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Streetsville, Ontario

. This includes: local shops, restaurants, community facilities, entertainment, schools, parks, and an impressive housing stock that meets the requirements of new residents. Bread and Honey Festival Since 1973, in an effort to retain a separate identity from the larger city of Mississauga

Ukiah, California

10, 2013 * Aaron Rodgers, National Football League Quarterback, spent four years of his childhood in Ukiah.

;http: od famous_family_trees ss aaron-rodgers.htm The Rodgers family moved to Ukiah, California, where Aaron attended Oak Manor


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, the Safavid state crumbled due to internal decay and external pressures from the Russians and Afghans (Hotaki). The Safavids encouraged and spread Shi'a Islam, as well as the arts and culture, and Shah Abbas the Great (Abbas I of Persia) created an intellectual atmosphere that according to some scholars was a new "golden age".


R&B (Rhythm and blues) musician who partly grew up and studied music in the city. Bankon (Bankon language) (Abaw,


, China" It lies in the eastern Jianghan Plain at the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze (Yangtze River) and Han (Han River (Hanshui)) rivers. Arising out of the conglomeration of three cities, Wuchang (Wuchang District), Hankou District


(middle) age in Mississauga is 35.0. Christianity is the majority faith of the city. The 2011 census indicated that 59.9% of the population are adherents, with Catholics


The administrative (Subnational) division of Namibia is tabled by ''Delimitation Commissions'' and accepted or declined by the National Assembly (National Assembly of Namibia). The First Delimitation Commission chaired by Judge President Johan Strydom suggested in 1992 that Namibia be divided into 13 Regions, a number that has not been amended since.

, and 19 of the suburb Katutura, . The Polytechnic of Namibia is located in Windhoek-West. Image:Wahlkreis Windhoek Ost in Khomas.png thumb Windhoek East constituency (yellow) in the Khomas


Magazine '' has called her "Africa's premier diva". The BBC has included Angélique Kidjo in its list of the African continent's 50 most iconic figures.

Ordnance Survey

practice. Main river valleys The main valleys between the hills are filled with alluvial deposits from the hills or sea. The county has many small rivers, most of which flow into the Bristol Channel. Many of the latter rivers now have clysts (the local name for a sluice

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