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great marts: the one Kābul (Kabulistan), the other Kandahār. Caravans, from Ferghāna, Tūrkestān, Samarkand, Balkh, Bokhāra, Hissār, and Badakhshān, all resort to Kābul; while those from Khorasān repair to Kandahār. This country lies between Hindustān and Khorasān.

Nutana, Saskatoon

Art Encounter (June) – a weekend exhibition where local artists display their works inside businesses of the Broadway Avenue business district * Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival (August) – a fringe theatre festival at various venues around Broadway Avenue, as well as free outdoor performance artists and street vendors * Broadway Street Fair (September) – a festival that includes a sidewalk sale, silent auction, art show, live music, and children's games

Events on Broadway url http: events.php accessdate 2007-10-12 * Flicks International Film Festival for Young People (September) – children's film festival at the Broadway Theatre Parks and recreation right 180px thumb Rotary Park (Image:Rotary Park.jpg) * Poplar Crescent Park – * Rotary Park

Stirling, Alberta

in the section house (Section house (railway)). With the arrival of irrigation on November 14, 1899, is an east–west highway in southern Alberta, Canada. In the west, Highway 61 starts at Highway 4 (Alberta Highway 4) north of the Village of Stirling (Stirling, Alberta) and ends at Highway 889 (Alberta Highway 889) east of the Hamlet of Manyberries (Manyberries, Alberta). It is part of the Red Coat Trail, a historical route north of the Canada–US border. The Red Coat Trail continues to Saskatchewan via Highway 889 and Highway 501 (Alberta Highway 501).


& Papers Henry VIII'', vol 13 part 2 (1893), no. 262, 1 September 1538 - valign top Joinville Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)) SBJV JOI '''Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport (Joinville-Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport)''' Infraero - valign top * Porto Alegre, Brazil (2010) * Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)), Brazil (2011)


* (Sarts).'' birth_place Andijan, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union style Southpaw (Southpaw (boxing)) '''Ruslan


Brest , Brest Voblast, Belarus - valign top Blumenau Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)) SSBL BNU Blumenau Airport - valign top * Porto Alegre, Brazil (2010) * Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina (state)), Brazil (2011) visiting Blumenau, Camboriú, Florianópolis, Joinville, Rio Negrinho * Goiânia, Brazil (2012


between Khorasan and Hindustan.


Afghanistan. The country of Kandahar, Ghazni and Kabul formed the frontier region between Khorasan and Hindustan. The land inhabited by the Afghan tribes (Afghan (name)) (i.e. ancestors

Saint-Louis, Senegal

, BBC News, 13 May 2005. * "''Le portail touristique et culturel de Saint-Louis du Senegal''". Saint-Louis news and culture portal. *Saint-Louis du Sénégal , Ville de l’élégance et du raffinement, Radio France International, 2004. '''Events in Saint-Louis, Senegal''' *


and restaurants gather near the lake. *Jamtli Christmas Market is well attended market taking place the second weekend of Advent. *Expo Norr, Sweden's oldest merchandise trade fair held in June with roughly 400 exhibitors. *The Winter Park

Fontana, California

, ZZ Top celebrated the release of their first live concert DVD entitled ''Live From Texas'' with the world premiere, a special appearance, and charity auction at the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston. The DVD was officially released on June 24, 2008. The featured performance

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