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Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus



of an Albanian church, but the Ottoman authorities refused to recognize it. The '''Albanian Supercup of football (Football (soccer))''' has been played since 1989. It is a single match at the beginning of the season between the winners of the Albanian Superliga and Albanian Cup. Every match has been played in the National Stadium of Tirana, except the one of season 2011, which was played in Korçë. There are 18 finals played in total so far and KF Tirana have won half the amount, by winning the trophy 9 times. Albanian Supercup history from rsssf thumb 250px The letters of the Vithkuqi alphabet matched to their Albanian alphabet modern Albanian equivalents (File:VithkuqiScript.png). '''Vithkuqi''' script, also called '''Büthakukye''' or '''Beitha Kukju''' after the appellation applied to it by German Albanist Johann Georg von Hahn, was an alphabet invented for writing the Albanian language between 1825 and 1845 by Albanian (Albanians) scholar Naum Veqilharxhi. Though the script is sometimes erroneuosly claimed to be named after its inventor, as in Carl Faulmann's ''Das Buch der Schrift'', the alphabet's name is derived from Vithkuq, a village in the Korçë region where Veqilharxhi was born. Vithkuqi script was specifically designed to be as religiously neutral as possible, avoiding the duplication of Greek, latin, or Arabic characters. It had a near-perfect correspondence between letters and phonemes, but lacked characters for modern Albanian "rr", "xh", and "zh". The script never took hold because of its inventor's premature death and because of the prohibitive costs of cutting new type for the invented characters; nevertheless, a number of documents utilizing the script were published in the late nineteenth century. The script was eventually overwhelmed by the Greek (Greek script), Arabic (Arabic script) and Latin (Latin script) scripts it had been designed to supplant, the latter becoming the official one in 1909.

Acre, Israel

1870s by the Ottoman Empire. Pilgrims (Bahá'í pilgrimage) from all over the world visit for short periods of time. Apart from the circa six hundred volunteer staff, Bahá'ís do not live or preach in Israel.

Ordnance Survey

''', agree on the use of the abbreviation '''SSE''' in order to distinguish

Democratic Republic of the Congo

The '''Democratic Republic of the Congo''' ( ), also known as '''DR Congo''', '''DRC''', '''Congo''', '''Congo-Kinshasa''', '''DROC''',


; Instigated civil unrest (Bangladesh Liberation War) invited the military (Pakistan Army) launched an operation (Operation Searchlight) on 25 March 1971, aiming to regain control of the province. The 1971

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proclaimed the establishment of an Albanian church, but the Ottoman authorities refused to recognize it. Commons:Category:Greece Wikipedia:Greece Dmoz:Regional Europe Greece


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The Civil War saw many shifting alliances among the main players; the Lebanese Nationalists, led by the Christian Phalangist party (Kataeb Party) and militia, were allied initially with Syria then with Israel, which provided them with arms and training to fight against the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO); other factions were allied with Syria and other states of the region. In addition, Israel had been training, arming, supplying and uniforming the Christian-dominated South Lebanon Army (SLA), led by Saad Haddad, since 1978. Wilson was known for his strong pro-Israel views. He was a particular friend of Israeli Premier Golda Meir, though her tenure largely coincided with Wilson’s 1970–1974 hiatus. Another associate was German Chancellor (Chancellor of Germany (Federal Republic)) Willy Brandt; all three were members of the Socialist International. Wilson pictured with Golda Meir and Willy Brandt in Eastbourne during

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