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Punta del Diablo

), maximum depth of 5 mt. (16 feet). ;Bosque de Ombúes (Ombu Forest) The native Ombu that populate this forest is a hardy tree that survives on very little water. Jeep and tractor tours are offered, and visitors may also view the forest on foot. The forest includes flora and fauna endemic to the region.

Australian Taxation Office

sector and as a government advisor. He was the chair of the board of Taxation from June 2011 to December 2012 and a member of the Board since its inception in September 2000. Previously, he held the Chair of KPMG New South Wales and Partner in Charge of the New South Wales Tax and Legal Division of KPMG. He also served as Chair of the Business Tax Working Group and Chair of the New Tax System Advisory Board.


; The running of the bulls is more dangerous as the animals are released into the streets from two directions.

North Halmahera Regency

of 161,580 people. The principal settlements are Tobelo, Kao (Kao, Indonesia) and Galela. The area is noted for its


of the city is divided into fifteen neighborhoods called barrios, each of which has its own church. Each of these churches have their own patron saint, which is celebrated each year during an event called a “vela.” Velas are celebrations of pre Hispanic origin which occur in each

National Transitional Council

: english about title Introducing the Council | The Libyan Republic - The Interim Transitional National Council publisher National Transitional Council accessdate 10 March 2011 Starting off at 33 members, it rose to 51,

, collapsed and Libya entered a period of governance by a transitional administration called the National Transitional Council. The NTC has stated its intention to oversee the first phase of a transition to constitutional democracy, after which it claims it will dissolve in favor of a Representative

British Indian Ocean Territory

Front_Page JD17Aa01.html title Introducing the other Guantanamo work Asia Times date 17 April 2008 last Vine first David publisher accessdate 5 April 2013 In 1810, Mauritius was captured by the United Kingdom, and France ceded the territory in the Treaty of Paris (Treaty of Paris (1814)). In 1965, the United Kingdom split the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius and the islands of Aldabra, Farquhar (Farquhar Group) and Desroches (Des Roches) from

Cambridge Bay

residents * Stephen Angulalik, an Ahiarmiut (Ihalmiut) fur trader and trading post operator at Kuugjuaq (Perry River). * Bill Lyall, was a member of the 8th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly from 1975–1979, he was later awarded the Order of Canada for his work

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

, the Minjar festival or fair has been held. It lasts for 21 days, coinciding with the first day of Baisakhi. thumb right The remoteness and ruggedness of the Ravi River (File:Chamba Valley.jpg) valley secured Chamba from successful invasions for around a 1,000 years

Sihanoukville Province

Lonely Travel url http: cambodia south-coast sihanoukville title Introducing Sihanoukville accessdate 5 February 2009 The initial Sihanoukville municipality was elevated to a regular province on 22 December 2008 after King Norodom Sihamoni signed a Royal Decree converting the municipalities of Kep (Kep, Cambodia), Pailin and Sihanoukville into provinces, as well as incorporating Kompong Seila district.

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