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High River

. Media * CHRB (CHRB (AM)) AM 1140, community radio * CFXO-FM 99.7, country music * CKUV-FM 100.9, classic hits * High River Times Notable people *Joe Clark, former Canadian Prime Minister *John "Pie" McKenzie (John McKenzie (ice hockey)), former professional hockey player *W.O. Mitchell (W. O. Mitchell), author *George Canyon, country music singer Film and television High River was used as a set for ''Smallville (Smallville (comics))'' in ''Superman III'', as well as ''High River, Montana'' in ''Nickelodeon's'' series ''Caitlin's Way''. Recently, ''Heartland (Heartland (Canadian TV series))'', a CBC television series has found High River its main filming spot. Also, the movie ''Carolina Moon'' based on the book by Nora Roberts was filmed in High River and the movie Moondance Alexander was also filmed in High River. Parts of the television series ''Fargo (Fargo (TV series))'' (based on the movie of the same name (Fargo (film))) were filmed in High River. Wikipedia:High River, Alberta

Shuyang County

level *The Legend of Consort Yu Media Television All the national television networks in Mainland China broadcast high definition digital (High-definition television) service in Shuyang. The pay TV is available as cable television in metropolitan area. The government funded community station is run by Shuyang Radio and Television. Infrastructure Health There are 44 hospitals in the county. The People’s Hospital of Shuyang, with 1000 healthcare

Shoreview, Minnesota

''' is an Independent (independent station) television station for the Twin Cities that is licensed to Minneapolis (Minneapolis, Minnesota). It broadcasts a high definition (High-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 45 from a transmitter at the Telefarm installation in Shoreview (Shoreview, Minnesota). Owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, the station is sister to ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate KSTP-TV and several radio stations. All share

Hutchinson, Kansas

July 1, 1953 (1953 in television) location Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas)-Wichita, Kansas callsign_meaning '''W'''i'''CH'''ita '''KWCH-DT''' is the CBS-affiliated television station for Wichita, Kansas that is licensed to Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas). It broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 19 (virtual channel 12) from a transmitter in Colwich, Kansas Colwich

6, 2001 location Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) Wichita, Kansas callsign_meaning '''K'''ansas '''M'''yNetwork'''T'''V '''W'''ichita '''KMTW''' is the MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station for Wichita, Kansas licensed to Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas). It broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 35 (or virtual channel 36.1 via PSIP) from a transmitter

the Wichita, Kansas area. It is operated by the Kansas Public Telecommunications Service, a non-profit non-commercial educational organization. KPTS's city of license is Hutchinson, Kansas. The station broadcasts on channel 8 in standard definition and on digital cable channel 2008 in high definition (high-definition television) on Cox Communications in the Wichita area. '''Jay La Suer''' (born January 24, 1940, in Hutchinson, Kansas) is a Republican (Republican Party (United States)) politician from the state of California. In Great Bend, K-96 begins a concurrency (concurrency (road)) with US-56 (U.S. Route 56 (Kansas)) and crosses US-281 (U.S. Route 281 (Kansas)). The two highways pass through Ellinwood (Ellinwood, Kansas) and Chase (Chase, Kansas) before entering Lyons (Lyons, Kansas), where K-96 heads south with K-14 (K-14 (Kansas highway)), while US-56 continues east to McPherson (McPherson, Kansas) and Interstate 135 (Interstate 135 (Kansas)). K-96 and K-14 pass through Sterling (Sterling, Kansas) and turn east south of town, before K-14 splits off to continue south. K-96 continues east until Nickerson (Nickerson, Kansas), where it takes a more southeast course to bypass Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) to the west and south. South of South Hutchinson (South Hutchinson, Kansas), it has a brief concurrency with US-50 (U.S. Route 50 (Kansas)). The Wichita-Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) segment was straightened in the early 1970s, bypassing the towns of Maize (Maize, Kansas) and Mount Hope (Mount Hope, Kansas). In recent years, urban sprawl has brought the highway within city limits. Near the Amish community of Yoder (Yoder, Kansas), symbolic warning signs were placed on the road to warn drivers of the presence of carriages on the cross streets. Kansas * Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas), IMAX Dome Theater, Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Olathe, Kansas Olathe , AMC IMAX Theater, AMC Studio 30, Hutchinson Zoo PO Box 1567 Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) Kansas Website birth_date - *Isabel Subdivision (Coats, Kansas to Graham, Kansas) *Great Bend Subdivision (Hutchinson, Kansas to near Pawnee Rock, Kansas) *Geneseo Subdivision (Sterling, Kansas to Geneseo, Kansas) Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, His first two degrees were received from the University of Kansas, an AB in 1914 and his Masters of Science in 1916.He received a doctorate from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Bloomberg School of Public Health).Soper spent the better part of his career working for the Rockefeller Foundation. Fred Soper's best-known project was known as the Global Malaria Eradication Program. Easley was born in Frederick, Illinois, but moved to Hutchinson, Kansas, in 1875, where he was a public school teacher, postmaster, and newspaper reporter. In 1883, he purchased and began editing the ''Hutchinson Daily News'' until 1891. In 1891, became a key figure in the Illinois Republican Party. Both of these positions served as important stepping stones in Easley’s career as a reformer and civic booster. His tenure as editor lasted until 1891, when Easley left Kansas and made his way back to Illinois. Here, he took charge of the “politicoeconomic department” of the ''Chicago Inter Ocean'', one of the Middle West’s leading urban newspapers. This position, which involved creating and administering employee welfare programs, put Easley in contact with many of Chicago’s leading civic reformers, and business, political, and labor leaders. In 1893 he became a founder and secretary of the political reform group, the Chicago Civic Federation. In 1900, he left Chicago to found the National Civic Federation in New York (New York City), where he was the chairman of the executive council throughout the federation’s forty-five-year history Junior College Years Franklin attended Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas for two years. As a sophomore, he was named a JUCO Honorable Mention All-American and finished his sophomore season with two interceptions and 68 tackles. In the 1950s, the Patrol began to police the turnpike for the Kansas Turnpike Authority, and Protective Services began with one trooper providing the governor's ground transportation. The recruit school moved from the Kansas State Reformatory in Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) to the University of Kansas in Lawrence (Lawrence, Kansas). Increasingly, troopers patrolled alone. Before, they always rode in pairs. Junior College Years Gamble attended Hutchinson Community College in Hutchinson, Kansas for two years. As a sophomore, he was a Junior College All-American and the Jayhawk Conference (Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference) Offensive Lineman of the Year. '''Hutchinson Community College''' is a two-year community college located in Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas), Kansas, United States. Its mascot is the Blue Dragon. '''Yoder''' is a small unincorporated community (unincorporated area) in Reno County (Reno County, Kansas) in the south-central part of the U.S. state of Kansas, about 10 miles southeast of the city of Hutchinson (Hutchinson, Kansas) on K-96 (K-96 (Kansas highway)). Although Yoder is unincorporated, with no city government, it does have a U.S. Post Office and its own zip code (67585). As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), the CDP (Census-designated place) population was 194.

