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Baddeck, Nova Scotia

substantial HD-4, powered by Renault engines. A top speed of was achieved, with the hydrofoil exhibiting rapid acceleration, good stability and steering along with the ability to take waves without difficulty. Boileau 2004, pp. 28–30. In 1913, Dr. Bell hired Walter Pinaud, a Sydney yacht designer and builder as well as the proprietor of Pinaud's Yacht Yard in Westmount, Nova Scotia to work on the pontoons of the HD-4. Pinaud soon took over

. On returning to Bell's large laboratory at his Beinn Bhreagh (Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia) estate near Baddeck, Nova Scotia, they experimented with a number of designs, culminating in Bell's ''HD-4''. Using Renault engines, a top speed of 87 km h (54 mph) was achieved, accelerating rapidly, taking waves without difficulty, steering well and showing good stability. Bell's report to the United States Navy permitted him to obtain two 260 kW (350 horsepower) engines

Colonia del Sacramento

of Buenos Aires with the main cities of Uruguay, (Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo and Punta del Este). More than 2.2 million people per year travel between Argentina and Uruguay with Buquebus. One of these ships is a catamaran, which can reach a top speed of about ref>

Rauma, Finland

Nordica (1994) ''Nordica'' , built in 1994. In 1999 the summer-route was altered to Helsinki–Tallinn–Rostock. In autumn of the same year the Finnish Institute of Marine Research installed new equipment for monitoring water quality and algae. In 2001 the ship was docked with modifications made to the turbines and propeller shaft. These and a new bottom paint allowed her to increase her top speed once more, to . In mid-May 2002


as the Papa class (Papa class submarine)), was built at the SEVMASH shipyard (Sevmash) in Severodvinsk and completed in 1972. The long build time was caused by numerous design flaws and difficulties in manufacture. Extensively tested and reconfigured, she was taken out of service following a reactor accident in 1980. She reportedly had a top speed of and a claimed dive depth of 800 m. This combined with other reports created some alarm in the U.S. Navy

Federal Railroad Administration

running on its own dedicated tracks. right thumb 300px Keystone Corridor (blue), as designated by the Federal Railroad Administration (File:corridor ne.PNG) The '''Keystone Corridor''' is a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) "designated high speed (High-speed rail in the United States) corridor" with a 349-mile (562 km) railroad line between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a top speed of . As of November 1

the FRA invited discussions with representatives of rail labor unions to discuss the problem. Trains on WES were designed to travel at an average speed of . Each self-propelled car has two Detroit Diesel engines, each of which is rated at 600 horsepower. TriMet was required to purchase U.S.-manufactured trains due to federal funding

Papua New Guinea

, and , and had a range of

;ref name Gillett86 The vessels could achieve a top speed of . The ship's company consisted of three officers and sixteen sailors. Main armament was a bow-mounted Bofors 40 mm gun, supplemented by two .50 calibre M2 Browning machine guns and various small arms. The ships were

.), ''Jane's Fighting Ships, 1968-69'', p. 18 Gillett, ''Australian and New Zealand Ships since 1946'', p. 86 Propulsion machinery consisted of two 16-cylinder Paxman YJCM diesel engines, which supplied . ref


, and set off from Dai Prefecture (Zhangjiakou) (代郡) and Dingxiang (Hohhot) (定襄). '''Zhangjiakou''' (张家口; ''Zhāngjiākǒu'') is a city in Hebei. Get in The Zhang Hu fast passenger train line (High-speed rail in China) runs from Zhangjiakou via Wulanchabu West to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia. Distance is approximately 286 km, top speed 250 km hr. Get around See *

Grand Duchy of Baden

us adj on guns in four twin turrets (gun turret), displaced , ''Baden'' was the largest and most powerfully armed battleship built by the Imperial Navy. Creation Prince Alexander (1823–1888) was the third son of Grand Duke Louis II (Louis II, Grand Duke of Hesse) of Hesse and by Rhine (Grand Duchy of Hesse) and of Wilhelmina of Baden Wilhelmina


-14 accessdate 2011-07-18 title Glitches disrupt China's showpiece high-speed railway author Steven Jiang and Haolan Hong) On July 10, 2011, trains were delayed after heavy winds and a thunderstorm caused power supply problems in Shandong province. On July 12, 2011, trains were delayed again when another power failure occurred in Suzhou. On July 13, 2011, a transformer malfunction in Changzhou forced a train to half its top speed, forcing

Kerguelen Islands

. This was all done without a single shot being fired and without any casualties. The Norwegians continued to work as if nothing had happened and made no effort to resist. The ''Pinguin'' then made a five-day dash at top-speed to the north-west past Bouvet Island and over half-way to the South Sandwich Islands. Her wireless operators sent a long coded message home knowing that every wireless station in the region would pick it up and discover his position. The ''Pinguin'' then sailed back to the captured Norwegian fleet. The ''Pinguin'' intercepted a variety of British signals confirming the success of the ploy. The fifteen-ships set off eastwards with the ''Pinguin'' in the lead and the three factory and supply ships at the rear. The ''Pinguin'' could not provide prize crews for all the ships. The ''Ole Wegger'' transferred 7,000 tons of whale oil to the ''Solglimt'' s appearance was changed to take on the identity of the Norwegian liner ''Tamerlane''. The ''Pinguin'' replenished her water supply from a waterfall using a gravity-feed system. By 22 March the replenishing of supplies from the ''Alstertor'' was complete. The ''Pinguin'' and the ''Adjutant'' departed the islands on 25 March. Voyage Drygalski led the first German South Polar (South Pole) expedition with the ship ''Gauss'' to explore the unknown area of Antarctica lying south of the Kerguelen Islands. The expedition started from Kiel in the summer of 1901. Expedition A small party of the expedition was also stationed on the Kerguelen Islands, while the main party proceeded further south. Erich von Drygalski paid a brief call to Heard Island and provided the first comprehensive scientific information on the island's geology, flora and fauna. Southern Indian Ocean Islands tundra Crozet Islands, Prince Edward Islands, Heard Island, Kerguelen Islands, McDonald Islands In 1874 he joined a German (Germany) expedition to the Kerguelen Islands to observe a transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. His results from the expedition were published in ''Nova Acta Leopoldina (German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina)''. In 1883 he became a professor in Prague and was the ninth director of the Klementinum observatory (Clementinum).

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