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Red Wing, Minnesota

, and a small museum of Old Ikata historical artifacts. Attached to the Ikata Visitors House. right thumb 150px Tepee (Image:Tepee statue in Red Wing Park.jpg) statue at Red Wing Park, representing the Red Wing Native Americans (Indigenous peoples of the Americas) Relations with Ikata's only overseas sister city, Red Wing (Red Wing, Minnesota), Minnesota, USA (United States), originally began as an exchange of technical knowledge and skills between engineers at the Ikata Nuclear Power


of capacity. It is untrue to say that the contrary is the case. The damaged sections have not even been rebuilt in other parts of Germany; the process of shifting the industry is only in its initial stages. Whoever has the courage to think must realize even without special technical knowledge that buildings must first be found, then adapted, then machinery must be procured, most of it new, and then coal and labour must be obtained. In Elberfeld even undamaged factories in the Vohwinkel area are only

Republic of the Congo

as a whole models the French system. The educational infrastructure has been seriously degraded as a result of political and economic crises. There are no seats in most classrooms, forcing children to sit on the floor. Enterprising individuals have set up private schools, but they often lack the technical knowledge and familiarity with the national curriculum to teach effectively. Families frequently enroll their children in private schools only to find they cannot make the payments.


to demonstrate technical knowledge of ''Skyship One'' since it incorporates automated systems, meaning that the trip passes without incident as the airship visits such locations as New York (New York City), the Grand Canyon, then Rio de Janeiro and India. - Casablanca align center CMN align

Food and Drug Administration

.). As a corporate officer position, the CTO typically reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) and is primarily concerned with long-term and "big picture" issues (while still having deep technical knowledge of the relevant field). Depending on company structure and hierarchy, there may also be positions such as director of R&D and vice president of engineering whom the CTO interacts with or oversees. The CTO also needs a working familiarity with regulatory (e.g. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission, as applicable) and intellectual property (IP) issues (e.g. patents (patent), trade secrets (trade secret), license contracts), and an ability to interface with legal counsel to incorporate those considerations into strategic planning and inter-company negotiations. Cyclamates The first artificial sweeteners used in diet soda were cyclamates (often synergistically (synergy) with saccharin). While many say these cyclamate-sweetened soda had a more pleasant taste than the diet soda that followed them, in 1970 the Food and Drug Administration banned cyclamates in the United States on evidence that they caused cancer in lab rats. Cyclamates are still used in many countries around the world, including for use in diet soda. * The Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Nepal) of Nepal Surya Bahadur Thapa resigns amid protests by opposition parties. Prime Minister Thapa was appointed by King Gyanendra (Gyanendra of Nepal) eleven months ago. The opposing parties are demanding formation of an all party government with a Prime Minister of their choice. (BBC) * The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) blocks the Over-the-counter (Over-the-counter drug) sale of a morning-after pill despite the (23–4) recommendation of a federal advisory panel. (NYT) Medicine * March 20 – The United States Food and Drug Administration approves anti-AIDS drug AZT (Zidovudine). In what the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) is characterizing as one of the largest recalls in recent history, numerous types of products containing peanuts (w:Peanut) are being recalled in the United States. The FDA issued a recall on Wednesday on food items with peanut paste and other peanut products made after January 1, 2007 at a Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) center in Blakely, Georgia (w:Blakely, Georgia). The recall affects over 430 products containing peanut paste or peanut butter from the PCA plant. The president announced the nomination of a new agency commissioner for the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) (FDA), former New York City (w:New York City) Health Commissioner Margaret Hamburg (w:Margaret Hamburg). According to the Food and Drug Administration (w:Food and Drug Administration) (FDA), inspections of Nipro facilities last October revealed problems with the needles, which could allow parts of silicone (w:silicone) in the port to be dislodged. 60%–72% of tested needles had that problem. In a conference call with reporters, FDA officials remarked that they were concerned the silicone could enter the bloodstream of a patient, although, to date, no harm from this has been reported.