Monroeville, Pennsylvania

television station for Western Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) that is licensed to Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). It broadcasts a high definition (High-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 42 from a transmitter located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, WPMY is the sister station of Fox Network (Fox Broadcasting Company) affiliate WPGH-TV, which it shares studios with. Syndicated programming on the station includes '' Scrubs

Austin, Minnesota

'''A'''ustin '''A'''lbert '''L'''ea '''KAAL''' is the ABC (American Broadcasting Company)-affiliated television station for the Driftless Area of Southeastern Minnesota (Southeast Minnesota) and North-Central Iowa. Licensed to Austin, Minnesota, the station broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital signal on UHF channel 33 (or virtual channel 6.1 via PSIP) from a transmitter southeast of Grand Meadow, Minnesota in Eastern Mower County

Moline, Illinois

being established, the repeat of news on WBQD was eventually dropped. KGCW continues repeating the previous night's KLJB show at 5 in the morning. On September 12, 2011, WQAD became the last major news operation in the Quad Cities market to upgrade its newscasts to high definition (high-definition television). The KLJB broadcasts were included in the upgrade. Logo Location Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) Moline, Illinois Muscatine, Iowa and Bettendorf, Iowa State '''Trinity Medical Center''' is a group of medical facilities based out of the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. Its parent company is Trinity Regional Health System. The main campus, Trinity Rock Island, is in Rock Island, Illinois, with Trinity Moline in Moline, Illinois and Trinity Bettendorf in Bettendorf, Iowa. In 2010, Trinity acquired Unity Medical Center in Muscatine, Iowa, later renaming the facility Trinity Muscatine. The health system is a senior affiliate of the Iowa Health System, the state's first and largest integrated health care system. It is one of two main health care providers in the Quad Cities area, the other being Genesis Health System. '''WKBF''' is a radio station licensed to Rock Island, Illinois, and carries a Spanish Regional Music format. The station's frequency is 1270 kHz, and broadcasts at a power of 5 kW. Its transmitter is located on 22nd Avenue (Old Colona Road) in Moline (Moline, Illinois), alongside the Moline–East Moline (East Moline, Illinois) border just off of 53rd Street and Avenue of the Cities. *Maratha Light Infantry, a regiment of the Indian Army, also known as ''Ganpats''. *The IATA airport code for Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois, United States. *Multi-layer insulation, the gold-colored thermal insulation often seen on spacecraft. 05 07 1997 align left . Quad Cities to LaSalle–Peru U.S. Route 6 crosses the I-74 Bridge from Bettendorf, Iowa south into Moline (Moline, Illinois), concurrent (Concurrency (road)) with Interstate 74. It remains with Interstate 74 for 5 miles (8 km) until the intersection with Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa)) south of the Rock River (Rock River (Mississippi River)). U.S. 6 then turns east at the Quad Cities International Airport. It intersects Interstate 80 as it leaves the Quad Cities area, and closely parallels I-80 for the rest of its length in Illinois.

