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-Destruction of the Nazi Regime", in Gregor, ed. ''Nazism'' (Oxford Readers), p. 193. Senior SS officers in the RSHA A high percentage of senior SS officers were attached to the RSHA and therefore it was a top-heavy organization. For example, almost a quarter of all officers of the rank of SS-''Sturmbannführer'' served in the RSHA. Of all other SS officer ranks, the RSHA had the following percentages: *''Obersturmbannführer'' – 20% *''Standartenführer'' – 15.2% *''Oberführer'' – 15% *''Brigadeführer'' – 11.5% *''Gruppenführer'' – 7.4% *''Obergruppenführer'' – 4.4% Organization According to British author, Gerald Reitlinger, the RSHA 'became a typical overblown bureaucracy... The complexity of RSHA was unequalled... with at least a hundred sub-sections'. Reitlinger, Gerald. ''The SS, Alibi of a Nation, 1922–1945'', p. 138. The organization at its simplest was divided into seven offices (

Puerto Vallarta

variety of entrées, like the cream-based salmon with caviar and lemon. For appetizers try the top-heavy (con molto tomate) bruschetta or steamed mussels with lemon, parsley, and butter. Most folks choose to sit on the open patio, but La Piazzeta also has an intimate dining room. The personal attention of the owner, Mimmo, guarantees repeat business. It's open 4 to midnight. *


of overhead protection, and for being top-heavy, however few cases exist to prove their doubts in this equipment.


was abandoned in 1867.) The company enjoyed phenomenal growth during the next few years. Its capitalization rose from $385,700 in 1858 to $41 million in 1876. However it was top-heavy with stock issues, and faced growing competition from several firms, especially the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company--itself taken over by financier Jay Gould in 1875.


) . Despite the added weight, it permitted use of only a single smoke stack for the engines, allowing for a third centerline torpedo tube mount. Even so, they were still over-weight and top heavy. '''The Samurai''' is a Japanese historical fiction television series made by Senkosha Productions during the early 1960s. Its original Japanese title was ''Onmitsu Kenshi'' (隠密剣士, "Spy Swordsman"). The series premiered in 1962 on TBS (TBS (TV channel)) and ran

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