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role in ''Edge of Madness'' (2002), and supporting roles in ''Out Cold (Out Cold (2001 film))'' (2001) and ''Lost and Delirious'' (2001). She also had a notable role on ''Law & Order'' as a closeted, gay teenager who killed her girlfriend in the episode "Girl Most Likely" (12x17). Montréal (Montréal (territory equivalent to a regional county municipality)) '''Montreal''' (V), '''Westmount (Westmount, Quebec)''' (V), Montréal-Ouest, Quebec


the Northern Attack Force into Leyte Gulf during the night of 19–20 October, and together they made their way toward the northwestern corner of the gulf. While the amphibious forces approached their stations and took up their positions, the battleships of the Fire Support Unit, North, subjected the target area to a withering barrage. At the conclusion of that overture, ''Beale'' and her compatriots in TG 77.3 moved in to play their supporting roles in the opening act of the performance. Her cruiser-destroyer force opened fire at about 09:00, and, about 30 minutes later when the assault craft started their runs toward shore, ''Beale'' and her mates shifted their attention inland. Why Invest at Silago? Silago is a place that takes two-hour travel from the DZR Airport, Tacloban City, Leyte, the center of Region 8. Major carriers serve direct Manila-Tacloban flights daily. From Tacloban City, air-conditioned shuttle vans and ordinary fare buses are available going to Silago. Aside from being a peaceful town, Silago is a consistent awardee of the clean and green program as cleanest and greenest municipality in Southern Leyte, where good and friendly people reside. Bachelor Express and PhilTranCo is the dominant public land transport from Manila and Tacloban passing Surigao, Cabadbaran and Butuan to Cagayan de Oro and Davao. The public mode of transportation within the municipality is by motorcabs and pedicabs. Passenger vans commonly known as V-Hire are also available for Butuan routes. Surigao Integrated Bus and Jeepney Terminal Pan- Philippine Highway AH26's northernmost terminus in Mindanao winds up in this city, dissecting the Surigao Valley before the Surigao-Davao Coastal Road spurs at Bad-as, Placer (Placer, Surigao del Norte) town. Surigao is a vital stopover in the highway system, often preferred by travelers because of its laid-back appeal. An integrated bus and jeepney terminal serves companies with routes that reach major destinations including Ormoc, Tacloban, Legazpi (Legazpi City), Manila, Butuan, Tandag, Davao, Bislig, and Cagayan de Oro. Bus companies serving this terminal includes Bachelor Express (Vallacar Transit Corporation), PhiltrancoPP Bus Line and Surigao Express. Geographic Location The municipality is located in Region VIII, specifically in the southern part of the island of Leyte . It is situated along the coast of Sogod Bay and is bounded on the northwest by the municipalities of Macrohon and Maasin City, the capital town of the province of Southern Leyte, on the northeast by the municipality of Tomas Oppus (Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte) and on the south by the municipality of Padre Burgos (Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte). It is two hundred twenty eight (228) kilometers away from Tacloban City, the regional center of Region VIII. It can be reached by bus and other public utility vehicles and privately owned ones with a travel time of one (1) hour to and from Maasin City and forty five (45) minutes to Sogod (Sogod, Southern Leyte). It is located 19'00'00" east longitude and 10'00'00" north longitude. Transportation Baybay can be reached by different types of transportation. It is 5 hours from Cebu City through Sea trip, 6 hours from Mindanao (via Bachelor Express) & 20 hours from Manila by passenger vessels. It can also be reached by Air from Manila through Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport which is located in Tacloban City. From Tacloban, ride a Public Utility Van and it takes 2 hours or by a BUs which takes 3 hours trip. Also, from Ormoc City, ride a bus and it takes 1 hour trip, same also in Maasin City. '''Javier''' is a fourth (4th) class municipality (Philippine municipality) in the province (Philippine province) of Leyte (Leyte province), Philippines, and a 14,180 hectare rural town