). Historians attribute her introduction to the island to Gajabahu I, a frequent traveller to Tamilakkam. The Silapathikaram mentions Gajabahu's presence at the consecration of a temple to Kannagi (identified as Pattini in this case) by the Chera (Chera dynasty) king Senguttuvan. India Biodiesel is now being produced locally in India for use in stationary engines and large or slow engines like those in trains, trucks and tractors. Efforts are also on to use ethanol as a substitute for petrol. Biodiesel is rapidly replacing both kerosene (which was used illegally and inefficiently) and diesel as a more efficient, cheap, and clean alternative for large engines. Today plans are being chalked out to cultivate non-edible seed oil trees such as Pongamia on barren land to use their oil for biodiesel production. The Southern Railways have been very supportive of the program and various state governments recommend planting these plants in unused areas through aid from the government sectors. Biodiesel-blends are being used to run state transport corporation buses in Karnataka. The University of Agriculture Sciences at Bangalore has identified many elite lines of ''Jatropha curcas'' and ''Millettia pinnata'' (Pongamia tree). Castor (Castor oil plant) is already a well established crop in India with several very high yielding varieties in the market. Large-scale activities have been initiated quite recently. For example, the government of Karnataka has distributed several million saplings of Pongamia to farmers for planting along borders of farmland and in waste lands. Large-scale plantations have been initiated in North-East India and Jharkhand by D1 Williamson Magor Bio Fuel Limited, a joint venture between D1 Oils of U.K. and Williamson Magor of India. The hilly areas of the North-East are ideal for growing hardy, low-maintenance plants. Most of the maps are of the scale 1:1,000,000 or 1:500,000. However, the environs of the three greater centers (Athens, Rome, Byzantium-Constantinople) are presented in 1:150,000. Some remote regions, where Greeks and Romans mostly explored and traded rather than settled (i.e. Baltic (Baltic region), Arabia, East Africa, India, Sri Lanka), are of the scale 1:5,000,000. Due to the nature of the base maps used for the background and time–cost restrictions, elevation lines (contours) were left in feet except for the 1:150,000 maps where they are in meters. The projection (Map projection) of the maps is Lambert Conformal Conic (Lambert conformal conic projection). Again due to time and cost restrictions, geo-referencing (Georeference) of the maps was left as a future separate project. Briski's interest in photography began at age 10. http: 2005 01 07 nyregion 07profile.html?pagewanted print&position After earning a master's degree at the University of Cambridge, Briski studied documentary photography at International Center of Photography in New York. In 1995, she made her first trip to India, producing a story on female infanticide. In 1997, Briski returned to India and began her project on the prostitutes of Calcutta's red-light district, which led to her work with the children of prostitutes. Her latest project ''Reverence'' Reverence is an experiential multimedia exhibit about transformation. Inspired by dreams of a praying mantis, Briski was led around the world to collaborate with living insects, taking their portraits in photographs and film. 
“My work is a tribute to insects, to their intelligence, personality and elegant beauty,” she says. The project raised initial funds through the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter Kickstarter in 2010. Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India

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