East Germany

Germany . Because of his close connection to many aspects of project activities, and his extensive technical knowledge, he is considered to have been the most valuable of the "Atomic Spies" in terms of the information he gave to the Soviet Union about the American fission bomb program. He also gave early information about the American hydrogen bomb program but since he was not present at the time that the successful Teller-Ulam design was discovered, his information on this is not thought to have been of much value. *Theodore Hall – a young American physicist at Los Alamos, whose identity as a spy was not revealed until very late in the 20th century. He was never arrested in connection to his espionage work, though seems to have admitted to it in later years to reporters and to his family. '''Ruth Fuchs''', née '''Gamm''' (born December 14, 1946 in Egeln, Saxony-Anhalt) is a German politician and former athlete. Fuchs, representing East Germany, was the winner of the women's javelin at the 1972 (Munich) (1972 Summer Olympics) and 1976 (Montreal) Olympic Games (1976 Summer Olympics). She set the world record for the javelin six times during the 1970s. :: Oh, and any state that calls itself a democracy (e.g. GDR (East Germany), DPRK, LPDR (Laos), DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo)) isn't. --BluePlatypus (User:BluePlatypus) 21:57, 11 April 2006 (UTC) One of the orchestra's later concert venues was the ''Kulturpalast'', during the existence of the DDR (East Germany). After German reunification, plans had been proposed for a new concert hall. These had not come to fruition by the time of the principal conductorship of Marek Janowski, who cited this lack of development of a new hall for the orchestra as the reason for his resignation from the post in 2004. In addition to concerts at the ''Kulturpalast'', the orchestra also performs at the ''Kreuzkirche'', the Hochschule für Musik Dresden (Hochschule für Musik "Carl Maria von Weber"), the Schloss Albrechtsberg. Reconstruction After the end of the GDR (East Germany), in 1993 the action group "Wiederaufbau Kloster Volkenroda e. V." (''"Reconstruction of Volkenroda Abbey"'') was established, with the aim of reviving the monastic tradition. From 1994 the "Brotherhood of Jesus" (''"Jesus-Bruderschaft"'') from Hünfelden-Gnadental in the district of Limburg-Weilburg in Hesse took over the buildings and set up a community in them. Since author Rolf Hochhuth had originally prohibited a production of his play in Eastern European theatres out of apprehension that Eastern European governments could exploit the play for a striking anti-Catholic interpretation, Hetty Burgers: ''Die “Stellvertreter”-Rezeption in der DDR. Zur Rezeption der einen deutschen Literatur im anderen Deutschland''. In: ''Ideologie und Literatur(wissenschaft)''. Hrsg. von Jos Hoogeveen und Hans Würzner. Amsterdam: Rodopi 1986, p. 180. the play was first produced in Eastern Europe almost three years after its premiere at the National Theatre in Belgrade in Yugoslavia in January 1966 and at the National Theatre in Bratislava (Slovak National Theatre) in Czechoslovakia on February 12, 1966. The first production in East Germany took place on February 20, 1966 at Greifswald Theatre. Hetty Burgers: ''Die “Stellvertreter”-Rezeption in der DDR. Zur Rezeption der einen deutschen Literatur im anderen Deutschland''. In: ''Ideologie und Literatur(wissenschaft)''. Hrsg. von Jos Hoogeveen und Hans Würzner. Amsterdam: Rodopi 1986, p. 189. Kuczynski and wife Berta had six children. Among them the GDR (East Germany)-economist Juergen Kuczynski, Brigitte Kuczynski, and one of the most successful secret agents of the 20th century Ursula Kuczynski. All of them were Soviet spies. The Spy Museum, 2007 Richard C.S. Trahair. Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies and Secret Operations. Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut – London 2004, p. 156-157. ISBN 0-313-31955-3 '''''Die Legende von Paul und Paula''''' (English (English language): ''The Legend of Paul and Paula'') is a 1973 (1973 in film) tragicomic (tragicomedy) East German (East Germany) film directed by Heiner Carow. It was based on the novel of the same name by Ulrich Plenzdorf. Post-war career Immediately after the war, Kurochkin briefly headed the Kuban Military District until his appointment in 1946 as first deputy commander-in-chief of the Soviet Military Administration in East Germany. After his tour in East Germany ended in 1947, he took over as an assistant commander-in-chief in the Russian Far East Club career Schneider started his professional career at local Carl Zeiss Jena (FC Carl Zeiss Jena), going on to help the East German (East Germany) outfit to remain five consecutive seasons in the second division (2. Fußball-Bundesliga); his debut came on 13 August 1991, playing ten minutes in a 1–3 loss at Darmstadt 98 (SV Darmstadt 98). In April 1933, the recently installed Nazi government (Nazi Germany) declared May 1 the "Day of National Work," an official state holiday, and announced that all celebrations were to be organized by the government. Any separate celebrations by communists, social democrats or labour union (trade union)s were banned. After the World War II, May 1 remained a state holiday in both East (East Germany) and West Germany. In communist East Germany, workers were ''de facto'' required to participate in large state-organized parades on Mayday. Today in Germany it is simply called the "Day of Labour" (''"Tag der Arbeit"''), and there are numerous demonstrations and celebrations by independent workers' organizations. Today, Berlin witnesses yearly demonstrations on May Day, the largest organized by labour union (trade union)s, political parties and others by the far left and Autonomen (Autonomism). First steps North Korea's nuclear program began under Kim il-Sung in the mid-1950s, when North Korean scientists started practical training courses at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna in the Soviet Union. There, they studied electronic physics radiochemistry, high-energy physics and other subjects. These efforts were initially focused on the peaceful use of atomic energy; Soviet-North Korean agreements of the time specifically emphasized the peaceful nature of bilateral cooperation in the nuclear sphere. An intergovermental agreement on cooperation in the field of atomic energy, signed in 1959, laid the foundation for joint nuclear activities between the Soviet Union and North Korea. On the basis of this agreement, the two countries signed the so-called "Series 9559" contracts, concerning matters such as the conduct of geological studies, the construction of a nuclear research center (called a "Furniture Factory" by the North Koreans), and the training of North Korean labor. ''The North Korean Nuclear Program'' Other North Korean scientists received their education in East Germany and China (People's Republic of China). In 1961, North Korea launched a major nuclear development program at Yongbyon, some 60 miles north of Pyongyang. In 1965, the Soviet Union provided North Korea with a 2 MW IRT-2000 research reactor for the Yongbyon nuclear facility, and supplied fuel over the years of the reactor's operation. Oleg V. Davidov, “Russia’s Position towards North Korea’s Nuclear Development" Many official standards in Eastern Europe are virtually identical to the Schuko standard. One of the protocols governing the reunification of Germany required that the DIN and VDE standards would prevail without exception, so the former East Germany had to conform to the Schuko standard. Most other Eastern European countries use the Schuko standard internally but, prior to its collapse, they exported large volumes of appliances to the Soviet Union with the Soviet standard plug installed. Because of that, many of the Russian plugs found their way into other Eastern European countries. One peculiarity of the Soviet standard is the use of an ungrounded plug with 4.0 mm diameter pins for 6 A and a corresponding socket that would not accept the 4.8 mm diameter pins of devices that could draw as much as 16 A. Another is that sockets that in other places would be supplied with 16 A may have been wired for only 10 A during the Soviet era. Club career In his youth Rehmer played for hometown 1. FC Union Berlin; he arrived in the first division (Fußball-Bundesliga) at almost 25, joining former East Germany's F.C. Hansa Rostock during the 1997 winter transfer window. He was crucial for the side during his two 1 2-seasons spell, as it always maintained its top level status. Prior to the Tokyo Olympics, Wood's coach, Don Talbot, strove to change Wood's technique, slowing down the stroke rate, but increasing the deepness of the strokes. This paid dividends at the Olympics when Wood, who had never swum faster than 4 m 20 in the 400 m freestyle, dropped his personal best to 4 m 15.1s, to claim bronze behind the United States' Don Schollander and East Germany's Frank Wiegand. In the 1500 m Wood posted a time of 17 m 07.7s, a 20s drop in his personal best, in a race won by Windle in Olympic record time. Among the swimmers which Wood defeated was Roy Saari, the world record holder in the event. Wood narrowly missed a third medal when he, Windle, Dickson and Peter Doak finished fourth in the 4x200 m freestyle relay. He retired after the Games and became a swimming coach. ***I tried my best to add information and remove further POVs, correct geographical facts. The text was indeed taken from a tourism site. I will add more info tomorrow. However I need SO to check the grammar.23:31, 15 Jul 2004 (UTC) ** East Germany: Culture of East Germany needs a major rewrite by someone who can understand it in the first place, or is more familiar with the subject. heidimo (User:Heidimo) 03:27, 14 Mar 2004 (UTC) **Serian - basically an unwikified student report. Needs it all: wikification, copyediting, reformatting, remove non-encyclopedic tone, etc. --Dcfleck (User:Dcfleck) 11:30, 2005 May 3 (UTC) In his June 1982 address to the British Parliament (Parliament of the United Kingdom) he stated: :It is the Soviet Union that runs against the tide of history by denying human freedom and human dignity to its citizens. It also is in deep economic difficulty. The rate of growth in the national product has been steadily declining since the fifties and is less than half of what it was then. The dimensions of this failure are astounding: A country which employs one-fifth of its population in agriculture is unable to feed its own people. Were it not for the private sector, the tiny private sector tolerated in Soviet agriculture, the country might be on the brink of famine.... Overcentralized, with little or no incentives, year after year the Soviet system pours its best resource into the making of instruments of destruction. The constant shrinkage of economic growth combined with the growth of military production is putting a heavy strain on the Soviet people. What we see here is a political structure that no longer corresponds to its economic base, a society where productive forces are hampered by political ones. ...In the Communist world as well, man's instinctive desire for freedom and self-determination surfaces again and again. To be sure, there are grim reminders of how brutally the police state attempts to snuff out this quest for self-rule (self-governance) – 1953 in East Germany, 1956 in Hungary (People's Republic of Hungary), 1968 in Czechoslovakia, 1981 in Poland. But the struggle continues in Poland (People's Republic of Poland). And we know that there are even those who strive and suffer for freedom within the confines of the Soviet Union itself. ...What I am describing now is a plan and a hope for the long term – the march of freedom and democracy which will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history as it has left other tyrannies which stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people. And that's why we must continue our efforts to strengthen NATO even as we move forward with our Zero-Option initiative in the negotiations on intermediate-range forces and our proposal for a one-third reduction in strategic (Strategic bombing) ballistic missile warheads." The New Zealand Government (w:New Zealand Government) is to investigate how 20-year-old top secret papers were released. They show that New Zealand (w:New Zealand) was spying on the communications of Argentina (w:Argentina), the Soviet Union (w:Soviet Union), East Germany (w:East Germany), France (w:France), Egypt (w:Egypt), Japan (w:Japan), North Korea (w:North Korea), Vietnam (w:Vietnam), Laos (w:Laos), the Philippines (w:Philippines), Fiji (w:Fiji), Tonga (w:Tonga), the Solomon Islands (w:Solomon Islands), South Africa (w:South Africa) and even the United Nations (w:United Nations) diplomatic cables. The union has also demanded equal pay for drivers in former East Germany (w:East Germany). Georg Milbradt (w:Georg Milbradt), chief negotiator for Germany's state governments, said that giving equal wages to the drivers in former East Germany would be extremely difficult. The accident occurred at Kindel Air Field, which is located south of Berlin (w:Berlin), near Eisenach (w:Eisenach). The aircraft involved was a Zlin Z-37 Cmelak (w:Zlin Z-37 Cmelak), a Czech (Czech Republic) built single-seater plane which had been used by authorities in former East Germany (w:East Germany) as a cropduster (w:cropduster). Host German Chancellor Angela Merkel reminisced that the end of the Cold War came as a total surprise. "The 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall should remind us all what incredible luck we had with the reunification of Europe and Germany," commented Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany (w:East Germany), in Monday's edition of the ''Bild (w:Bild)'' newspaper.


