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Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement

appendix-d-20010320.pdf A pilot test of the RIK concept was conducted. The Bush administration allowed the pilot to expand to a full program, with industry support, even though the bill authorizing the program failed to pass in Congress. In FY2008, the RIK program accounted for more than 50% of the Agency's revenue collections.

url http: apps news?pid 20601103&sid amtN_wUEgr2o agency Bloomberg publisher Bloomberg date September 16, 2010 accessdate 2010-05-14

: 226 story 52243.html title Oil companies gave sex, drinks, gifts to federal overseers publisher McClatchy Newspapers accessdate 2008-09-11


accessdate 27 February 2010 title Oil – proved reserves Oil is extracted and processed by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), with proven oil reserves holding approximately steady, although oil production has been declining.

Administration EIA url http: cabs Oman Oil.html accessdate 16 February 2009 In 2009, production was estimated at 816,000 barrels per day. Oman National Transport Company or ONTC is the Oman's public bus service company. Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport are the two main airports in Oman

Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

-production title Oil Exploration and Production publisher Gazprom Neft accessdate 2009-12-29 It is the largest oil company in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and accounts for 6% of Russia's total oil production. In the natural gas sector, Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk—one of the three leading Gazprom subsidiaries—has an annual production of 85 billion cubic meters. This corresponds to 9.3% of Gazprom's total yearly gas production.

Sheikhdom of Kuwait

, ''Lord of Arabia'' In the first decades of the twentieth century, Kuwait had a well-established elite: wealthy trading families who were linked by marriage and shared economic interests. The elite were long-settled, urban, Sunni families

Tyumen Oblast

(Salym Petroleum Development N.V.) have their representative offices there. Tyumen Oblast has the highest levels of oil and gas production of any region in Russia, which some argue has caused the high levels of economic inequality observed in the region.


, copper, magnesium, gold, marble, titanium, and marl resources. Fushun is known as "the capital of coal". The main coal and oil shale company is Fushun Mining Group, which produces about 6 million tons of coal per year, mainly blending coking coal and steam coal.

author2 Wang Jianqiu author3 Li Shuyuan title Oil Shale Activity in China publisher 26th Oil Shale Symposium; Colorado School of Mines url http: A02c-JialinQianpaper.pdf.pdf format PDF year 2006 accessdate 2008-12-14 In 1950,a total of 266 retorts were in operation, each with a capacity of 100–200 tonnes of shale oil per day. In 1954, "Refinery No. 2" began production and in 1959

Port Sudan

Khartoum became Sudan Airways' hub (airline hub) from the very

Churchill, Manitoba

North American railroad grid . It is capable of servicing panamax vessels.

Chetwynd, British Columbia

is processed by a five-cell lagoon (Aerated lagoon) system and released into the Pine River south of town. The water supply was briefly shut off in 2000 when oil pipeline along the Pine River ruptured spilling of oil into the river.

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