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Dakhla, Western Sahara

by Dieudonne Costes and Rignot's 5,450 km (3,390 mi). From 10 October 1927-14 April 1928, Costes and Le Brix flew a Br.19 GR (named ''Nungesser (Charles Nungesser)-Coli (François Coli)'') around the world, covering 57,000 km (35,418 mi) - though the journey between San Francisco and Tokyo was taken by ship. ''Che'' was also awarded "The White Camel", the top award handed out at the sixth annual International Sahara Film Festival

Scottish Arts Council

‘Watchmen’ date 22 July 2008 publisher MSNBC accessdate 28 September 2008 Honours include a commendation for the Carnegie Medal (1997), a short listing for the Guardian Children's Award (Guardian Award) (1998), and numerous listings on the notable books, editors' Choices, and best books

Faroe Islands

Salmon campaigner lands top award date 22 April 2007 url http: 1 hi sci tech 6571241.stm In 2006, after beating Skála Ítróttarfelag of the Faroe Islands in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Cup, and Drogheda United of Ireland (League of Ireland) in the second qualifying round (after penalties), they reached the first round of the UEFA Cup, where they were knocked out by AFC Ajax of the Netherlands. The Faroe Islands have

White House

journalists, news executives, novelists and high government officials. Among them were Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Edwin Newman, Harrison Salisbury, several of the core members of Edward R. Murrow's famed Murrow's Boys: Charles Collingwood (Charles Collingwood (journalist)), Eric Sevareid, Richard C. Hottelet, Howard K. Smith, and Larry LeSueur. The founding director of CBS News, Paul White (Paul White (journalist)), for whom the top award given by the broadcast news directors organization Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) is named, early ABC News president Elmer Lower, WikiPedia:White House, Tennessee Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Tennessee Localities W White_House


gets top award url http: sport1 hi other_sports basketball 8022575.stm accessdate 2009-12-08 publisher BBC Sport date 2009-04-28 Unfortunately for Raiders, their National Indoor Arena jink kicked in again and were trounced by Newcastle in the Semi-final by a 93-71 scoreline. group2 '''Yellow''' list2 Algeria Croatia


. As Moscow Correspondent of ''The Irish Times'', he covered the collapse of communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As South Africa correspondent, he covered the rise of Nelson Mandela from prisoner to president, the dissolution of the apartheid regime and the arrival of democracy in South Africa. Later he became Editor of the electronic editions of ''The Irish Times'', winning several awards, including the Swiss IP Top award as best international


, but remained a staunch Zionist. The opening bungee jump at Archangel, shot at the Verzasca Dam in Switzerland and performed by Wayne Michaels, was voted the best movie stunt of all time in a 2002 Sky Movies poll, and set a record for the highest bungee jump off a fixed structure.


, Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, South Asia) * Rice and peas (Caribbean) ''The Geography and Mathematics of Europe's Urban Centres'' First time in the competition's 36-year history that a Social & Behavioural Sciences project won the top award


that a Social & Behavioural Sciences project won the top award Graduated with First Class Honours in Geology from University College Dublin in 2004, going on to complete a Ph.D

, and Shoreline Entertainment elsewhere and won the award for best Canadian feature film at 2006’s Vancouver International Film Festival. Coupland movie gets top award at Vancouver film fest, '''Joseph-Octave Plessis''' (March 3, 1763 – December 4, 1825) was a Canadian (Canada) Roman Catholic (Catholic Church) clergyman from Quebec. He was the first archbishop

partners, such as Israel. '''Chris Sheridan''' is a Canadian (Canada) filmmaker and co-founder, with wife Patty Kim, of Safari Media. With his wife he co-directed the 2006 documentary ''Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story'' and the 2004 documentary ''Destiny'', which won a top award at the New York International Independent Video and Film Festival. He now lives and works

South Africa

'', winning several awards, including the Swiss IP Top award as best international news site in 1998. - South Africa Cape Town Taj Taj Cape Town - '''''Duck Rock''''' is an album released by British (United Kingdom) impresario Malcolm McLaren In 1983. The album mixes up styles from South Africa, Central (Central America), and South America, the Caribbean, and the US (United States), including hip hop (Hip hop music). The album proved to be highly

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