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International Falls, Minnesota

and Atmospheric Administration accessdate November 17, 2012 date August 2010 Icebox of the Nation International Falls has long promoted itself as the "Icebox of the Nation"; however, the trademark for the slogan has been challenged on several occasions by the small town of Fraser, Colorado. Officials from Fraser claimed usage since 1956, International Falls since 1948. The two towns came to an agreement in 1986, when International Falls paid Fraser

$2,000 to relinquish its "official" claim. However, in 1996, International Falls inadvertently failed to renew its federal (Law of the United States#Federal law) trademark, although it had kept its state (Law of the United States#State law) trademark up to date. Fraser then filed to gain the federal trademark. Two Towns Feud Over Icebox Title, ''Associated Press'', January 13, 2008

Patent and Trademark Office officially registered the slogan with International Falls on January 29, 2008, Registration Number 3375139. Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS), United States Patent and Trademark Office, ''Accessed February 11, 2008.'' Only a few days after announcing its success in the trademark battle, International Falls had a daily record low temperature of −40&nbsp

Huntington Beach, California

the borders with Westminster and Seal Beach. Surf City USA trademarks While Huntington Beach retains its 15-year trademark of Surf City Huntington Beach, the Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau filed four applications to register the "Surf City (Surf City (song)) USA" trademark in November 2004. The idea was to market the city by creating an authentic brand based on Southern California's beach culture and active outdoor lifestyle while

at the same time creating a family of product licensees who operate like a franchise family producing a revenue stream that could also be dedicated to promoting the brand and city. A ruling by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released on May 12, 2006 awarded three trademark registrations to the Bureau; nine additional trademark registrations have been granted since this time and ten other Surf City USA trademarks are now under consideration.

: newsroom news.html?d 99014 title Huntington Beach Officially Registers Surf City USA Trademark accessdate March 14, 2008 author date May 12, 2006 work Huntington Beach Conference and Visitors Bureau press release publisher One of the first products the Bureau developed to promote its brand was the Surf City USA Beach Cruiser by Felt Bicycles in 2006. The product has sold out every year in markets worldwide and created demand for a second rental bicycle model

Platteville, Wisconsin

changed his name to Andrew Jackson Griffith and ran unsuccessfully for sheriff of Grant County (Grant County, Wisconsin) in November 2006. Subsequently, actor Griffith filed a lawsuit against Griffith Fenrick, asserting that he violated trademark, copyright (Intellectual property), and privacy (Privacy law) laws by changing his name for the "sole purpose of taking advantage of Griffith's notoriety in an attempt to gain votes". On May 4, 2007, United States District Court US

District Court Judge John C. Shabaz ruled that Griffith Fenrick did not violate federal (Law of the United States) trademark law because he did not use the Griffith name in a commercial transaction but instead strove "to seek elective office, fundamental First Amendment protected speech." <

Teluk Intan

family-run enterprises: Sin Guan Tin and Sin Joo Heong. Locals fondly refer to the latter as the 'Tiger' brand or mark or 'Tiger Biscuit'. The former's trademark is a butterfly. Another famous delicacy in Teluk Intan is the 'Chee Cheong Fun', a variation of Kueh Teow containing turnip, whereas the Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun has prawns wrapped inside. Chinese curry mee and a variety of other food can be found at "Glutton Square" located at the corner of Jalan Sithabaram Pillai

and Jalan Ah Cheong. There is also a food court (locals call it "Bumbung Biru") in front of Menara Jam Condong "The Leaning Tower". Another long-standing tourist sight for more than 25 years is Teluk Intan's laksa sold from a bicycle by "Uncle Laksa". This man rides around the town areas such as Jln Woo Saik Hong, Jln Pasir Bedamar, Jln Ah Cheong and Jln Pasar to sell his trademark laksa, cooked on his custom-made 3-wheeler bicycle. Other types of foods found

San Martín Tilcajete

working to create a group trademark for their work because of the introduction of imitation alebrijes from China. The trademark is to be called “Tonas de Oaxaca, Figuras de Madera” with over 39 craftsmen from Tilcajete, Arrazola and San Pedro Taviche already completing the requirements to participate. The municipality thumb Municipal palace (File:MuniPalaceTilcajete.JPG) As municipal seat, the town of San Martín Tilcajete is the governing authority


on the river Karkheh and a bridge at Shushtar, and laid plans for the development of Mohammara. He also took steps to promote the planting of American cotton near Tehran and Urmia. thumb right Domes like this are quite common in Khuzestan province. The shape is an architectural trademark of craftsmen of this province. Daniel (Image:Emamzadeh-hamzeh.jpg)'s shrine, located in Khuzestan, has such a shape. The shrine pictured here, belongs to Imamzadeh Hamzeh, located between Mahshahr

Chivington, Colorado

, El Paso, Texas, Elbridge Ayer Burbank, Elijah Muhammad, Elliott Kalan, Elmwood Cemetery (Memphis, Tennessee), Emergency population warning, Energy policy of the United States, Entertainment Weekly, Era of Good Feelings, Erasmo Seguín, Ernesto Miranda, Factory committee, Failed Iraqi peace initiatives, Fairbanks House, Dedham, Federal Trademark Dilution Act, Fidel Castro, First Families of Virginia, First Family of the United

Westwood, California

character in ''Friday the 13th Part 3'' brought the hockey mask (among other items) to scare his friends. The hockey mask became Jason Voorhees's trademark. IsolationDate August 1990 Isolation Westwood (Westwood, California), California, United States Origin Unknown Her first marriage, to Paul Drake(Toronto, Ontario, 1 November 1937 &ndash; 1 April 2008) in Coral Gables (Coral Gables, Florida), Miami-Dade County


by the British in the chieftain’s courtyard and delivered unopened into storage in London. http: articles qasqai-tribal-confederacy-i thumb right Domes like this are quite common in Khuzestan province. The shape is an architectural trademark of craftsmen of this province. Daniel (Image:Emamzadeh-hamzeh.jpg)'s shrine, located in Khuzestan, has such a shape. The shrine pictured here, belongs to Imamzadeh Hamzeh, located between Mahshahr and Hendijan


phone +358 50 3105 850 tollfree fax hours price content The flagship floating restaurant of a franchised chain, the menu here is simple: pick either one of their trademark flame-broiled salmon, fried ''muikku'', the un-Finnishly immodestly named "world's best fish soup" (not quite, alas) for around &euro;15, or go whole hog and get them all plus the amazing cold fish buffet with 17 types to sample for &euro;35. Prices may be negotiable if it's quiet and you're

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