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Palenque, Chiapas

to north.

Memramcook, New Brunswick

-roots article1195357 accessdate June 24, 2009 in 1994, he married Diana Fowler (Diana Fowler LeBlanc), who also had two children from a previous marriage.


Governor General of Canada title Role and Responsibilities The Governor General and Her Spouse Governor General Michaëlle Jean publisher Queen's Printer for Canada accessdate January 20, 2010

Hutchinson, Kansas

).jpg thumb right 190px Jean Peters in ''Viva Zapata!'' (1952) In 1951, Peters, on her own insistence, was given the title role in ''Anne of the Indies'', which, according to the press, was the film that finally brought her stardom. ''Syracuse Herald Journal'' - October 25, 1951, Syracuse, New York. p.59 Before its release, she was cast in ''Viva Zapata!'' (1952) opposite Marlon Brando in a role which once belonged to Julie Harris, and she

was set to play the title role in the drama film ''Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie'' (1952). It was the first time since the beginning of her career that Peters had received this much publicity. ''San Antonio Light'' - July 21, 1951, San Antonio, Texas. p.6 While shooting ''Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie'' (1952) in late 1951, on location in Hutchinson, Kansas, Peters was honored the title 'Miss Wheatheart of America'. ''The Salt Lake Tribune'' - July 3, 1952, Salt Lake City, Utah. p.9 *Huntington, West Virginia (HUN) (Amtrak station) (Huntington (Amtrak station)) *Hutchinson, Kansas (HUT) (Amtrak station) (Hutchinson (Amtrak station)) Early life Karpis was born to Lithuanian (Lithuanian people) immigrants John Dillinger slept here: a crooks' tour of crime and corruption in St. Paul, 1920-1936; 1995; p.362 named John and Anna Karpowicz in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and was raised in Topeka (Topeka, Kansas), Kansas. Bryan Burrough, ''Public Enemies''. New York 2004. He started in crime at about age 10 running around with gamblers, bootleggers, and pimps. In 1926, he was sentenced to 10 years at the State Industrial Reformatory in Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas), Kansas, for an attempted burglary. He escaped with another inmate Lawrence De Vol and went on a year-long crime spree interrupted briefly while he lived with his parents after De Vol was arrested. After moving to Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri), Missouri, he was caught stealing a car and sent back to the Reformatory. Transferred to the Kansas State Penitentiary in Lansing, Kansas, he met Fred Barker who was in prison for bank burglary. Barker was one of the notorious members of the "Bloody Barkers" as the newspapers of the time had called them. The Barker family included the brothers Herman, Lloyd, Arthur or "Doc," and Fred, the sons of Ma Barker. Growing up impoverished in a sharecropping (sharecropping system) family, all the boys soon turned into hardened criminals, robbing banks and killing without provocation. Doc was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1920 after murdering a night watchman. Herman committed suicide on August 29, 1927, after being badly injured in a shootout with police in Wichita, Kansas following the robbery of the Newton Ice Plant in Newton, KS with Charles Stalcup and Porter Meeks. Lloyd was sentenced to 25 years in 1922, for mail theft and released in 1938; he was a US Army Cook at a POW camp and then was murdered by his own wife in 1949. Ma did her part to help her sons. "Ma" Barker was not herself a criminal, she did nevertheless badger parole boards, wardens, and governors for the release of her boys when they were incarcerated. After Alvin was released in 1931, he joined up with Fred Barker in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they soon put together the Karpis-Barker gang. FBI Barker-Karpis gang summary, p.4 - 2002 (2002 U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship) Juli Inkster (2) - *Isabel Subdivision (Coats, Kansas to Graham, Kansas) *Great Bend Subdivision (Hutchinson, Kansas to near Pawnee Rock, Kansas) *Geneseo Subdivision (Sterling, Kansas to Geneseo, Kansas) Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, His first two degrees were received from the University of Kansas, an AB in 1914 and his Masters of Science in 1916.He received a doctorate from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Bloomberg School of Public Health).Soper spent the better part of his career working for the Rockefeller Foundation. Fred Soper's best-known project was known as the Global Malaria Eradication Program. Easley was born in Frederick, Illinois, but moved to Hutchinson, Kansas, in 1875, where he was a public school teacher, postmaster, and newspaper reporter. In 1883, he purchased and began editing the ''Hutchinson Daily News'' until 1891. In 1891, became a key figure in the Illinois Republican Party. Both of these positions served as important stepping stones in Easley’s career as a reformer and civic booster. His tenure as editor lasted until 1891, when Easley left Kansas and made his way back to Illinois. Here, he took charge of the “politicoeconomic department” of the ''Chicago Inter Ocean'', one of the Middle West’s leading urban newspapers. This position, which involved creating and administering employee welfare programs, put Easley in contact with many of Chicago’s leading civic reformers, and business, political, and labor leaders. In 1893 he became a founder and secretary of the political reform group, the Chicago Civic Federation. In 1900, he left Chicago to found the National Civic Federation in New York (New York City), where he was the chairman of the executive council throughout the federation’s forty-five-year history Junior College Years Franklin attended Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas for two years. As a sophomore, he was named a JUCO Honorable Mention All-American and finished his sophomore season with two interceptions and 68 tackles. In the 1950s, the Patrol began to police the turnpike for the Kansas Turnpike Authority, and Protective Services began with one trooper providing the governor's ground transportation. The recruit school moved from the Kansas State Reformatory in Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) to the University of Kansas in Lawrence (Lawrence, Kansas). Increasingly, troopers patrolled alone. Before, they always rode in pairs. Junior College Years Gamble attended Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas for two years. As a sophomore, he was a Junior College All-American and the Jayhawk Conference (Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference) Offensive Lineman of the Year. '''Hutchinson Community College''' is a two-year community college located in Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas), Kansas, United States. Its mascot is the Blue Dragon. '''Yoder''' is a small unincorporated community (unincorporated area) in Reno County (Reno County, Kansas) in the south-central part of the U.S. state of Kansas, about 10 miles southeast of the city of Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) on K-96 (K-96 (Kansas highway)). Although Yoder is unincorporated, with no city government, it does have a U.S. Post Office and its own zip code (67585). As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), the CDP (Census-designated place) population was 194.

