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Bel Air, Los Angeles

Boulevard from the University of California, Los Angeles, is the site of four private and two public pre-collegiate schools, as well as of the American Jewish University. Founded in 1923, the neighborhood has no multifamily dwellings (Multi-family residential) and has been the filming location or setting for television shows (Television program). It has been the home of motion picture stars (Movie star) and of President Ronald Reagan. Population The 2000 U.S. census counted

, and shrine—were built in Japan and reassembled here. Antique stone carvings, water basins and lanterns, as well as the five-tiered pagoda, and key symbolic rocks are also from Japan. Several hundred tons of local stones came from the quarries in Ventura County and the foot of Mt. Baldy (Mount San Antonio), northeast of Los Angeles. Television and film Television shows and movies have been filmed in Bel Air, or are said to take place in the community. Exterior shots for the '' Beverly

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

in dictionary publisher ''Reuters'' date 2009-07-10 url http: article lifestyleMolt idUSTRE5690LE20090710 accessdate 2009-11-13 The show was named #9 on Entertainment's Top 10 Greatest Canadian Television Shows. width "35%" align "center" '''Briercrest''' width "30%" align "center" '''East:''' Rouleau (Rouleau, Saskatchewan) Dana (Dana, Saskatchewan) ----- Communities in the district

Skid Row, Los Angeles

informer 2014 08 06 skid-row-gets-city-recognition-through-murals-photos website LA Weekly publisher LA Weekly accessdate 16 September 2014 In popular culture The site has appeared as a location in several movies, including ''The Sting'', and television shows such as ''Starsky & Hutch'', ''Baretta'', and ''Quincy ME''. , Skid Row (Skid Row, Los Angeles) in Los Angeles, and San Francisco's Tenderloin (Tenderloin, San Francisco, California) District. The ''Times'' also embarked on a number of investigative journalism pieces. A series in December 2004 on the King-Drew Medical Center (Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital) in Los Angeles led to a Pulitzer Prize and a more thorough coverage of the hospital's troubled history. Lopez wrote a five-part series on the civic and humanitarian disgrace of Los Angeles' Skid Row (Skid Row, Los Angeles), which became the focus of the 2009 motion picture, ''The Soloist.'' Los Angeles The Los Angeles region is thought to have the largest concentration of homeless persons in the country and is considered the homelessness capital of the USA "Los Angeles Still Homeless Capital Of United States", Imperial Valley News, Wednesday, 25 June 2008 Wolch, Jennifer; Blasi, Gary; and Dear, Michael, "L.A.'s homeless: A progress report", USC Center for Sustainable Cities, June 22, 2008 , together with San Francisco. In its biennual census of 2011, the County counted more than 51,000 homeless persons living in the county at any given night. http: docs 2011-Homeless-Count HC11-Detailed-Geography-Report-FINAL.PDF One hundred thousands persons are expected to be homeless at least one night during the year. http: docs 2011-Homeless-Count HC11-Detailed-Geography-Report-FINAL.PDF A 50-block area in downtown Los Angeles called Skid Row (Skid Row, Los Angeles) (4,316) http: docs 2011-Homeless-Count HC11-Detailed-Geography-Report-FINAL.PDF has a homeless population nearly as large as the homeless population of San Francisco (6,455). http: local 2011 05 san-francisco-s-homeless-count-reveals-drop-chronic-homelessness Hollywood and the city of Santa Monica also suffer from visible homelessness. Los Angeles, of course, has approximately 3.6 times the population of San Francisco, http: docs 2011-Homeless-Count HC11-Detailed-Geography-Report-FINAL.PDF this means that even in proportions Los Angeles has more homeless than San Francisco. After being wounded in World War II, he began working seriously on his guitar playing, influenced heavily by Django Reinhardt. After the war, he returned to Moultrie then moved to Los Angeles county where he worked in Western films and played music in bars around L.A.'s Skid Row (Skid Row, Los Angeles), where he met pioneering pedal steel guitarist Speedy West. West, who joined Cliffie Stone's popular Hometown Jamboree local radio and TV show, suggested Bryant be hired when the show's original guitarist departed. That gave Bryant access to Capitol Records since Stone was a Capitol artist and talent scout. Zzyzx's original encampment consisted of 20 tents, and he recruited homeless men from Los Angeles' skid row (Skid Row, Los Angeles) to build simple concrete buildings. Springer created an imitation hot springs — which he attempted to pass off as genuine — by using a boiler to heat several pool (heat sink)s.

