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Libertyville, Illinois

, 2013 and '''' listed Libertyville as one of the best places to live for the rich and single. Danielle Gensburg, September 18, 2013: CNN cites Libertyville as top place to live for rich and single Notable people !-- Note: · Only people who already have a Wikipedia article may appear here


views, whereas Mount Putuo is deemed as the top place where integrates mountain and sea views (以山而兼湖之胜,则推西湖;以山而兼海之胜,当推普陀). Zhujiajian ( ) is the fifth largest island of the archipelago and a newly developed seaside resort with intriguing seascapes, unmarred beaches, dense woods, sheer rock cliffs, hills for hiking, extraordinary seafood and displays of fishermen folk culture. It is home to the Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival, which is held on the Nansha Beach, one


trans_title Yerevan expanding its international relations language Armenian archiveurl https: web 20130512174924 http: pages.php?lang 1&id 184&page_name news archivedate 12 May 2013 Foreign opinion Beirut was named the top place to visit by ''The New York Times'' in 2009,


world awareness of its athletes. Rhythmic gymnastics Aliya Yussupova was placed 4th in the Summer Olympic Games in Athens (2004 Summer Olympics). She has been among the medalist winners in several previous tournaments. Currently, she is considered to be one of the top rhythmic gymnasts in the world. After the retiring of Aliya Yussupova in the end of 2009, Kazakhstan maintained its top place in the world thanks to the emerge of Anna Alyabyeva who knows represent the nation in the international tournaments, grand prix and world championship. Partly because of the country's enormous semi-arid steppe, the Soviet government used Kazakhstan as its nuclear testing site. Along with near-absent pollution controls, this has contributed to an alarmingly high rate of disease in many rural areas. Kazakhstan has identified at least two major ecological disasters within its borders: the shrinking of the Aral Sea, and radioactive contamination at the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing facility (in fact a large zone south of Kourchatov (Курчатов)) and along the Chinese border. Most of Kazakhstan’s water supply has been polluted by industrial and agricultural runoff and, in some places, radioactivity. The Aral Sea, which is shared with Uzbekistan, has shrunk to three separate bodies of water because of water drawdowns in its tributary rivers. A Soviet-era biological weapons site is a threat because it is located on a former island in the Aral Sea that is now connected with the mainland. The reduction in the Aral Sea’s water surface has exacerbated regional climatic extremes, and agricultural soil has been damaged by salt deposits and eroded by wind. Desertification has eliminated substantial tracts of agricultural land. Plants in industrial centers lack controls on effluents into the air and water. The Semey region in the northeast has long-term radiation contamination from Soviet-era weapons testing. The Ministry of Environmental Protection is underfunded and given low priority. Some new environmental regulation of the oil industry began in 2003, but new oil operations on Kazakhstan’s Caspian coast add to that sea’s already grave pollution. International programs to save the Aral and Caspian seas have not received meaningful cooperation from Kazakhstan or other member nations. There are many important sites from the Jurassic, with more than 150 important sites with beetle fossils, the majority being situated in Eastern Europe and North Asia. In North America and especially in South America and Africa the number of sites from that time period is smaller and the sites have not been exhaustively investigated yet. Outstanding fossil sites include Solnhofen in Upper Bavaria, Germany, Commons:Category:Kazakhstan WikiPedia:Kazakhstan Dmoz:Regional Asia Kazakhstan


-cleanest-cities-biz-logistics-cx_rm_0416cleanest_slide_16.html title World's Cleanest Cities work Forbes first Robert last Malone date April 16, 2007 The ''Economist Intelligence Unit'' named Pittsburgh the top place to live in the United States in 2011,


was deeply impressed by the “objectivity” of Dasan’s replies to a set of questions he had formulated. This was the start of an increasingly close relationship between the king and Dasan. After the promotion of Chae Je-gong in 1788, Dasan took top place in the ''daegwa'' (higher civil service exam) in 1789 and was offered a position in the Office of Royal Decrees, together with 5 other members of the Southerner faction. This alarmed members of the opposing ‘Old Doctrine’ faction, who soon realized the extent to which the Southerners were being influenced, not only by the Practical Learning introduced to China from Europe, but by Roman Catholicism itself. In 1784, Yi Byeok (李蘗, 1754-1786), a scholar who had participated in meetings to study books about the Western (European) Learning, starting in 1777, talked with Dasan about the new religion for the first time in 1784 and gave him a book about it. Whatever his own response may have been, and there is no proof that he ever received baptism, Dasan’s immediate family was deeply involved in the origins of the Korean Catholic community. His older sister was married to Yi Seung-hun, the Korean who was first baptized as a Catholic in Beijing in 1784 and played a leading role in the early years of the Church’s growth. The oldest of Jeong Jae-won’s sons, Yak-hyeon, was married to a sister of Yi Byeok. Another daughter, from a third marriage, later married Hwang Sa-yeong (1775-1801), author of the notorious Silk Letter. Dasan’s older brother, Jeong Yak-jong (Augustinus) was the leader of the first Catholic community and one of the first victims of the purge launched against Southerners, but especially against Catholics, in 1801, after the sudden death of King Jeongjo (Jeongjo of Joseon). Dark clouds began to gather in 1791. Two years before, Yun Ji-chung, one of the first baptized and a cousin to Dasan on his mother’s side, had gone to Beijing and received confirmation. Rome had forbidden Catholics to perform ancestral rituals and this was now being strictly applied by the Portuguese Franciscan bishop of Beijing Alexandre de Gouvea. When his mother died in 1791, Yun therefore refused to perform the usual Confucian ceremonies; this became public knowledge, he was accused of impiety and was executed. Some Koreans who had at first been sympathetic, horrified by the Church’s rejection of hallowed traditions, turned away. Jeong Yak-yong may well have been among them. Setton, Mark. Chong Yakyong. page 59 - valign "top" rowspan 6 18 September rowspan 2 China Open (2006 China Open (tennis)) Wikipedia:Beijing Dmoz:Regional Asia China Beijing commons:北京


was born in Tiruchuli near Aruppukottai town. Aruppukottai was part of king Sethupathi of Ramnad. Aruppukottai is well known for its high quality educational institutions. Aruppukottai maintains the state top place in tenth and plus2 examinations among the 68 educational districts in Tamil Nadu for the last 26 years. Distribution and habitat The babbler is a resident breeding bird in India, Sri Lanka and southwest Nepal. Its habitat is scrub and tall grassland. '''Jagannatha


of national costume design. Aruba took the top place with his yellow Native American costume. Italy was second with his black Baron style costume. Nicaragua was the third with his green peacock inspired costume. Other award presented was the talent award for delegate from Cuba. Achladioti's most renowned deed is that every day she would fly a Greek flag (Flag of Greece) over the island even though the island was not formally part of Greece (as with the rest of the Dodecanese

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