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Scottish Arts Council

in Scotland. Also that year he won a prestigious BBC 'Heart of Jazz' Award. Awards and honours The ''Harry Potter'' series have been the recipients of a host of awards since the initial publication of ''Philosopher's Stone'' including four Whitaker Platinum Book Awards (all of which were awarded in 2001), Under the direction of Jackie Wylie, The Arches has recently staged performances such as DEREVO's ''Natura Morte'', Nic Green's ''Trilogy'' and Linder Sterling's ''Darktown Cakewalk''. Their initial recordings were supported by funding from the Scottish Arts Council, and were produced by Michael Brennan, who previously worked with Super Furry Animals and Mogwai. When at Polygon, he tried to publish James Kelman's second novel, and requested a grant from the Scottish Arts Council. They refused, mainly on the basis of a complaint from Alick Buchanan-Smith, a Conservative MP, who complained about the "foul language" in Kelman's first novel. Works As well as several collections of poetry, his books include a memoir, ''Distances'' (2001), from Scottish Cultural Press. Most recently he edited ''100 Favourite Scottish Poems'' (SPL Luath Press, 2006), a TLS Christmas choice, and ''100 Favourite Scottish Love Poems'' (Luath Press, 2008). He has won three Scottish Arts Council book awards, travel awards from the Society of Authors and the English-Speaking Union, and the Institute of Contemporary Scotland's first Iain Crichton Smith award for services to literature. His collection ''An Ear to the Ground'' was a Poetry Book Society Choice, and ''Stolen Light'' was shortlisted for Saltire Scottish book of the year.

Shepherdstown, West Virginia

;U.S. Corps of Tophographical Engineers In 1829 John Abert was promoted to the leadership of the corps. Officers working under him were responsible for the exploration and mapping of the lands west of the Mississippi River. He was elected an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1845.

Bayda, Libya

in the 1950s. It was originally intended to be the new capital of Libya and most of the necessary government buildings were constructed there. Eventually, the plan to move the capital from Tripoli to Bayda was dropped.


Union. Journal for the history of astronomy vol. 28, pt. 2, p. 177 (1997), Title: Book Review: Pulkovo St. Petersburg : Spuren der Sterne und der Zeiten : Geschichte der russischen Hauptsternwarte Peter Lang, New York, 1995, Bibliographic Code: 1997JHA....28..177H File:Russian prisoners of Amur Railway.jpg thumb 300px Prisoners lining up before leaving the camp for work on road construction

Rosebud Indian Reservation

Axelrod first Laura title Book Review: Priceless Memories by Bob Barker with Digby Diehl publisher url http: 2009 03 book-review-priceless-memories-by-bob-barker-with-digby-diehl.html accessdate 2009-09-01 While in Washington, his father fell from a tower and sustained an injury which resulted in his death in 1929. Barker has a half-brother, Kent Valandra, from Matilda's subsequent re-marriage. In 1931, the family moved

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

company. Becker won the John Bates Clark Medal in 1967. He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1972. Becker also received the National Medal of Science in 2000. North Lewisburg (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania) br>

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

to ''Life of George Washington Commander in Chief of the American Army Through the Revolutionary War, and the First President of the United States.'' He was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1805. Although president of the American

Academia Sinica

of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (1994 election). '''Typhoon Lee''' (李太楓) is an astrophysicist and geochemist at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Republic of China, where he specializes in isotope geochemistry and nuclear astrophysics . In 1989, Chu was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Chinese Academy of Sciences

title Book of Members, 1780–2010: Chapter C url http: publications BookofMembers ChapterB.pdf publisher American Academy of Arts and Sciences accessdate June 8, 2011 H e is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (United States National Academy of Sciences), Chinese Academy of Sciences (foreign member), Academia Sinica, Russian Academy of Engineering (RAE) and the Third World Academy of Sciences. His research activities extend beyond

Northfield, Minnesota

Laureate Peter Agre to Lead Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute date 2007-10-24 publisher Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health accessdate 2008-07-16 He was elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences (United States National Academy of Sciences) in 2000 and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2003.

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