approximately 73 kilometers south of Tacloban City. It is located between the boundaries of Baybay on the west side and MacArthur & Abuyog Towns, along the Leyte Gulf. It has a very narrow coastlines and coastal plains facing the Pacific . She repeatedly made the voyage to Tacloban to put things in order. At that time, some encargados were pocketing money from the abaca and coconut plantation on Gran Capitan left by Doña Tidad to her son Señor Orestes (these properties were actually purchased by Norberto for his own children. Instead, he named it to his mother Doña Tidad out of pure love and to lend credence that the Romualdezes were "landed". Doña Tidad, knowing that Miguel and Nonoy were far more astute and will lead affluent lives, deeded the choicest properties to her youngest Señor Orestes, whom she knew would be the weakest, though most handsome, among her her three children). Meding used part of the money she earned selling meats and embroideries to this matter. Alita Trinidad Romualdez, married to Rodolfo Martel. Alfredo Trinidad Romualdez, married to Agnes Sison. Former Tacloban city mayor. His son, Alfredo Jr, was a former congressman of Leyte. *She is the mother of former Ambassador and former Governor Benjamin Romualdez. *She is the mother of Tacloban city Mayor Alfredo Romualdez. *During the Marcos years, the town of Doña Remedios Trinidad was carved out of Norzagaray and the neighboring municipalities. At Leyte ''Gilliam'' acted as receiving ship for the crews of damaged warships and undertook medical and salvage operations in spite of continued air alerts. After embarking over 500 soldiers at Tacloban, she sailed from that port 7 January 1945 bringing troops to Lingayen Gulf in support of the invasion. She returned to Leyte on 14 January to embark elements of the 32nd Infantry Division (32nd Infantry Division (United States)) and brought them safely back to Lingayen Gulf 27 January. Invasion of Okinawa image 250px (File:General jacob smith2.jpg) caption Smith in Tacloban, Philippines, 1901 nickname "Hell-Roaring Jake" On 13 October, ''Russell'' sailed with TF 78 for the Philippines and on 20 October, as the troops of the Northern Attack Force landed south of Tacloban, patrolled off Alabat Point. On 21 October, she took up fire support duties to the north of the unloading area. Until 24 October, she remained in San Pedro Bay (San Pedro Bay (Philippines)), resumed patrol in Leyte Gulf on 25 October, and on 26 October, got underway for New Guinea, where, in November-December, she escorted reinforcements to Leyte. After training exercises in Casco Bay, Maine, and conversion at New York to a weather patrol ship for distant duty, ''Racine'' steamed on 7 August for the Panama Canal and Pearl Harbor. On 6 September she departed Pearl Harbor for Tacloban, Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, arriving there on 23 September to serve as a weather station ship. On 14 April 1946 she departed Samar, Philippine Islands, to return to the United States, arriving at Seattle on 12 May. ''PC-1119'' departed on 9 October for the invasion of the Philippines. Steaming via Manus, Admiralties, she closed the coast of Leyte on 20 October. After laying down shoal buoys at the northern end of Leyte Gulf, she served as landing control ship during the assault against Tacloban airfield. She remained off Leyte; and between 23 (23 October) and 25 October she helped repel heavy enemy air attacks, during which she splashed three Japanese raiders. Philippine service ''PC-1119'' departed on 9 October for the invasion of the Philippines. Steaming via Manus (Manus Island), Admiralties, she closed the coast of Leyte (Leyte Island) on 20 October. After laying down shoal buoys at the northern end of Leyte Gulf, she served as landing control ship during the assault against Tacloban airfield. She remained off Leyte; and between 23 October and 25 October she helped repel heavy enemy air attacks, during which she splashed three Japanese raiders. Late on the 25th she sailed to search for survivors from ships lost during the Battle off Samar. During mid-watch on 27 October, she rescued 183 men from the escort carrier Wikipedia:Tacloban_City commons:Category:Tacloban City

Woodstock, Ontario

