Abu Ghraib

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, but found no evidence of weapons production. The city is also the site of Abu Ghraib prison, which was one of the sites where political dissidents were incarcerated under former ruler Saddam Hussein. Thousands of these dissidents were tortured and executed (capital punishment). After Saddam Hussein's fall, the Abu Ghraib prison was used by American forces in Iraq. In 2003, Abu Ghraib prison earned international notoriety for the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse torture and abuses

facilities such as Abu Ghraib would be utilized to house prisoners prior to handing them over and Rumsfeld defended the Bush administration's decision to detain enemy combatants without protection under the Third Geneva Convention. Because of this, critics, including the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, would hold Rumsfeld responsible for the ensuing Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse scandal. Rumsfeld himself said: "These events occurred on my watch as Secretary


earlier in the news as it was claimed that prisoners were tortured: see the article Bagram torture and prisoner abuse, and also at the time of the hand-over of the facility human-rights groups like Amnesty International have raised concerns about the treatment of prisoners in the facility References and footnotes *''Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul'' (2008). Eds., Friedrik Hiebert and Pierre

Braithwaite, Rodric title Afgantsy: The Russians in Afghanistan, 1979–1989 location publisher Oxford University Press year 2011 isbn 9780199832651 page 99 On 27 December Radio Kabul broadcast Karmal's pre-recorded speech, which stated "Today the torture machine of Amin has been smashed, his accomplices – the primitive executioners, usurpers and murderers of tens of thousand of our fellow countrymen – fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons

; Globalsecurity.org, The 1978 Revolution and the Soviet invasion. Retrieved October 2007. After the coup, desertions swept the force, affecting the loyalty and moral values of soldiers, there were purges on patriotic junior and senior officers, and upper class Afghan aristocrats (Aristocracy (class)) in society. After the revelation of CIA sponsored torture in the 1970's and the subsequent


of torture. Also in 1936, with the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and in 1937 with the attempt against Salazar's life by anarchist militants, the PVDE started focusing its battle against communism and the underground Portuguese Communist Party. During this pre-World War II period, several Italian (Kingdom of Italy (1861–1946)) and German (Nazi Germany) advisors came to Portugal to help the PVDE to adopt a model similar to the Gestapo. During World War II

, the PCP played a major role in the opposition to the dictatorial regime of António de Oliveira Salazar. During the five-decades-long dictatorship, the party was constantly suppressed by the political police, the PIDE, which forced its members to live in clandestine status under the threat of arrest, torture, and murder. After the bloodless Carnation Revolution in 1974, which overthrew the 48-year regime, the 36 members of party's Central Committee had, in the aggregate, experienced

with the Portuguese colonial censorship system and the surveillance of PIDE (International and State Defence Police). Subversive activities could lead to torture and to the political prison of Tarrafal, on the Island of Santiago (Santiago, Cape Verde). thumb 150px right Logo of the SIED. (Image:Novobrasao_peq.gif‎) During the New State regime (New State (Portugal)) and until its end in 1974, the main intelligence agency in Portugal was the PIDE - ''Polícia Internacional e de Defesa do

610 Office

is reportedly involved in the extrajudicial sentencing, coercive reeducation, torture, and sometimes death of Falun Gong practitioners. ref

Olympics. The campaign was referenced on government web sites in every Chinese province. Reeducation and Detention thumb Gao Rongrong, a Falun Gong (File:2004-7-6-gao rongrong3.jpg) practitioner from Liaoning province, was reported tortured to death in custody in 2005. http: www.amnesty.de umleitung 2006 deu03 031?lang de%26mimetype%3dtext%2fhtml 610 Offices work with local security agencies to monitor

and mental coercion in an effort to have them renounce Falun Gong. In 2001, the central 610 Office began ordering “all neighborhood committees, state institutions and companies” to begin using the transformation facilities. No Falun Gong practitioners were to be spared, including students and the elderly.