as Western countries (especially the United States) supplied arms and technical knowledge to numerous countries and rebel forces in a global struggle between the Warsaw Pact nations and their allies against NATO and their allies called the Cold War. While the NATO countries used rifles such as the relatively expensive M14 (M14 rifle), FN FAL, and H&K G3 (Heckler & Koch G3) battle rifles and M16 (M16 rifle) assault rifle during this time, the low production

German Empire

such as Russia that lacked the capital or technical knowledge to industrialize on their own. The construction of the Baghdad Railway, financed by German banks, was designed to eventually connect Germany with the Turkish Empire and the Persian Gulf, but it also collided with British and Russian geopolitical interests. Colonies thumb right A postage stamp from the Caroline Islands Carolines (File:Karolinen-stamp.jpg) Bismarck secured a number

Portland, Oregon

Forsyth title Oregon non-profit attacks e-waste at its source url http: index.php Earth_First_article work Earth First! Journal date Second quarter 2006 accessdate 2006-12-26 and to make computer technology more accessible to those who lack financial means or technical knowledge.


;, at 47 Jermyn Street ). The other important effect was the technical knowledge that British scientists gained. Examination of the components of the radar array showed that it was of a modular design that aided maintenance and made fixing faults far simpler than on similar British radar models. This was confirmed during the interrogation of the captured German technician, who proved to be less well trained than his British counterparts. Bodanis, p.142 Jones, p

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