Stratford, Ontario

; from John Donne. Two years earlier, Wright had died in a house fire in Stratford, Ontario. He portrayed Ichabod Crane in the 1999 TV film ''The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'' which aired on Odyssey (Hallmark Channel). He played the title role in "The Trouble With Harry", an episode of the television series ''Twice in a Lifetime (Twice in a Lifetime (TV series))'' directed by David Winning. He was Leonardo da Vinci in ''Leonardo: A Dream of Flight'' in 2002

in ''Highlander: The Series'' has also brought him much recognition. In ''Shake Hands with the Devil (Shake Hands with the Devil (2007 film))'', he portrays Kofi Annan, then United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations. In 2007, Akin will be performing at the Stratford Festival of Canada, a prestigious summer-long celebration of theatre held each year in Stratford (Stratford, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. He is cast in the title role of William

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

A particular concern was that NSP would accelerate conservation programs in the six MEUNS towns (Lunenburg (Lunenburg, Nova Scotia), Mahone Bay, Riverport (Riverport, Nova Scotia), Canso (Canso, Nova Scotia), Berwick (Berwick, Nova Scotia) and Antigonish (Antigonish, Nova Scotia)), reducing town revenues, while lagging in its own service area to preserve its own revenues, possibly as part of a takeover strategy to bankrupt small utilities. The proposal for a small $12 year charge and was approved by the regulator. Departing Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in December 2000 on a 19-month, around the world voyage, Younghusband became a crew member of the barque ''Picton Castle (Picton Castle (ship))''. On board were the captain and 9 other professional crew members, along with 35 trainees including Younghusband. Although he was the narrator of the program, he also had to act as bona-fide member of the crew who was required to live under 19th-century conditions. During the voyage, the footage was aired (beginning in June 2001) as a 16-part documentary on Life Network, and later on other networks like the UK incarnation of the ''Travel Channel''. Topsail Entertainment, which produced the series, later went on to produce the popular series Trailer Park Boys. Younghusband had made a guest appearance on the Topsail-produced series Black Harbour in 1998. During Father Le Loutre’s War, the conflict continued. The Mi'kmaq attacked New England Rangers in the Siege of Grand Pre and Battle at St. Croix. Upon the founding of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Broussard and the Mi'kmaq conducted numerous raids on the village, such as the Raid on Dartmouth (1751), to try to stop the Protestants migration into Nova Scotia. (Similarly, during the French and Indian War, Mi’kmaq, Acadians and Maliseet also engaged in numerous raids on Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to stop the migration, such as the Raid on Lunenburg (1756).) Winthrop Pickard Bell. (1961). ''The "Foreign Protestants" and the Settlement of Nova Scotia''; Mather Byles DesBrisay (1895). ''History of the county of Lunenburg''. Le Loutre and Broussard also worked together to resist the British occupation of Chignecto (Isthmus of Chignecto) (1750) and then later they fought together with Acadians in the Battle of Beausejour (1755). Faragher, John Mack, ''A Great and Noble Scheme'' New York; W. W. Norton & Company, 2005. pp. 110–112 ISBN 0-393-05135-8 (As early as the summer of 1751, La Valiere reported, approximately 250 Acadians had already enrolled in the local militia at Fort Beausejour.) Faragher, p. 271