Greek military junta of 1967–74

was so fast that by September 1967, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands went before the European Commission of Human Rights to accuse Greece of violating most of the human rights protected by the European Convention on Human Rights. Following the coup, 6,188 suspected communists and political opponents were imprisoned or exiled to remote Greek islands. Under the junta, torture

; ''The NY Times.'' with an estimated 3,500 people detained in torture centres run by ESA. Time Magazine archives Answering to History Quote, "Witness after witness testified that within a week of Papadopoulos' April 21, 1967, coup more than 8,000 had been arrested. Of these, 6,188 were banished into exile. Another 3,500 were subsequently sent

to ESA torture centers. One prosecution witness, former Colonel Spyridon Moustaklis, 49, was unable to answer questions because brain damage caused by beatings had left him mute and semiparalyzed. Communicating by groans and gestures, glaring at the defendants, Moustaklis clumsily tore his shirt open to reveal the scars that marked his body. Said his wife: "We have a little girl who has never heard her father's voice." Verdicts on the 31 accused, which could lead to maximum sentences


after the February Revolution and made it very dangerous to be a political policeman. That fact, along with the St. Petersburg (now Petrograd) Soviet (Petrograd Soviet)’s insistence on the dissolution of the regular Tsarist police force, as well as the political police, meant that the Okhrana quickly and quietly disappeared. Hingley, Russian Secret Police, 111 Use of torture Some historians have claimed that despite the reforms in the early 19th century, the practice

of torture was never truly abolished. It has been argued that the creation of Okhrana led to increasing use of torture, Patterns of Torture due to the Okhrana using methods

such as arbitrary arrest, detention and torture to gain information. Russia and the Soviet Union 1917–1941: Glossary ''Charles Sturt University'' Following the revolution, communists claimed the Okhrana had operated torture chambers in places like Warsaw, Riga, Odessa and in a majority of the urban centres.


of bas-reliefs and artwork that display everyday life, including war, sacrifices and torture methods. The palaces are: * Akaba Royal Palace * Gbehanzin Royal Palace * Palace of King Glele * Palace of King Agaja * Palace of King Tegbessu * Palace of King Agoli-Agbo * Palace of King Ghezo * Palace of King Angoglo * Palace of King Kpengla It is also worth visiting the nearby museum: *

lat 7.18639 long 1.99391 directions phone +229 22 50 03 14 tollfree fax hours M-F: 8:30am-6pm, Sa-Su: 8:30am-5pm price CFA 2500 content Houses a number of artefacts and relics from the area. Some of the banners show torture and war tactics of the former Kingdom. The throne of Ghezo is exhibited, which was built on top of human skulls. Admission includes a guided tour, which takes about an hour. Do thumb 250px A royal palace. (File:Abomey-Königspalast3.jpg) Buy


. In particular the Sicherheitspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst headquarters in Victoria Terrasse were notorious for torture and abuse of prisoners. Also, Arkivet (Arkivet (Kristiansand)) in Kristiansand and Bandeklosteret in Trondheim became synonymous with torture and abuse. Infamously, it was taken over by the occupying Nazi (Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany) Sicherheitspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst in April 1940, serving as headquarters during the World War II war

years . The offices held the interrogation centre for all prisoners in Oslo, and the place became synonymous with torture and abuse. On occasion prisoners jumped out of windows to their death while waiting to be interrogated. On October 20, 1941, Turner attended meeting with other Nazi officials including Security Police ''Sicherheitspolizei'' chief Wilhelm Fuchs, Franz Rademacher (in charge of Jewish affairs at the German Foreign Ministry


difficult. Arrests, torture, and executions were common. Terror against "state enemies" had become a way of life to such a degree that the Gestapo’s presence and methods were eventually normalized in the minds of people living in Nazi Germany. Peukert (1989). ''Inside Nazi Germany: Conformity, Opposition, and Racism in Everyday Life'', pp. 198-199. Organization File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R97512, Berlin, Geheimes Staatspolizeihauptamt.jpg thumb 300px Gestapo

;Gellately, Robert p 131" Gellately, Robert. ''The Gestapo and German Society'', p 131. Beyond that, sleep deprivation and various forms of harassment were used as investigative methods. Failing that, torture and planting evidence were common methods of resolving a case, especially if the case concerned someone Jewish. Gellately, Robert. ''The Gestapo and German Society'', p 132. While the total

and is being interrogated and tortured by Gestapo officers. The torture is completely benign, but the prisoner is eventually persuaded to recite the joke after being tickled. One of the Nazi officers (Graham Chapman) erupts in laughter and dies. The second (John Cleese) retorts "Zat's not funny!" but then he too starts to giggle hysterically before falling down dead. Another captor (Terry Gilliam) notices the two deceased officers and points his gun at Palin, who

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