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Higher Education Funding Council for England

ranking placed the university 19th from 1998 to 2007. Birmingham was ranked 12th date accessdate 2010-04-29 in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise with 16 percent of the university's research regarded as 'world-leading' and a further 41

percent as 'internationally excellent', with particular strengths in the fields of music, physics, biosciences, computer science, mechanical engineering, political science, international relations and law. ref name "Times


. The entire town remains owned and operated by Kings Bay, which provides services to visiting scientists. Representatives for the participating institutes meet in the Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee (NySMAC) twice per year. NySMAC's main goals are to distribute information on existing research and plan future research.<

conducts research on the surrounding glaciers annually. The following is a list of all currently running, permanent research stations in Ny-Ålesund. It states the station's name, the institute operating it, the nationality, the year the station was established and the nature of the research carried out. wikipedia:Ny-Ålesund


: files 25826548.pdf title Research on Violent Institutions in Unstable Environments: The livelihoods systems of Ugandan army soldiers and their families in a war zone location Hertford College, Oxford University and by early 1972, some 5,000 Acholi and Lango soldiers, and at least twice as many civilians, had disappeared.

Pictou County, Nova Scotia

and Trenton (Trenton, Nova Scotia) each have their own town councils. The Municipality of Pictou County serves the remaining rural areas, including Pictou Island. Amalgamation of these six municipal units is occasionally considered.

British Antarctic Territory

living_and_working research_stations index.php title Research Stations in Antarctica publisher British Antarctic Survey accessdate 7 September 2008 Extreme Engineering: the challenges of working in Antarctica, ''Ingenia'', September 2005. * Halley (Halley Research Station) * Rothera (Rothera Research Station) Signy (Signy Research Station) was operated from 1947 until 1996 and now is only staffed in the summer. total area) that have some degree of sovereignty but do not consider themselves to be sovereign countries or dependent territories. States with limited recognition (List of states with limited recognition) that are not listed in the ISO standard ISO 3166-1 are not included, but are noted within the countries they are recognised as part of with areas given. The list is divided into three parts. The first part is those islands that are not disputed. The second part is the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, which are claimed by Argentina but are administered by the United Kingdom (see Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute; South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands sovereignty dispute). The third part is the Argentine claim to Antarctica, which is regulated by the Antarctic Treaty and which overlaps both the British (British Antarctic Territory) and Chilean (Chilean Antarctica) Antarctic claims. Argentina's claim (Argentine Antarctica) to Antarctica overlaps with the claims of Chile (Chilean Antarctica) and the United Kingdom (British Antarctic Territory). All these claims are subject to the Antarctic Treaty and none have gained wide international recognition.

Jinja, Uganda

, by road, north of Jinja (Jinja, Uganda), the largest city in Busoga sub-region, on an all weather tarmac highway. Distance Between Jinja And Kamuli With Map The coordinates of Kamuli are:00 56 42N, 33 07 30 (Latitude:0.9450; Longitude:33.1250). Location of Kamuli At Google Maps thumb View of Bujagali Falls (Image:Bujagali.jpg) '''Bujagali Falls''' (also spelled '''Budhagali''') was a waterfall near Jinja (Jinja, Uganda) in Uganda where the Nile River comes out of Lake Victoria, sometimes considered the source of the Nile. Starting November 2011, the falls have become submerged by the newly built Bujagali Dam.

Lacombe, Alberta

accessdate 2008-04-19 date 2005-05-27 work Edmonton Journal Lacombe Research Centre For more than a century, the federal government has funded agricultural research through a network of research centres strategically placed in almost every province. This research program has played a major role in developing the more than $120-billion Canadian agrifood industry.

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

) 429 (3,222 of 5,008) The towns of New Glasgow (New Glasgow, Nova Scotia), Stellarton (Stellarton, Nova Scotia), Pictou (Pictou, Nova Scotia), Westville (Westville, Nova Scotia) and Trenton (Trenton, Nova Scotia) each have their own town councils. The Municipality of Pictou County serves the remaining rural areas, including Pictou Island. Amalgamation of these six municipal units is occasionally considered.


http: ourprojects oxfam.php title Research and development of Solar Desalination Stills for the communities of the Coastal Areas The Soomra shifted there capital to Tharri, nearly 14&nbsp;km eastwards of Matli on the Puran river. Puran was later abandoned due to changes in the course of the river. Thatta was the capital of the empire for about 95 years until the end of Soomra rule in 1351 AD. Hindus who had not converted to Islam

North Nicosia

: index.php cat 35 news 141267 PageName KIBRIS_HABERLERI publisher Kıbrıs Postası accessdate 1 January 2015 and has research centers in topics ranging from tissue engineering to history. The Cyprus International University is home to eight research centers. Examples of research conducted include excavations that have

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