Wausau, Wisconsin

in northeastern Wisconsin; operated by Oconto County (Oconto County, Wisconsin) - 17 Wausau (Wausau, Wisconsin) 39,106 38,426 City (Political_subdivisions_of_Wisconsin#City) Marathon (Marathon County, Wisconsin) - thumb Michael A. Stackpole (File:Michael A Stackpole at Dragon Con 2007.jpg) '''Michael A. Stackpole (w:Michael A. Stackpole)''' (born 1957) is a science fiction (w:science fiction) author (w:author) best known for his ''Star Wars'' and ''Battletech (w:Battletech)'' books. He was born in Wausau, Wisconsin (w:Wausau, Wisconsin), but raised in Vermont (w:Vermont). He has a BA (w:Bachelor of Arts) in history (w:history) from the University of Vermont (w:University of Vermont).

Northeast Ohio

Royalton, Ohio North Royalton . '''WKBN-TV''' is the CBS-affiliated television station for the Mahoning Valley of Northeastern Ohio (Northeast Ohio) and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Licensed (City of license) to Youngstown, Ohio, it broadcasts a high definition (high-definition television) digital (digital television) signal on UHF channel 41 (or virtual channel 27.1 via PSIP) from a transmitter near the city's Youngstown,_Ohio#Neighborhoods Pleasant Grove

section. The station can also be seen on Time Warner Cable channel 4 and Comcast digital channel 193. There is a high definition feed provided on Time Warner Cable digital channel 1004. '''WYTV''' is the ABC (American Broadcasting Company)-affiliated television station for the Mahoning Valley of Northeastern Ohio (Northeast Ohio) and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Licensed (City of license) to Youngstown, Ohio, it broadcasts a high-definition television high definition

Fort Smith, Arkansas

(19th century) Cherokee Nation . 10 02 1995 align left , and as of the end of 2005, had 13,127 interments. Education and military service One of eight children, Cotton was born in tiny Corley in Logan County, Arkansas. He graduated in 1917 from high school in Fort Smith (Fort Smith, Arkansas), the seat of Sebastian County (Sebastian County, Arkansas). The route between St. Louis and Springfield (Springfield, Missouri) is an old road. It had traditionally been a Native American trail, known as the "Osage Indian Trail". By the early-to-mid-19th century, settlers laid a telegraph line along the road (it continued south from Springfield to Fort Smith, Arkansas). It then was called the "Wire Road", and later the "Old Wire Road" after the telegraph line came down. History The history of Route 66 in Oklahoma can be traced back to two auto trails—the St. Louis, Missouri–Las Vegas, New Mexico, main route of the Ozark Trails network, and the Fort Smith, Arkansas–Amarillo, Texas, Postal Highway. Map of the Ozark Trails In the state highway system, approved in mid-1924, the portions of these in Oklahoma, which crossed at Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City, OK), became State Highway 7 (State Highway 7 (Oklahoma 1920s)) and State Highway 3 (State Highway 3 (Oklahoma 1920s)) respectively. State of Oklahoma, Preliminary Designation of the State Highway System, approved August 28, 1924 Rand McNally Auto Road Atlas, 1926, accessed via the Broer Map Library U.S. Route 66 was designated in late 1926, and followed these state highways with one exception: a new '''State Highway 39''' was created to carry Route 66, leaving SH-7 at Commerce (Commerce, OK) and heading east and north to the state line in the direction of Baxter Springs, Kansas. Oklahoma State Highway System 1927, Progress Map as of November 1, 1927 (The short stub of SH-7 north of Commerce remained until it became part of US-69 (US-69 (OK)) in the mid-1930s. Oklahoma State Highway Commission, Official State Highway Map of Oklahoma, February 1934 ) Texas Human Services caseworkers took another 20 children into custody on Tuesday in investigations into properties controlled by the organization in Fouke (w:Fouke, Arkansas), Texarkana (w:Texarkana, Arkansas) and Fort Smith (w:Fort Smith, Arkansas), Arkansas. According to Associated Press (w:Associated Press), nine girls and 11 boys ages 1 to 17 were taken into care of the state Tuesday. The children were given health screenings by the state on Wednesday, and received mental health and education assessments. Department of Human Services spokeswoman Julie Munsell said that the children taken by the state on Tuesday had no signs of poor health, and did not need any pressing medical attention. The children were placed in foster care in Arkansas, and Miller County Circuit Judge Kirk Johnson will convene a hearing Monday to determine if these children should stay in foster care.

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