"earlyinterviews" His first film appearance was at the age of seven, in a small role in the Michael J. Fox comedy ''Life With Mikey'' (1993 (1993 in television)). Subsequently, he appeared in many supporting roles, including a guest appearance on the television series ''The X-Files'', playing a stigmatic (Stigmata) child. He had the starring role in ''Air Bud'' (1997), a film about a sports-playing dog. In the years following, Zegers appeared in three sequels, as well as a similar genre film, ''MVP: Most Valuable Primate'' (2000), which featured a hockey-playing chimp. DATE OF BIRTH September 19, 1984 PLACE OF BIRTH Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), Ontario, Canada DATE OF DEATH left thumb Looking north at the corner of Yonge Street Yonge (File:Yonge Dundas Toronto.JPG) and Dundas, near Yonge-Dundas Square West of the second intersection with Bloor Street in Islington, Dundas forms the route of the former Highway 5 (Highway 5 (Ontario)). Upon crossing the Toronto-Peel (Regional Municipality of Peel) boundary at Etobicoke Creek, the street follows a true southwestern heading, again paralleling the lakeshore. The road passes through Mississauga, Oakville (Oakville, Ontario), and Burlington (Burlington, Ontario), entering rural Brant County near St. George (St. George, Ontario), and ending in Paris (Paris, Ontario), with the junction of the former Highway 2 (Highway 2 (Ontario)) that proceeds west through Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario) en route to the city of London (London, Ontario). demo-cd Oxford County (Oxford County, Ontario) demo-csd Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), Tillsonburg, Ingersoll (Ingersoll, Ontario), Norwich (Norwich, Ontario), Zorra (Zorra, Ontario), South-West Oxford, East Zorra – Tavistock, Blandford-Blenheim (Blandford-Blenheim, Ontario) Broadcast area The station serves Toledo and northwest Ohio, but its signal also reaches downtown Detroit (Detroit, Michigan), the southern and western suburbs (the latter due to the hills) as well as most of Essex County, Ontario, including Windsor, Ontario and Leamington, Ontario. Under exceptionally good conditions (such as fog), the station's signal can reach Chatham, Ontario, also the signal has been heard into Michigan as far north as Flint, Michigan and Lapeer, before it starts to interfere with Woodstock, Ontario's CIHR-FM, which is also on 104.7 FM. Canada thumb E85 flexible-fuel vehicle in Ottawa (File:Flex-fuel Impala Ottawa 11 2011 3523.jpg).As part of the North American auto market, by 2007 Canada had available 51 models of E85 flex-vehicles, most from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, including automobiles, pickup trucks, and SUVs. west of Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), Ontario, Canada. The airport is commonly called the ''Woodstock Flying Club'' due to the size of the airport. Clarke was born in Brockville (Brockville, Ontario), Ontario, and was raised in Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario). He became active in radio broadcasting when still in high school, and worked in radio and television for sixteen years after his graduation. He was a news anchor for CKWS (CKWS-TV) Television from 1987 to 1993, when he switched to sales at CIZ radio. ''Kingston Whig-Standard'', 10 May 1997. In 1997, the station was acquired by Shaw Communications. Following the change in ownership, Energy's format shifted from dance music to mainstream CHR (contemporary hit radio). Dance, rap, hip-hop, rock, and pop all received equal airplay. A minor name change also took place, with '''Energy 108''' changing to '''Energy Radio'''. Under Shaw's ownership, several other stations in Ontario, including CKDK (CKDK-FM) in Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), CHAY (CHAY-FM) in Barrie (Barrie, Ontario) and CKGE (CKGE-FM) in Oshawa (Oshawa, Ontario), also adopted the '''Energy Radio''' format, rebroadcasting CING much of the day. Shaw's radio operations were, in turn, spun off to Corus Entertainment in 1999. Some have also suggested that a non-profit community radio station would have been a more appropriate way to serve LGBT audiences, and that as a low-power signal many people who live away from the Church and Wellesley area may not even be able to receive the station at all. In fact, some listeners have noted that even in the Church and Wellesley Village itself, the station's signal sometimes gets