made his 1878 stage debut in the role of the lover Marcus, in a production in Kherson, Ukraine, in which Israel Rosenberg played the title role. Adler, 1999, 107 Sokrates Starynkiewicz was born December 18, 1820 in Taganrog at the Azov Sea, to the family of Ivan Starynkiewicz, a bank owner. In 1836 he joined the Imperial Russian (Russian Empire) army and graduated from several engineering and artillery schools. After promotion to officer rank he served in various staff

Campbell River, British Columbia

) is a Canadian (Canada) musical theatre actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, and director. His most famous roles were as Jeff the mannequin in the children's show ''Today's Special'' and as the title role in the Canadian travelling production of ''The Phantom of the Opera (The Phantom of the Opera (1986 musical))''. Hyslop is married to Vancouver-born singer and actress Ruth Nichol. They have one daughter, Gemma Nichol Hyslop, born in 1976. In 2003 Jeff Hyslop moved to Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia) on Vancouver Island, to find peace and to be able to spend more time with his family. He has been doing weekend musical theatre workshops with as many as 32 children. His sister, Sandra Bailey, manages his career. History The Unicorns formed in Campbell River, British Columbia '''Nicholas Thorburn''' (born 27 November 1981) is a Canadian musician originally from Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia). He has fronted numerous bands such as The Unicorns, Th' Corn Gangg, Islands (Islands (band)), Reefer, and Human Highway (Human Highway (band)). Thorburn occasionally goes by the stage name "Nick Diamonds", among others. History Thorburn was born in 1981 in Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia), British Columbia, Canada, which he says has influenced his songwriting. Nature, in particular whales, are a subject of interest; his lyrics include references to rivers, swans and frogs. He also had a formative experience in a visit, along with his father, to see the killer whale Luna (Luna (Orca)); his memories of the visit became an influential part of Islands' debut album ''Return to the Sea''. The roots of Catalyst Paper date back a century, when the Powell River Company opened a newsprint mill at Powell River in 1912. Bloedel, Stewart & Welch, Ltd. started up their Kraft (Kraft process) pulp mill in Port Alberni in 1947 and later added two newsprint machines. These two companies eventually merged into MacMillan Bloedel (MacMillan Bloedel Limited). The next branch of the family tree was British Columbia Forest Products Limited, formed in 1946 as a logging and sawmilling company. With extensive forest operations in British Columbia, BCFP built a solid reputation as a leading wood products company. The company diversified in the early 1950s, opening its Crofton pulp mill in 1957 and adding newsprint production in 1964, and soon was one of the province's largest integrated forest products companies. The third branch was Crown Zellerbach Canada, which opened a modern newsprint mill at Elk Falls near Campbell River (Campbell River, British Columbia) in 1952 and later expanded into Kraft pulp production. In 1981, Fletcher Challenge of New Zealand purchased Crown Zellerbach Canada and renamed it Crown Forest Industries. *Campbell River, British Columbia for Dr Samuel Campbell (Samuel Campbell (doctor)), the ship's surgeon. *Pender Island and Pender Harbour, British Columbia for Daniel Pender.

Northern England

''. In May 2011, Blethyn made her debut in the title role in ITV1's four-part detective series, ''Vera'' as the North of England (Northern England) character Vera Stanhope based on the novels of Ann Cleeves. '''Mushy

was a welfare officer for the Grimsby Dock Labour Board (National Dock Labour Board). After leaving school she worked in a fish and chip shop in Cleethorpes before training at the Arts Educational School in Golden Lane, London. She left the school shortly before her course finished to take the title role in 'Cherryripe and the Lugworm Digger', which was the first in the series 'Seven Faces of Woman' for ITV. http


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