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Broadview, Saskatchewan

; The area is characterised by lush rolling grasslands, interspersed with poplar (aspen) bluffs (in prairie Canadian terminology poplar groves

surrounding sloughs) and open sloughs. Hengen was born in Broadview (Broadview, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan and raised in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Humboldt (Humboldt, Saskatchewan). He holds a Master of Arts (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) degree in school psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a PhD in education from the University of Regina. Murray Mandryk, "Liberal race revolves round Hengen", ''Saskatoon Star-Phoenix'', 25 October 1996, A4. Raised in a Liberal family, he purchased his first membership in the party in 1957. Murray Mandryk and Russ Wyatt, "Out of the wilderness", ''Saskatoon Star-Phoenix'', 2 November 1996, B2.

King City, Ontario

web url http: MNR nhic areas areas_report.cfm?areaid 3860 title Natural Areas Report: KING-VAUGHAN WETLAND COMPLEX publisher Government of Ontario - Ministry of Natural Resources (Ministry of Natural Resources (Ontario)) accessdate 2008-02-17 It is composed of clay, loam and silt soils on a site that is palustrine (69%) or isolated (31%). Vegetation found on this wetland includes tall

shrubs (34%), deciduous trees (28%), dead trees and shrubs (19%), and narrow-leaved emergents (12%); additionally, robust emergents and free-floating plants are found in small agglomorations. King Forest is a 60-hectare forest with steep valleys containing the narrow flood plain of the East Humber River.

contains eight wetlands (77% swamp, 23% marsh) over 49 hectares. It is a palustrine formation composed 70% of clay, loam or silt soils, and 30% organic soils. It has varied

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

Resources Canada (HAJIC)" subdivision_type Country (Countries of the world) subdivision_type1 Province (Provinces and territories of Canada) subdivision_type2 List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan Rural Municipality

population_as_of 2011 population_note population_total 453 population_metro population_urban population_density_km2 282.2 population_density_sq_mi elevation_m 580 elevation_ft elevation_footnotes

Natural Steps, Arkansas

fed_notices nagpradir nic0296.html Archaeological Digs References *

Thomas Nuttall title A Journal of Travels into the Arkansas Territory During the Year 1819. year 1819 * *

Grenfell, Saskatchewan

in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin formed during the lower Cretaceous period. The area is characterised

by lush rolling grasslands, interspersed with poplar (aspen) bluffs (in prairie Canadian terminology poplar groves surrounding sloughs) and open sloughs.


, Bill Barry, Wilson, Michael encyclopedia Atlas of Saskatchewan Celebrating the Millennium title Natural Vegetation accessdate 2009-01-21 edition Millennium year 1999 publisher University of Saskatchewan location Saskatchewan isbn 0-88880-387-7 pages 130–131, 84–85, 63, 56 The Yorkton area was located on the edge of an area of a maximum glacial lake. The quaternary

. Fung encyclopedia Atlas of Saskatchewan title Natural Vegetation of Saskatchewan accessdate 2009-01-24 edition year 1969 publisher University of Saskatchewan location Saskatoon, SK, CA pages 51, 76–77, 70–71 quote Climate Yorkton has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification ''Dfb (Humid continental climate#Dfb Dwb Dsb: Warm summer subtype)''), with extreme seasonal temperatures. It has warm summers and cold winters, with the average daily temperatures ranging from WikiPedia:Yorkton,_Saskatchewan Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada Saskatchewan Localities Y Yorkton

Saltspring Island

blank1_name blank1_info website footnotes '''Saltspring Island''' (also known as '''Salt Spring Island''') is one of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between mainland British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island.


-turistike Municipality of Pogradec (in Albanian) The area of Pogradec is the site of a possible (Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region (Albania)) UNESCO World Heritage site (World Heritage Site). Pogradec throughout the centuries was occupied by the Romans (Ancient Rome), Bulgarians, Serbians


of the Neoproterozoic Ribeira Belt. WikiPedia:Ubatuba Commons:Category:Ubatuba

Bintan Island

20101128085206 http: en index.php?option com_content&task view&id 3528&Itemid 1952 title Natural Resource Riau Mainland Province accessdate 2010-06-17 publisher Government of Indonesia Under the industrial sector, the identified fields for development are mining of Bauxite (Bauxite reserve is 15.88 million tons), kaolin, granite, white sand and tin. The government of Indonesia has also planned the petroleum industry with its subsidiary

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