South San Francisco, California

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San Francisco accessdate April 2, 2013 At the top of Sign Hill, a tall pole with electric lights serves as an electric Christmas tree, which is typically lit from the day after Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving (United States)) until January 6. The "tree" is visible for many miles at night. In 2008, that pole was modified to hold a vertical number 100, celebrating South San Francisco's 100th year as an incorporated city. For Memorial Day (United States) Memorial Day

hotels as well, since it is close to San Francisco and actually directly next to SFO. A unique opportunity was created when BART expanded down the Peninsula to create a "linear park" on the swath of undeveloped land on top of the tube. Running from Colma to Millbrae, South San Francisco's portion is three miles long, running through the center of town from the South San Francisco BART Station to the San Bruno BART Station. The Class I bicycle and pedestrian trail is a 10"

Nuevo Laredo

*20px (Image:Nuevo Leon State Highway 1.PNG) Nuevo León State Highway Spur 1 Colombia-Anáhuac (Anáhuac, Nuevo León) Nearby cities class "wikitable" - ! City !! Population !! Distance (km) - valign "top" Laredo, Texas 236,091 0 mi (0 km) - Monclova, Coahuila 294,191 124 mi (199 km) - Monterrey, Nuevo León 3,664,334 125 mi (201 km) - Reynosa

Super Center , The Home Depot, and Cinépolis. Other shopping centers are, plaza Real, plaza 2 Laredos, plaza commercial La fe. Online newspapers and media Newspapers class "sortable wikitable" class "wikitable" - '''Name''' '''Frequency''' '''Language''' '''City''' '''Website''' - style "vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" El Diario de Nuevo Laredo Daily Spanish Nuevo Laredo - style "vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" El Mañana (Nuevo Laredo) Daily Spanish Nuevo Laredo - style "vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" LareDOS Monthly English Laredo - style "vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" Laredo Morning Times Daily English Laredo - style "

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Virginia State Lottery

archiveurl http: web 20120603053301 https: promotion teacher drawings.asp archivedate 2012-06-03 title Super Teacher publisher Virginia State Lottery accessdate 2013-12-17 Games The Virginia Lottery gives top-prize winners of certain games a choice of cash or annuity. When a top-prize winner of Powerball, Mega Millions, or ''Decades of Dollars'' is claimed, the Lottery purchases sufficient US Government bonds to cover the prize. If the cash option

Official Rules publisher accessdate 2010-07-02 Cash 5 Virginia's Cash 5 game draws five numbers from a pool of 34. The minimum wager is $1; games can be played for 25 and or 50 cents providing the total is $1 or more. The top prize on a $1 single-game wager is $100,000; that pool's liability limit is $2,000,000.

of Dollars is a drawing game currently available only in Virginia, offering a top prize of $250,000 per year in 30 annual installments ($7.5 million total) or a cash option of $4 million. Drawings are twice a week: on Monday and Thursday. Each play costs $2. Players choose six numbers from 1 through 47. Any ticket matching at least two numbers wins. Matching two numbers (on a Virginia-generated ticket) wins a $2 quick-pick Decades of Dollars ticket; three numbers wins $10, four numbers wins $100


Early Medieval status status_text empire government_type Monarchy !-- only fill in the start end event entry if a specific article

in 731). Kings of Deira class "wikitable" - !width "18%" Reign !width "20%" Incumbent ! !width "20%" Notes - valign top bgcolor "#ffffec" 559 560 to 589 '''Aella (Aella of Deira)''' (Aelli) '''ÆLLA YFFING''' DEIRA CYNING '''ÆLLA REX''' DEIRA - valign top bgcolor "#ffffec" 589 599

to 604 '''Aethelric (Aethelric of Deira)''' (Aedilric) '''ÆÞELRIC IDING''' BERNICIA 7 DEIRA CYNING '''ÆÞELRIC REX''' BERNICIA ET DEIRA - colspan "4" '''Bernician Dynasty''' - valign top bgcolor "#ffffec" 593 604''?'' to 616 '''Aethelfrith (Aethelfrith of Northumbria)''' '''ÆÞELFERÞ ÆÞELRICING''' DEIRA CYNING '''ÆÞELFERÞ REX''' small>

