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Edmond, Oklahoma

, Colorado - Believed to be caused by hyponatremia


and recording Following the conclusion of their highly successful World Piece Tour in December 1983, during which the group headlined large venues and arenas in the US for the first time in their career,

Augusta, Georgia

) Reber made Cowan commandant of the Aviation School at North Island, deepening the divisions. '''James Ryder Randall (w:James Ryder Randall)''' (born January 1, 1839 at Baltimore (w:Baltimore, Maryland), Maryland (w:Maryland); died January 15, 1908 in Augusta (w:Augusta, Georgia), Georgia (w:Georgia (U.S. state))) was a journalist and poet. Zach Johnson (w:Zach Johnson) won the 2007 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia (w:Augusta, Georgia) Sunday. His score of +1 over par (289) is the second highest score ever recorded for the Masters. He was two strokes ahead of three runners up, Tiger Woods (w:Tiger Woods), Retief Goosen (w:Retief Goosen), and Rory Sabbatini (w:Rory Sabbatini).


, found guilty of assassination of Sweden's Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, September 10, 2003. Background Born in Washington, D.C., United States, Aladin has lived in Geneva, Paris, Prague, Baghdad, Algiers, Calcutta, Delhi, Lahore, Karachi and London. He is the son of the Bangladeshi diplomat, statesman, Sufi, and first Bangladeshi foreign secretary Abul Fateh.

by the police. The third group joined the rest in a house in El Aaiun, surrounded by the police, and finally held a sit in protest in the street, with their mouths taped-up.


for Freedom.'' The Mujibnagar government made him ambassador-at-large, followed in August 1971 by the concurrent position of Advisor to the Acting President, a position he was to resign in January 1972 after the return to Bangladesh of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He had a key role managing

Santo Domingo

100906fa_fact_wilentz?currentPage all title Running in the ruins first Amy last Wilentz authorlink Amy Wilentz magazine The New Yorker date 6 September 2010 accessdate 13 December 2011 They all later died in the Fort Dimanche prison, Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic Localities Santo Domingo Wikipedia:Santo Domingo Commons:Category:Santo Domingo


diplomat, statesman, Sufi, and first Bangladeshi foreign secretary Abul Fateh. In 1919, Grierson (George Abraham Grierson) maintained that the dialects of what is now the southwest of Punjab Province in Pakistan constitute a dialect cluster, which he designated "Southern Lahnda" within a putative "Lahnda

Sri Lanka

: about-the-mob.html title About the Mob publisher The Hendon Mob author Anonymous accessdate 2006-08-09

Dominican Republic

1989-11-27#folio 054 title Beyond the mountains first Mark last Danner authorlink Mark Danner magazine The New Yorker date 27 November 1989 accessdate 13 December 2011 Duvalier's Tonton Macoutes militia kidnapped Bajeux's mother, his two sisters, and two of his brothers from their home in the middle of the night. WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:Rep├║blica Dominicana


, and first Bangladeshi foreign secretary Abul Fateh. He returned to working for Austria in 1840, and until 1857 was inspector for the Austrian Northern Railway (Northern Railway (Austria)) and the Austrian state railways. He was responsible for the construction of the railway from Vienna via Prague to the German border

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