Banff, Alberta

contemporary - Media Many films and some television shows have been shot in Alberta. Clint Eastwood's ''Unforgiven'' and the CBC's ''Jake and the Kid'' are notables among many. For years, the TV program ''Viper'' was shot in downtown Calgary. Though it could be said that few films and television shows are filmed in Alberta compared to the rest of Canada, this is really a matter of finances and grants from the various provincial governments and can change on a whim or an election. Some

University Endowment Lands

that the Vancouver area is the third-largest film production centre in North America, this has made UBC a popular location for many productions. Production companies that wish to shoot on-campus must pay a fee to the university, which goes to the film and theatre departments into the Strait; recreational visitors can walk or cycle on the twin gravel trails atop and beside the large sewage pipe that stretches the length of the jetty. * '''North Arm Jetty''', the north jetty, while longer, is not as popular; it is a sandy bar (as opposed to the gravel and concrete structure of Iona Jetty) that stretches towards the northwest, running parallel to the Vancouver shoreline and terminating at the University Endowment Lands, almost directly across from the University of British Columbia campus. Summary A Translink (TransLink (Vancouver)) articulated bus getting ready to do the #480 Richmond route, from the UBC (University of British Columbia) bus loop in the University Endowment Lands, British Columbia. Geography Dunbar-Southlands is bordered on the north by West 16th Avenue and on the south by the Fraser River; it stretches from the University Endowment Lands on the west to Mackenzie and Blenheim Streets in the east. It is centered around Dunbar Street, a busy urban thoroughfare that is lined by a variety of retail stores. West 41st Avenue and Southwest Marine Drive also pass through the neighbourhood. Southlands lies south of Marine Drive in the floodplain of the Fraser River, and the Musqueam Indian Reserve is also encompassed by the region.

Hill City, South Dakota

Geology and paleontology The Geology Gallery contains a wall that shows a 2.5 billion year rock record of the Black Hills area. The Museum of Geology at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology provides artifacts and information for patrons to better understand the timeline. Along with the geology section is the paleontology section with fossils, much of which is on loan from the Black Hills Institute of Geological Resarch (Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.) in Hill City, South Dakota. A model of an on-site dig with a tent provides patrons with a sense of field work, sometimes with a retired paleontologist working in it who can answer questions. A model of a T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) and a Stegosaurus accompanied by a roaring sound track are also included in the exhibit.


