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(publisher) R. Bentley and Son year 1881 * *

Bintan Island

the Malay pirates used to loot trading ships sailing in these waters. ref>

Downtown Eastside

of the main locations of the series. ''Hospital Music'' was additionally influenced by Good's proximity to Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, just blocks away from his Gastown loft.


web title Dark Passion Play JPN Version work url http: productinfo.cfm?tuotenumero 196964&from startpage&lang en accessdate October 30, 2008 Within a week after the release, the fifth single was announced to be "The Islander (The Islander (song))". "The Islander" single features an orchestral version of the epic ballad "Meadows of Heaven" and also includes an instrumental version


History url http: books?id Ftz_gtO-pngC&pg PA407 year 2004 publisher CRC Press isbn 978-1-57958-245-6 ref harv * WikiPedia:Bangui Commons:Category:Bangui

Jackson, Mississippi

on the follow-up to their debut album. They played two shows in May in Jackson, Mississippi and Orlando, Florida. The song ''Follow the Sun Down'' was chose as the first single from the now titled '' Black Porch (Acoustic Sessions) (EP) Black Porch (Acoustic Sessions

) '' and invited fans to participate in the shooting of the video for the single. A digital download (music download) release of the EP was to be released on September 5 but there were no plans for a CD release. news.aspx?mode Article&newsitemID 55485 work Blabbermouth date July 23, 2006 title Dark New Day: New Song Posted Online In December, guitarist Clint Lowery stated that the band were "searching for producers right now to collabrate with" after working on new material on and off since their debut release and were to begin recording in January, 2007.


and bassist, Caligula, due to illness. Many angry fans started a riot, and vandalized the properties near the venue. Following the riot, all the band's instruments were confiscated by Peruvian police. After a week, the band announced they had

to postpone their upcoming concerts in Latvia and Lithuania because of this unfortunate situation. thumb Chinatown in Lima (Image:Chinatown Lima Peru.jpg) The main Peruvian Chinatown is located in Lima and is called

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Huffington Post (UK) article by Anne Speckhard, 29 Aug. 2014 Saudi Arabia was criticised by Noam Chomsky in October 2014 of having “long been the major source of funding for ISIS as well as providing its ideological roots” (i.e. Wahhabism).


; tests revealed that it contained anthrax bacilli. A few days later another sealed package of soil was left in Blackpool, where the ruling Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)) was holding its annual conference. The soil did not contain anthrax, but officials said that the soil was similar to that found on the island.


Centro operates four shopping centres in New Zealand—one each in Christchurch and Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand) and two in Auckland. '''Nathan Knox''' (born 13 July 1981

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