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Gligorić . Ivkov earned his first international event opportunity at Bled 1950, sharing 5th-6th places with 7.5 14; the winner was Miguel Najdorf. In this tournament, which featured some of the world's best players, Ivkov defeated well-known stars such as Herman Pilnik, Milan Vidmar Sr., and Vasja Pirc. After this impressive debut, he was selected to represent Yugoslavia in team matches against the United States and the Netherlands in 1950 and against West Germany in 1951. World championships *1989 Bled, Yugoslavia – Image:Med 3.png Single sculls *1990 Tasmania (1990 World Rowing Championships), Australia – Image:Med 1.png Single sculls Dmoz:Regional Europe Slovenia Localities Bled Commons:Bled


spectators. It has also hosted five Norway national under-21 football team matches between 1984 and 2011. The directorate is based in Oslo, and has regional offices in Hamar, Førde, Tønsberg, Trondheim and Narvik. It also establishes international contacts and undertakes work abroad in developing countries (developing country) for the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. , it has over 400 employees. Its website includes statistics


2004. became an International Master based on his results at the 1952 Chess Olympiad at Helsinki (bronze medal on third board). In that same year he graduated from Yale University. He went on to become a professor of philosophy at Indiana University (Indiana University Bloomington), and his academic career left him little time for chess. He did represent the U.S. in team matches against the Soviet Union at New York 1954 (losing 1.5–2.5 to Alexander Kotov), and Moscow 1955 (losing 0.5–3.5 to Paul Keres). Apraksin held the chief command in the Black Sea during the campaign of the Pruth (Russo-Turkish War (1710–1711)) (1711). In March 1710 he was in command at the Siege of Vyborg (Siege of Vyborg (1710)). Taking this Swedish fortress in June, he was invested with the Order of St. Andrew and appointed governor of the conquered provinces (Estonia, Ingria, and Karelia). He commanded the Imperial Russian Navy in the taking of Helsinki (1713) - materially assisting the conquest of Finland by his operations from the side of the sea - and the great Battle of Gangut (1714). That same year he assisted the ''tsar'' in launching a new harbour in Revel. Earlier, in 1712, he held parley with Turkey, which ended in the destruction of Taganrog and the surrender of Azov to the Ottomans (Ottoman Empire). death_date September 8, 1963 death_place Helsinki, Finland party National Coalition Party (National Coalition Party (Finland)) Edwin Linkomies was born as Edwin Flinck in East-Finnish Viipuri, son of a Finland-Swedish officer who died soon after his birth, but grew up in West-Finnish Rauma (Rauma, Finland), north of Turku, in a purely Finnish-speaking region of Finland. He did a quick and splendid career in academia, graduated as 19 years old, wrote his dissertation as 22 years old at Finland's university (in Helsinki), where he seven years later was appointed professor and head of the department of Latin literature. Meanwhile he had continued his research in Germany (Imperial Germany), in Leipzig (University of Leipzig) and Halle (University of Halle), and would keep close contact with German universities for all of his life; although as a teacher and scientific leader he was known for his "Anglo-Saxon style" — clear and simplistic in his presentations emphasizing the grand lines rather than intriguing details and exceptions — but also as demanding, authoritarian, keen of the dignity of his office, and maybe too self-confident. DATE OF DEATH September 8, 1963 PLACE OF DEATH Helsinki, Finland Poland then traveled to Lisbon to face Portugal, the match ended in a 2–2 draw. They returned from Helsinki with another point (0–0). A power outage briefly marred the rematch against Kazakhstan but Poland collected three points (3–1). Poland clinched its Euro 2008 berth with a 2–0 victory against Belgium in Chorzów and followed that up with a draw (2–2) against Serbia in Belgrade. Poland finished its qualifying campaign as group leaders. Ebi Smolarek finished with 9 goals under his tally for Poland and was the third overall top scorer in the qualifications only behind David Healy (David Healy (footballer)) of Northern Ireland (13 goals), and Eduardo (Eduardo da Silva) of Croatia (10 goals). Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki


best players, Ivkov defeated well-known stars such as Herman Pilnik, Milan Vidmar Sr., and Vasja Pirc. After this impressive debut, he was selected to represent Yugoslavia in team matches against the United States and the Netherlands in 1950 and against West Germany in 1951. Ivkov broke through into the group of the world's elite players with two brilliant results in strong tournaments in Argentina. He won at Mar del Plata 1955 with 11.5 15, ahead of Najdorf, Gligoric, Szabo, Luděk Pachman, Panno and Pilnik. Then he won again at Buenos Aires 1955 with 13 17, ahead of Gligoric, Pilnik, Laszlo Szabo (László Szabó (chess player)), Bisguier, Luděk Pachman, Rosseto, Panno and Donner. In the Yugoslav Championship at Novi Sad 1955, Ivkov had his best national result to date with a shared 3rd-4th place on 10.5 17; the winner was Karaklajic. Then at Zagreb 1955, he tied 2nd-3rd places with Matanovic on 12.5 19; the winner was Vasily Smyslov. Ivkov earned his Grandmaster title in 1955. Ivkov qualified from the 1964 Amsterdam Interzonal to the Candidates' matches the next year, with a score of 15 23. But he lost his first-round Candidates' match at Zagreb to Bent Larsen by 5.5-2.5. He played at the Interzonal level four more times, but did not advance further. He narrowly missed moving on at age 46 in 1979. At Havana 1965, Ivkov shared 2nd-4th places with Geller and Fischer, and defeated Fischer for the second time in their game; the winner was Smyslov. In fact he was leading before he blew an easily won game against a tail ender; this would have been his greatest victory. Ivkov shared 2nd-3rd places in the Yugoslav Championship at Titograd (Podgorica) 1965 with 11.5 18 as Gligoric won. Then at Zagreb 1965, Ivkov scored perhaps his most impressive career victory, sharing the title with Wolfgang Uhlmann on 13.5 19, ahead of World Champion Tigran Petrosian, Lajos Portisch, Larsen, and Bronstein. Ivkov won at Venice 1966 with 5 7. He ended 4th at Beverwijk 1966 on 10 15 as Polugaevsky won. Ivkov won at Eersel 1966 with 4 5. He had a disappointing result at the elite Piatigorsky Cup tournament at Santa Monica, California, finishing with a minus score, as Spassky won. But then he nearly won the 1966 Open Canadian Chess Championship at Kingston (Kingston, Ontario). He shared 3rd-4th at Sarajevo 1966 with 10 15, behind winners Mikhail Tal and Dragoljub Ciric. He was 4th at Palma de Mallorca 1966 with 9.5 15 behind winner Tal. At Budapest 1970, Ivkov shared 3rd-4th places with 8.5 15 as Keres won. At Caracas 1970, Ivkov shared 4th-6th places with 11.5 17, behind winner Lubomir Kavalek; Ivkov defeated rising star Anatoly Karpov. Ivkov won at Stockholm 1970 with 6.5 9. He was third at Wijk aan Zee (Corus chess tournament) 1970 with 10 15 behind Taimanov. At Rovinj Zagreb 1970, he scored 9 17 for a tied 7th-8th place, as Fischer won. At Wijk aan Zee 1971, Ivkov shared 2nd-5th places on 9.5 15, as Korchnoi won. The Ivkov shared the title at the 1972 Caorle Zonal tournament on 12 17 with Ljubomir Ljubojević, to qualify for the next year's Interzonal. accessdate 2010-06-11 and it passes through the Velebit mountain. Sveti Rok Tunnel is located on a part of the between highway exits Sveti Rok and Maslenica on the A1 highway (A1 (Croatia)) (Zagreb - Split (Split (city))). The village Sveti Rok and town Posedarje are located near the tunnels respective northbound and southbound entrances, but they are accessible only by highway exits. The western shaft of the tunnel was opened in on 30 June 2003, and the eastern shaft was opened on 30 May 2009. Tunnel excavation started in 1996, and the first tunnel tube opened in 1997, along with some sections of Rijeka–Zagreb motorway. Since the motorway was initially executed as a semi-motorway, the second tunnel tube was not excavated for a decade — its construction started August 2006, excavation was completed in August 2007, and the completed motorway, including the second Tuhobić Tunnel tube was opened on October 22, 2008. WikiPedia:Zagreb Commons:Category:Zagreb Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Zagreb

Hamilton, Ontario

fireworks in back gardens or attending community bonfires. It gave the Queen's people a chance to show their pride in being part of the British Empire. Jones successfully represented the United States for the first time, in two winning international amateur team matches against Canada, in 1919 and 1920, earning three of a possible four points in foursomes and singles play. In 1919 he travelled to Hamilton Golf and Country Club, for his first serious competitive action outside