Yehud Medinata

;10%" Year !width "90%" Event - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 587 BCE align "left" Conquest of Jerusalem by Babylonians; second deportation (first deportation in 597); Gedaliah installed as governor in Mizpah - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 582? BCE align "left" Assassination of Gedaliah; refugees flee to Egypt; third deportation

to Babylon - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 562 BCE align "left" Jehoiachin, king of Judah deported and imprisoned in Babylon in 597, released; remains in Babylon - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 539 BCE align "left" Cyrus the Great (Cyrus II, ruled c.550-530 BCE) conquers Babylon - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align

"center" 538 BCE align "left" "Declaration of Cyrus" allowing Jews to return to Jerusalem - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 530 BCE align "left" Cambyses II (ruled 530-522 BCE) succeeds Cyrus - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign top align "center" 525 BCE align "left" Cambyses conquers Egypt - bgcolor "#ffffec" align "left" valign

Northeast Ohio

of the Arena Football League and the Lake Erie Monsters of the American Hockey League. The Monsters are the top minor league affiliate of the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League (NHL). There are a number of other professional sports teams in the region that play in various minor leagues. The Indians have three minor league (minor league baseball) affiliates in the area: the AA Akron RubberDucks of the Eastern League (Eastern League (baseball)) who play at Canal

-align:left;" IATA ! style "white-space:nowrap; text-align:left;" ICAO ! style "white-space:nowrap; text-align:left;" Airport name ! style "white-space:nowrap; text-align:left;" Role ! style "white-space:nowrap; text-align:right;" Enpl. - style "background:#CCCCCC;" colspan 7 '''Commercial Service - Primary Airports''' - valign top Akron (Akron, Ohio) CAK CAK KCAK ''' Akron-Canton Regional Airport

''' Small hub align right 715,367 - valign top Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) CLE CLE KCLE '''Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport''' Medium hub align right 4,704,329 - valign top Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio) Warren (Warren, Ohio) YNG YNG KYNG ''' Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport


plateau which has a very flat top. The reason for the city's "Eagle City" nickname can be traced back to two thousand years ago during the Spring and Autumn Annals. There was a small country royal named Ying that lived around Pingdingshan. In ancient times, the word "Ying" meant Eagle, therefore people also call Pingdingshan the Eagle City. Administration The prefecture-level city of Pingdingshan administers 4 districts (district of China), 2 county-level

'''ingdingshan and '''S'''henyang (Shenyang)), an economic profile of the top 20 emerging cities in China. THE RISE OF THE ‘CHAMPS’ - NEW REPORT MAPS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY IN CHINA’S FASTEST GROWING CITIES See also *2009 Henan mine disaster Tourism Spots *'''Pingdingshan thrush Valley''' A National "AAA" rated scenic spot and a major tourist attraction in Henan. It is named after the many

:1957 establishments in China Hefei has been identified by the Economist Intelligence Unit in the November 2010 Access China White Paper as a member of the CHAMPS ('''C'''hongqing (Chongqing), '''H'''efei, '''A'''nshan (Anshan, Liaoning), '''M'''aanshan (Maanshan), '''P'''ingdingshan (Pingdingshan) and '''S'''henyang (Shenyang)), an economic profile of the top 20 emerging cities in China. THE RISE

Anadyrsky District

"wikitable" style "width:75%" + Municipal composition - bgcolor "#CCCCFF" align "center" !Urban settlements !Population !Male !Female !Inhabited localities in jurisdiction - valign "top" Beringovsky ( ) align "center" 1401 align "center" 711 (50.7%) align "center" 690 (49.3%) *urban-type settlement of Beringovsky (Beringovsky (inhabited locality)) - valign "top

" Ugolnye Kopi ( ) align "center" 299 align "center" 158 (52.8%) align

"center" 144 (47.2%) *'''''selo (village#Russia)'' of Alkatvaam''' - valign "top" Chuvanskoye ( ) align "center" 629 align "center" 313 (49.8%) align "center" 316 (50.2%) *'''''selo

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