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first Matthew last Forney title Making a Killing in China date 2003-11-17 url http: time magazine article 0,9171,501031124-543838,00.html work TIME accessdate 2008-09-15 archiveurl http: 5azhSXlCz archivedate 2008-09-21 '''Piguaquan''' (Traditional Chinese (Traditional Chinese character): 劈掛拳, literally "chop-hanging fist"), also known as '''Piguazhang''' (劈掛掌, "chop-hanging palm") due to its emphasis

Canby, Oregon

, passing through cities such as Woodburn (Woodburn, Oregon), Hubbard (Hubbard, Oregon), and Canby (Canby, Oregon), before entering the Portland metro area in Oregon City (Oregon City, Oregon). The stretch between Canby and Oregon City is notorious for frequent and serious accidents. The Wilsonville (Wilsonville Station) station, at the southern end of the line, provides about 400 park-and-ride spaces.

Woodburn, Oregon

, and Canby (Canby, Oregon), before entering the Portland metro area in Oregon City (Oregon City, Oregon). The stretch between Canby and Oregon City is notorious for frequent and serious accidents. The Wilsonville (Wilsonville Station) station, at the southern end of the line, provides about 400 park-and-ride spaces.


synthetically ununoctium (Uuo) (ununoctium), the seventh element in group 18, 15.78 His results in international tournaments include 2nd at Polanica-Zdrój 1970; 2nd at Dubna 1976; 1st at Quito 1976. First steps North Korea's nuclear program began under Kim il-Sung in the mid-1950s, when North Korean scientists started practical training courses at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna in the Soviet Union. There, they studied electronic physics radiochemistry, high-energy physics and other subjects. These efforts were initially focused on the peaceful use of atomic energy; Soviet-North Korean agreements of the time specifically emphasized the peaceful nature of bilateral cooperation in the nuclear sphere. An intergovermental agreement on cooperation in the field of atomic energy, signed in 1959, laid the foundation for joint nuclear activities between the Soviet Union and North Korea. On the basis of this agreement, the two countries signed the so-called "Series 9559" contracts, concerning matters such as the conduct of geological studies, the construction of a nuclear research center (called a "Furniture Factory" by the North Koreans), and the training of North Korean labor. ''The North Korean Nuclear Program'' Other North Korean scientists received their education in East Germany and China (People's Republic of China). In 1961, North Korea launched a major nuclear development program at Yongbyon, some 60 miles north of Pyongyang. In 1965, the Soviet Union provided North Korea with a 2 MW IRT-2000 research reactor for the Yongbyon nuclear facility, and supplied fuel over the years of the reactor's operation. Oleg V. Davidov, “Russia’s Position towards North Korea’s Nuclear Development" thumb Theoretical electron structure of ununoctium. Very little about this element is yet known. (Image:Electron shell 118 Ununoctium.svg) Element 118 (w:Ununoctium) has been created in experiments conducted in Dubna (w:Dubna), Russia by a collaboration of researchers from Russia's Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (w:Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) and from the United States' (United States) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (w:Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). The elusive element was first detected in 1998 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (w:Joint Institute for Nuclear Research), Dubna (w:Dubna), Russia, when a plutonium target was bombarded with calcium ions accelerated in a cyclotron (w:cyclotron). Until now no other groups had been able to confirm the Russian team's results. "It’s unusual for important results like the Dubna group’s claim to have produced 114 to go unconfirmed for so long," said Ken Gregorich, part of the Berkeley team.

Bouvet Island

four climbers (Aaron Halstead, Will Allen, Bruno Rodi and Jason Rodi) were the first humans to climb the highest peak. A time capsule containing the top visions of the future for 2062 was left behind. The next morning, Aaron Halstead led five other climbers (Sarto Blouin, Seth Sherman, Chakib Bouayed, Cindy Sampson, and Akos Hivekovics) to the top.


, music, and mysticism. Meditation, yoga, and psychedelic drugs were embraced as routes to expanding one's consciousness. In Toronto, Canada, the Yorkville (Yorkville, Toronto) district served as a kind of Haight-Ashbury North, serving as another major hippie and musical crossroads.

Greek military junta of 1967–74

, The (London), 28 June 1999 by Robert Shannan Peckham Quote: "Greeks woke up on the morning of Friday 21 April 1967 with military marches and national folk music broadcast on the radio, and with the dictatorship a fait accompli."


and Jerusalem. A 2007 report commissioned by the Haifa Municipality calls for the construction of more hotels, a ferry line between Haifa, Acre (Acre, Israel) and Caesarea, development of the western anchorage of the port as a recreation and entertainment area, and an expansion of the local airport and port to accommodate international travel and cruise ships.

Roanoke Colony

A Slayer named White Doe was adopted by Croatoans despite her English breeding and trained as the men were. She grew to be beautiful and agile. A particular wizard of the people fell in love with her but she did not return his lust. He then turned her into a white doe because if he could not have her then he did not wish anyone else have her heart. But Seal of the Ocean loves her and eventually finds her, only to end up killing her because he believes she is a wild animal. This story is based on myths built around the real life disappearance of the Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare, the first child of English colonists born on American soil. 1587 Roanoke Colony, now in North Carolina - The English made a failed attempt to settle the Roanoke Colony in 1585-1587. Although the site is located in present-day North Carolina, the English then considered it part of the Virginia territory. They collected much ethnological information about the local Croatan tribe, as well as related coastal tribes extending as far north as the Chesapeake (see picture).


'''Farkhor Air Base''' is a military air base located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan, . It is operated by the Indian Air Force

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