'' (2007), ''Who Killed Atlanta's Children?'' (2000), ''On Hostile Ground'' (2000), ''Strike! (The Hairy Bird)'' (1998), ''The Sweet Hereafter (The Sweet Hereafter (film))'' (1997), ''Bad Day on the Block'' (1997), ''Martin's Day'' (1984), and ''The Dead Zone (The Dead Zone (film))'' (1983). Television shows shot in Stouffville include episodes from ''Warehouse 13'' (2010), ''The West Wing'', West Wing Episode Guide, Opposition Research. ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'', ''Nikita (Nikita (2010 TV series))'', Stouffville Sun-Tribune, Stouffville subs in for South Dakota town in TV shoot (March 31, 2010). and ''Curse of the Axe'' (documentary film on the Wendat-Huron village (Mantle Site, Wendat (Huron) Ancestral Village) site discovered in Stouffville). See Patrick Cain (with movie trailer), "Vanished Huron village in Whitchurch-Stouffville held baffling mystery," ''Global News'' (July 6, 2012); also "Curse of the Axe on History,", the Canadian Movie Database, July 6, 2012. Films and television shows shot at ''Shadow Lake Centre'' in Whitchurch–Stouffville (Musselman Lake (Musselman Lake, Ontario)) include ''1-8oo-Missing (Missing (Canadian TV series))'', ''Tarzan & Jane'', ''The Crossing (The Crossing (2000 film))'', ''Run the Wild Fields (Run the Wild Fields (film))'', ''Ice Men (Ice Men (film))'', ''Top Cops'', ''The Loretta Claiborne Story'', ''True Romance'', ''Ready or Not (Ready or Not (TV series))'', and ''The White Dog Sacrifice''. Shadow Lake Centre, Film Shoots, official website (accessed June 9, 2010), and The Littlest Hobo (Summitview Public School). Attractions * Applewood Farm Winery Bruce's Mill Conservation Area, the northern gateway to Rouge Park with trails, and Community Safety Village. Burd's Family Fishing Downtown Stouffville Farmers' Market (Thursdays, June–October) * Latcham Gallery Lionel's Farm (Petting zoo, pony farm, horse centre and wagon collection) * Magic Hill Farms Oak Ridges Trail and York Demonstration Forest * RHLS Narrow Gauge Railway Ringwood Fish Culture Station Stouffville Country Market (flea market; Saturdays&Sundays) * Timber Creek Mini Golf & Family Fun Centre Whitchurch–Stouffville Museum Willow Springs Winery York-Durham Heritage Railway Churchill Chimes Equestrian Centre residents * Acton, Keith (Keith Acton) - National Hockey League player and Stanley Cup winner, current owner of the local Boston Pizza franchise * Bessey, James (James Bessey) - Canadian watercolour artist S. Bolan, ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'', Renowned Stouffville artist dies, Sept. 14, 2010. * Bowser, John W. (John W. Bowser) - Construction Superintendent of the Empire State Building and Royal Ontario Museum. * Brock, Nathan (Nathan Brock) - Resident Conductor of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra S. Bolan, ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'', Art York grad handed baton in Montreal, July 6, 2009. * Brown, Roy (Roy Brown (RAF officer)) - Royal Air Force officer and World War I flying ace, credited with downing the ''Red Baron'' (Manfred von Richthofen) * Cockburn, Karen (Karen Cockburn) - Canadian Olympic medalist (trampoline gymnast) * Cook, Earl D. (Earl Cook) - Major League Baseball Player (Detroit Tigers) * Del Zotto, Michael (Michael Del Zotto) - National Hockey League player * Harris, Mike (Mike Harris (curler)) - Canadian Olympic medalist (curler) * Hassard, Bob (Bob Hassard) - National Hockey League player and Stanley Cup winner * MacMillan, Harvey Reginald (H.R.) (H.R. MacMillan) - forester, forestry industrialist, wartime administrator, and philanthropist * Marek, Jeff (Jeff Marek) - Hockey Analyst for Sportsnet * May, Brad (Brad May) - National Hockey League player * Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons - Member of Canadian band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS (band)) * Pearce, John (John Pearce (equestrian)) - Canadian Olympic equestrian show jumper Canadian Show Jumpers Earn Olympic Berth, ''CBC Sports'', October 7, 2010 (website). * Pierson, Sean (Sean Pierson) - Canadian professional mixed martial arts fighter * Powe, B. W (B. W. Powe) - Canadian author * Torres, Raffi (Raffi Torres) - National Hockey League player Michael Hayakawa, "25 Games: NHL Suspendes Torres," ''Stouffville Sun-Tribune'' (, April 21, 2012. * Underhill, Frank (Frank Underhill) - Founder of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) Party; co-writer of the Regina Manifesto (1933) and Officer of the Order of Canada. * Veltman, Jim (Jim Veltman) - National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame player * Wallis, Stephen - Filmmaker S. Bolan, "Filmmaker's leap of faith pays dividends," ''Sun-Tribune'', May 31, 2012. * Werek, Ethan (Ethan Werek) - Professional ice hockey player Sister city '''Vaughan:''' CFU758 90.7 (CFU758) group6 Halton Region (Regional Municipality of Halton) - Whitchurch–Stouffville Wayne Emmerson - '''Ballantrae, Ontario''' (2011 population (Canada 2011 Census) 1,382) is a hamlet (hamlet (place)) in the Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville (Whitchurch–Stouffville). Named for the village of Ballantrae in South Ayrshire, Scotland, the community is centred around the intersection of Aurora Road (York Regional Road 15) and Highway 48 (Highway 48 (Ontario)). The hamlet was first settled in the early 19th century, and by 1895 it had a population of 300. Cf. a thorough account of Ballantrae's history in Jean Barkey et al., Whitchurch Township (Erin, ON: Boston Mills, 1993), 87-90. See also the detailed 1878 map, Township of Whitchurch, ''Illustrated historical atlas of the county of York and the township of West Gwillimbury & town of Bradford in the county of Simcoe, Ont.'' (Toronto: Miles & Co., 1878). The town was located on the edge of the vast lumber industry centred in the hamlet of Vivian (Vivian, Ontario); a spur-line of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway built in 1877 ran through Ballantrae from Stouffville (Whitchurch-Stouffville) to Jackson's Point (Jackson's Point, Ontario) on Lake Simcoe. In the early 20th century, Ballantrae's population declined dramatically due to large-scale deforestation and the erosion of the thin soil of northern Whitchurch Township into virtual sand deserts. Barkey et al., Whitchurch Township, 89; 30f. In 1910, its population was 250; cf. Province of Ontario, Gazatteer and Directory, 1910-1911 (Ingersoll: Union, 1910), p. 46. With the passage of the Reforestation Act (1911), the process of reclaiming these areas slowly began. The Vivian Forest, a large conservation area on the edge of Ballantrae, was established in 1924 for this purpose.

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Venice, Los Angeles

;ref Home page." Westminster Off-Leash Dog Park. Retrieved March 22, 2010. Venice in media Dozens of movies and hundreds of television shows and even video games have used locations in Venice, including its beach, its pleasure piers, the canals and colonnades, the boardwalk, the high school, even a particular hamburger stand. Venice – Movie Making and TV shows at Venice


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