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Portobello, Dublin

at a further trial (they were in America). However, the following year, Blondin was back at the same venue in Dublin, this time performing 100 feet above the ground. ''Irish Times'', 1861, 1862 Career Mellows was born in Manchester, England, to William Joseph Mellows, a British Army non-commissioned officer, and Sarah Jordan, of Inch, County Wexford, ''Irish Independent'', 2 December 1952. where he grew up. His family moved to Fairview


National de la Statistique 41. During his early years, Boganda was adopted by Catholic missionaries. As a boy he attended the school opened at Mbaiki (the administrative centre for the Lobaye prefecture) by the post's founder, Lieutenant Mayer. Kalck (2005), p. 26. From December 1921 to December 1922, he spent two hours a day with Monsignor Jean-Réné Calloch learning how to read, while spending the rest of his time performing manual labour


early years, Boganda was adopted by Catholic missionaries. As a boy he attended the school opened at Mbaiki (the administrative centre for the Lobaye prefecture) by the post's founder, Lieutenant Mayer. Kalck (2005), p. 26. From December 1921 to December 1922, he spent two hours a day with Monsignor Jean-Réné Calloch learning how to read, while spending the rest of his time performing manual labour. On December 24, he was received into the church under the name


;Barbun", and on Autumn, with KUD Idijoti, Goblini and Sikter, the band performed in Sarajevo at the ruined hall of the city train station. They also had successful appearances on several times in Rijeka, Pula and Zagreb. ; commons:Pula


Fizzadelic '' album in 2005 on the Damaged Goods (Damaged Goods (record label)) record label. Career The Now, Peterborough's first punk rock band, formed late in 1976. Founded by Mike McGuire and Steve Rolls. Mike and Steve were at the time performing with The Faderz, who had only existed for a few months, before they had hooked into the London Punk scene in 1976. Joe MacColl and Paul Wicks (aka The Dangerous Dip or occasionally The Mysterious Dip) were recruited immediately to form The Now. Early gigs were self organised affairs, notably at the Peterborough Marcus Garvey Club. A community club, mainly catering for the city's West Indian community. Such gigs were usually with local reggae artists such as The Legions, any punk band who would dare come out of London (or other major cities), such as 999 (999 (band)), The Killjoys (The Killjoys (UK band)) and Eater, as well as new local punk bands such as Heavy Manners. This was a great challenge for The Now since putting Punk Rock into an East Anglian provincial environment (where there already existed a time warp sensibility), caused a lot of friction at that time. During this time The Dangerous Dip was replaced on the bass guitar by Faz Farrow. The Now were managed by Allen Adams who later went on to form the band The Destructors (The Destructors (band)) and later Destructors 666. Reviews * 'A primitive but wonderful single from a criminally underrated D.I.Y. Punk band from Peterborough. This sounds like the Desperate Bicycles, and is a very simple, but effective protest song about a subject that should be dear to your hearts. And fuzztone fizzedelic guitar! You need more?' Jon Savage, ''Sounds'', Nov 5 * 'It sounds like the rough first cassette of two really good songs from a Peterborough punk band. Usual '77 cynicism, plus (skeleton) Sex Pistols style melodic strength. I like it. Try and hear it". Vivien Goldman, Sounds, Nov 12 The Thameslink Programme (formerly known as Thameslink 2000), is a £3.5 billion major project to expand the Thameslink network (Thameslink) from 51 to 172 stations (train station) WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

Toledo, Ohio

Airport , Antigua. Beginning April 2012, it will operate charter flights on behalf of Mokulele Airlines from Honolulu, Hawaii to Rockford, Illinois and from Rockford, IL to London-Stansted, United Kingdom from May 2012. http: news x1771273098 Feds-OK-Rockford-airports-charters-to-London-Hawaii CP's World Headquarters (aka WHQ) is located in Oxnard, California and their North American Headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. Around 25 full-time

performing units serve in over 30 countries supported by principal offices located in Germany, Great Britain, Australia and South Africa. Members are currently drawn from some two dozen nationalities. thumb left A map of the original Ohio Country (File:Wpdms ohio country.png). In the early 17th century, the French were the first modern Europeans to explore what became known as Ohio Country. The Ohio


, 1949 as part of the political struggle against French rule by nationalists who aimed to create a focus for working-class young Moroccans. The club is most well known outside Morocco for its football (football (soccer)) team. Fame Like many other Raï artists based in Algeria, Cheb Hasni spent more time performing abroad (giving concerts everywhere from Paris, Marseilles, and Boston to Washington DC, Tunis, Casablanca, and Tokyo, to name a few cities) than at home


of Brazilian musicians. The two started recording the material partially written in 1985 when, with the guitarist Goran Vejvoda, they had several live appearances under the moniker Dah Anđela (''Angel's Breath''). Margita Stefanović continued working as a musician, for a short period of time performing with the cover band Kurajberi. In 1995, with Vladimir Stojanović, as an ambiental music duo EQV, she released the album ''Ti si sav moj bol'' (''You Are All My Anguish''), released by the Austriam record label Coop Arts Crafts Unltd. In October of the same year, EQV appeared at the Vienna Talkit festival. She had also made occasional live appearances with the bands Direktori, Glisers and Zion Banda, and appeared as guest on the albums of several Belgrade rock bands. In 1996, she appeared on the Električni Orgazam unplugged live album ''Živo i akustično'' (''Live and Acoustic''), and in 1998, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signing, she appeared in Pula with Zoran Stojanović, the leader of the Zagreb band Veliki Bijeli Slon, being, along with Rambo Amadeus, the first Serbian musician to play in Croatia after the Yugoslav Wars. Another tribute album, released in 2003, was a live album ''Jako dobar tattoo - Tribute to EKV'' (''Very Good Tattoo - Tribute to EKV''), recorded at the tribute concert held on February 22, 2003, in Zagreb's Tvornica club. The performers included Croatian bands Le Cinema, Vatra (Vatra (band)), and Urban & 4, and solo artists Massimo Savić with EKV tribute band Veliki Bijeli Slon, Darko Rundek with his Cargo Orkestar, and Električni Orgazam frontman Srđan "Gile" Gojković (Srđan Gojković), also with Veliki Bijeli Slon. The album consists of 13 live covers, each artist performing several. Missionary activity is limited but growing and includes a small number of representatives from the following organizations, some of which have their central offices for the region in Zagreb or another European city outside of the country: Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Methodist Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and Krishna Consciousness. '''Jarun''' ( WikiPedia:Zagreb Commons:Category:Zagreb Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Zagreb


;significantly." John Kohan, "The KGB: Eyes of the Kremlin", ''Time'', 14 February 1983 In September 2003 LIPA launched LIPA 4:19: a part-time performing arts academy for 4 to 19 year olds. Due to the popularity of LIPA 4:19, a new satellite school was launched at Maghull High School in September 2008. It also has franchises situated in Rainhill, Widnes, Wanstead

Portland, Oregon

, Oregon . In the summer of 2005, founding members Wadhams, Plane and Ottavio appeared as "Animotion" in the American (United States) version of the TV show ''Hit Me Baby One More Time,'' performing their hit "Obsession" and a cover of Dirty Vegas' "Days Go By". Bill Wadhams Original frontman Bill Wadhams worked as a graphic designer at NBC, BBD&O, Wieden & Kennedy. He's kept a hand in music composition and production, and currently manages

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