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DATE OF BIRTH April 5, 1947 PLACE OF BIRTH Calgary, Alberta DATE OF DEATH Manitoba Highway 1 is a very important part of the national highway system in Canada, as it is the sole highway linking the eastern and western regions of the country. It is the only road that links the province of Manitoba with the province of Ontario, making it a major section of Canada's primary commercial and leisure route for all traffic travelling between Canada's largest cities, from


box es and club seating for 700. Because of the stadium's proximity to Kjeller Airport, it has retractable floodlights (floodlights (sport)). The record attendance of 13,652 dates from 2002. In addition to league, cup (Norwegian Football Cup) and UEFA Cup matches for LSK, the venue has been used for one Strømmen IF top-league match in 1986, the UEFA Women's Euro 1997, eight other Norway women's national football team matches, the 2002 UEFA European Under-19

Football Championship , and seven Norway national under-21 football team matches. *Iceland - Can only be bought at hard-liquor stores. Vínbúð stores. *Norway - Alcoholic beverages above 4.8% ABV can only be bought at Vinmonopolet stores. *Sweden - Grocery stores may sell beer and cider no higher than 3.5% ABV. All other alcohol must be purchased in the state-run Systembolaget stores, also known as "Bolaget". The Bv 206 is used in Antarctica, Brazil

-team matches for the club in nine years. He joined Norwich City (Norwich City F.C.), and played 69 games in two seasons for the Canaries, and was an unused sub in the Canaries' League Cup (Football League Cup) final win in 1984-85 (1984-85 in English football). He then represented Stoke City (Stoke City F.C.), but after breaking his leg for the 3rd time, his career was effectively over at top level.He then signed for 1 year in 1997 for Indian side East Bengal (East Bengal Club). He had 1 season at Norwegian (Norway) club Start (I.K. Start) in 1988, before signing for Shamrock Rovers in 1989, making his League of Ireland debut on the 26th of November. He played in the first game at the RDS Arena in September 1990 and helped Rovers to the FAI Cup final in 1991. He made a total of 41 appearances scoring 7 goals for the Hoops. His last game was on the opening day of the 1991 92 season, where he retired to Coach full time. '''Lars Christensen''' (6 April 1884 – 10 December 1965) was a Norwegian (Norway) shipowner and whaling magnate with a keen interest in the exploration of Antarctica. Background Valdemar Emil Knudsen was born in Kristiansand, in Vest-Agder county, Norway. He was college-trained in botany and science in Copenhagen. Knudsen was successful both as a publisher in New York City and as a merchant during the California gold rush of the 1840s. He learned the languages of the local Indians and helped them with advice in legal matters. In November 1849, he was part of the California Constitutional Convention (California Constitution ). Knudsen subsequently bought a 30-year lease on Hawaiian crown lands in the Waimea (Waimea, Kauai County, Hawaii) district where he established a ranch. He worked in partnership with ship captain Henrik Christian L’Orange (1843-1916) from Halden, Norway. Using an old Hawaiian ditch at Waiele, Knudsen drained and reclaimed about Commons:Category:Norway Dmoz:Regional Europe Norway Wikipedia:Norway

Memphis, Tennessee

a free agent. He has previously played for the Arizona Cardinals, the Detroit Lions, and the New York Giants. 1966-09-18 Died at age 68 at John Gaston Hospital and was buried in Shelby County Cemetery in Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Tennessee. - During the late 1970s - early 1980s, Valiant was a central player in the Memphis, Tennessee wrestling scene. He feuded regularly with Jerry Lawler and teamed with Bill Dundee to dominate the tag team matches of that time. He even recorded a song, "The Ballad of Handsome Jimmy" that began, "I've been rolling into Mempho ... TWA ... T ell all the women Handsome Jimmy's on the way..." The song was used in wrestling arenas as his entry music, and it became a mainstay on some Memphis radio stations for a few years. Despite the Memphis promotion desperately wanting to keep him in Memphis full-time, even offering to buy him a house in Memphis according to Jerry Lawler's biography, Valiant decided to move on after holding the AWA Southern Heavyweight title for roughly a year. Valiant also spent a brief amount of time in Jim Crockett Promotions in the late 1970s as the heel '''King James Valiant''' managed by Lord Alfred Hayes. http: Resource_Center interviews valiant valiant01.htm birth_date Six people, including two children, were found dead in a Memphis (w:Memphis, Tennessee), Tennessee home in the United States on Monday. Three wounded children were also found at the scene, a 7-year-old boy, a 10-month-old girl and a 4-year-old whose gender was not reported, were sent to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center (w:Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center). Two were last reported in very critical condition, while the other was in serious condition.


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