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investigation it was found that both soldiers were killed by friendly fire from an American machine gun which fired across the camp hitting both Soldiers who were on a roof top position over the TOC. In April the unit was relieved by another SECFOR team from the 207th RCAG from Shindand (Shindand, Herat). On June 2, 2006, the base and all its contents were signed over to the British (United Kingdom) 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (3 PARA). After being warned against the "platoon house" strategy, the British became engaged in heavy fighting with Taliban insurgents and allied opium traffickers deep inside the green zone. A number of British and Canadian troops were killed during fighting in the town, including Corporal Bryan Budd (Bryan Budd) (3 PARA) who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. In 2008 without the support of a Marine Air-Ground Task Force, members of Echo Company, 2nd Battalion 7th Marines, were sent to Sangin to assist Ranger Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment, who were stationed in central Sangin's FOB Jackson (Forward Operating Base Jackson) as part of the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment (2 PARA)'s deployment. Within a month of their arrival, 3rd Platoon had branched out from FOB Tangiers (List of ISAF installations in Afghanistan#Helmand Province) and established FOB Wishtan (List of ISAF installations in Afghanistan#Helmand Province). From June to October 2008 Echo company suffered numerous casualties, to include Cpl. Richard Weinmaster, who despite grievous wounds continued to fight until losing consciousness. His actions on that day earned him a Navy Cross (Navy Cross (United States)), one of two that 2nd Battalion 7th Marines awarded during their deployment in Afghanistan. On August 14, 2008 two separate IED attacks within a few hundred meters and twenty minutes of one another claimed the lives of Lance Corporal Jacob Tovez, Corporal Anthony Mihalo, and Lance Corporal Juan Lopez-Castenaeda. In October 2008 Echo Company pulled out of Sangin, after handing FOB Tangiers and FOB Wishtan back over to the British. 2nd Battalion 7th Marines received a Navy Unit Commendation for their actions in Afghanistan. In June 2010, 3rd Battalion 7th Marines and 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion entered Sangin to aid British forces and eventually take over. 3 7 flooded the green zone with Marines and 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion Provided Assault Breacher Vehicle's upon arrival and controlled area's from Route 611 (Route 611 (Afghanistan)) to the Helmand River in a months time A British (United Kingdom) soldier has been killed near the town of Sangin (w:Sangin), in the Helmand Province (w:Helmand Province) of Afghanistan after a bomb explosion struck on Saturday afternoon. The death brings the current total of UK military personnel killed in Afghanistan up to 224 since 2001. The man, whose service was as a part of 3 Rifles Battle Group, has currently not been identified as his next of kin have requested waiting for a time period of 24 hours before releasing any more information. He was on foot patrol near the town of Sangin (w:Sangin) in the Helmand Province (w:Helmand Province) of Afghanistan (w:Afghanistan) when he was killed as the result of an explosion in the area on the afternoon of January 22. The total number of military personnel that has been killed in Afghanistan since 2001 has now increased to 250.


", the record's lead single reached the top position on the ''Billboard'' Hot 100, becoming Carey's eighteenth number one and making her the solo artist with the most number one singles in United States history (List of Billboard Hot 100 chart achievements and milestones#Most number-one hits), pushing her past Elvis Presley into second place according to the magazine's revised methodology. WikiPedia:Anguilla Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Anguilla commons:Anguilla


, it took another four months until the band released their debut single "Daylight in Your Eyes," which would subsequently appear on the band's debut album ''Elle'ments'' (2001). Both the single and the album became an unexpected but record-breaking success, when both instantly entered the top position on the Austrian, German and Swiss ''Media Control (Media Control Charts)'' singles, albums and airplay charts, giving No Angels one of the most successful debuts in years. Commons:Category:Bayern WikiPedia:Bavaria Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Bavaria


the top position of first secretary. Between 1926 and 1959 the proportion of Russians among Tajikistan's population grew from less than 1% to 13%. Tajikistan – Ethnic Groups, ''U.S. Library of Congress'' Bobojon Ghafurov, Tajikistan's First Secretary of the Communist Party of Tajikistan from 1946–1956 was the only Tajikistani politician of significance outside of the country


tine " ("About you"), which held the top position on the Romanian Top 100 chart for three weeks in February 2003. Their second hit, which brought them worldwide attention, was "Dragostea din tei", translated roughly as "Love in the Linden Tree." It quickly became popular in Romania, where it also topped the Romanian singles chart for four weeks in September 2003, but faded from popularity by the end of 2003.


The Speed Star ", released on October 14, 2004. The single debuted at the top position on the Oricon daily chart WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市


WikiPedia:Seville commons:Sevilla

Birmingham, Alabama

the economic landscape of north Alabama until the late 1950s, when the space race catapulted its neighbor Huntsville (see below) into that position. For most of the 20th century up to that point, Decatur held the top position in terms of economic impact and population. Its mixture of river transport and rail access has made it a busy hub of business, commerce, and manufacturing (chemicals and textiles especially) flowing down the river on the barges and boats of numerous companies and docking


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Jhangvi , a hardline cleric from Jhang who had become known for his sermons against the Shi'a denomination. Jhangvi invited Tariq to run his madrassa in order to promote his ideology. Following Jhangvi's assassination in 1990, Azam Tariq inherited the top position in the group, when he survived the explosion in Lahore that killed another prominent front-runner for the slot, Ziaur Rehman Farooqi. During this time, the Sipah-e-Sahaba operative Riaz Basra developed differences with Azam Tariq and formed his own group, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. WikiPedia:Lahore

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