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; and Wang Guangmei (王光美). His third wife Xie Fei (Xie Fei (Wenchang)) (谢飞) came from Wenchang, Hainan and was one of the few women on the 1934 Long March.

Extraordinary wife of Liu Xiaoqi at the time of the Long March (长征时与刘少奇结伉俪,琼籍女红军传奇人生) language Chinese accessdate January 29, 2011 His wife at the time of his death in 1969, Wang Guangmei, was thrown in prison by Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution where she was subjected to the harsh conditions of solitary confinement for more than a decade. There are a total of eight major cities and ten counties (County (People's Republic of China)) in Hainan Province. Haikou on the northern coast of Hainan Island is the capital whilst Sanya is a well-known tourist destination on the south coast. The other major cities are Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, Wuzhishan (Wuzhishan City), Dongfang (Dongfang, Hainan) and Danzhou. Wenchang Chicken is a dish known throughout the province of Hainan. Although there are many varieties of this dish, the name is usually used to define a type of small, free-range chicken from Wenchang city, located on the east coast of the province. As opposed to battery (Battery cage) chickens, its meat has more texture and is somewhat drier. Hainan Island is often divided into eight regions for tourism purposes: Haikou and area (Haikou, Qiongshan, Ding'an (Ding'an County)); the Northeast (Wenchang); the Central East Coast (Qionghai, Ding'an); the South East Coast; the South (Sanya); the West Coast also called the Chinese Riviera (Ledong, Dongfang, Xianghsui, Changjiang); the North West (Danzhou, Lingao, Chengmai); and the Central Highlands (Baisha, Qiongzhong, and Wuzhishan Tongzha). *The novel, ''Red Detachment of Women (Red Detachment of Women (ballet))'', by Liang Xin, was set in Hainan. The novel was first adapted to a feature film in the 1950s, and then a ballet in the 1960s as one of the Eight model plays. Most of the people of that time derived their romanticized image of Hainan Island from the scenes in the ballet, particularly that of the vivid forests of coconut trees, the Five Finger Mountain (Wuzhi Shan), and the Wanquan River. *One of the satellite launch centers of China is located in Hainan near the city of Wenchang. It is called Wenchang Satellite Launch Center. It is the closest Chinese launch center to the equator. *Parts of the 2010 movie ''If you are the One 2'' (非诚勿扰 2) were shot in Shimei Bay (石梅湾) near Sanya.


linking the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan to al-Qaeda, suspected of being gained through torture, was unreliable, immoral, and illegal. He described this as "selling our souls for dross".

Reading, Berkshire

obituary-michael-foot-$1363461.htm last Moore first Jonathan title Obituary: Michael Foot date 3 March 2010 publisher accessdate 15 August 2010 (née Mackintosh, died 17 May 1946), a Scotswoman. Cox joined his home town club, Reading (Reading F.C.), at the age of nine. Checkendon is served by two bus routes: * Reading Transport route 142, Reading (Reading, Berkshire)-Woodcote-Checkendon * White's Coaches route 145, Woodcote-Checkendon-Henley (Henley-on-Thames) Hawk-Eye (w:Hawk-Eye), the company that was working on the goal-line technology that is already being used for line calls in tennis, reacted with disappointment: "I'm livid, it is completely out of the blue... A year ago they met and gave us four criteria to meet and we have met all of them, yet they have kicked it out now... We have invested an awful lot of money and now we have no return on that investment," director Paul Hawkins said. He said he was encouraged to continue research on the project only 10 days ago at a private showing for IFAB members at Reading's (w:Reading, Berkshire) Madejski Stadium (w:Madejski Stadium).

Vatican City

and Minister for Law (Ministry of Law (Singapore)) S. Jayakumar at the funeral mass (requiem) of Pope John Paul II in the Vatican City on 8 April 2005,


december documents hf_jp-ii_spe_20031212_singapore-ambassador_en.html archivedate 6 November 2005 publisher The Vatican: Holy See (Holy See) date 12 December 2003 accessdate 17 April 2010 . In this capacity, he represented Singapore together with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Law (Ministry of Law (Singapore)) S. Jayakumar at the funeral mass (requiem) of Pope John Paul II in the Vatican City on 8 April 2005,

New Zealand

had never enforced British law, the six men convicted of sex crimes could not have known that their acts were illegal Wikipedia:New Zealand Commons:Category:New Zealand Dmoz:Regional Oceania New Zealand

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