drowned out by CBL-FM's rebroadcaster in Peterborough (Peterborough, Ontario) or by CKDK-FM from Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario). "Toronto's Proud FM plans to get a little louder". ''Xtra!'', March 26, 2010. Mary Jo Eustace told ''fab (fab (magazine))'' that she decided to leave the station shortly after discovering that she couldn't pick up the signal in her car radio when it was parked just outside the studio. "Queer radio goodwill falls from 50-watt cliff". ''Mondoville'', May 7, 2010. Centre Norwich North Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario), Blandford-Blenheim (Blandford-Blenheim, Ontario) Northeast - colspan "4" '''Woodstock (Woodstock, Ontario)''' - ''Main article (Woodstock municipal election, 2006)'' - Immigration and mining Born near Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, he moved with his parents to O'Neill in Holt County, Nebraska, where he attended the public schools until he was 17, worked on a farm, and engaged in the freighting business. He moved to Park City, Utah, in 1883, "Thomas Kearns," by Miriam B. Murphy, Utah History to Go and worked in mining, prospected, and operated several mines. In 1889 and his partner David Keith discovered the rich ore that became the famous Silver King Coalition Mine in Park City. O. N. Malmquist, ''The First 100 Years'', p. 182 They would eventually own several mines throughout Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California. In Park City, Kearns, a Catholic, married Jennie Judge in 1890, and had three children.


, California, United States In 1950, Marvin moved to Hollywood. He found work in supporting roles, and from the beginning was cast in various war films. As a decorated combat veteran, Marvin was a natural in war dramas, where he frequently assisted the director and other actors in realistically portraying infantry movement, arranging costumes, and the use of firearms. His debut was in ''You're in the Navy Now'' (1951), and in 1952 he appeared in several films, including Don

not make a movie for the company until she acted opposite Greta Garbo in ''Two-Faced Woman'' in 1941. She had better luck at other studios in Hollywood, appearing in supporting roles in a string of films, including ''Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Abe Lincoln in Illinois (film))'' (as Mary Todd Lincoln), ''Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet'' (as Mrs. Ehrlich) and ''Action in the North Atlantic'', in the early 1940s. Gordon's Broadway acting appearances in the 1940s included Iris in Paul Vincent Carroll's ''The Strings, My Lord, Are False'' and Natasha in Katharine Cornell and Guthrie McClintic's revival of Anton Chekhov's ''Three Sisters (Three Sisters (play))'', as well as leading roles in her own plays, ''Over Twenty-One'' and ''The Leading Lady''. thumb Rob Reiner at the 1988 Emmy Awards (Image:Rob Reiner at the 1988 Emmy Awards cropped.jpg) Beginning in the 1980s, Reiner became known as a director (film director) of successful Hollywood films. Some of these films—''The Princess Bride (The Princess Bride (film))'', ''Stand by Me (Stand by Me (film))'', and ''This Is Spinal Tap''— remain highly popular with fans. He often collaborates with film editor Robert Leighton (Robert Leighton (film editor)), whom he also shares with fellow director-actor Christopher Guest as their go-to editor. A real project named Spaceguard was initiated in 1992, named after Clarke's fictional device. After interest in the dangers of asteroid strikes was heightened by a series of Hollywood disaster films, the United States Congress gave NASA authorization and funding to support Spaceguard. The Saint in film and on TV Not long after creating The Saint, Charteris began a long association with Hollywood as a screenwriter. He was successful in getting a major studio, RKO Radio Pictures (RKO Pictures), interested in a film based on one of his works. The first, ''The Saint in New York (The Saint in New York (film))'' in 1938, based on the 1935 novel of the same name (The Saint in New York), starred Louis Hayward as Templar and Jonathan Hale as Inspector Henry Farnack, the American counterpart of Mr Teal. HOFers '''Broncos:''' John Elway. '''Giants:''' Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor halftime "Salute to Hollywood's 100th Anniversary" with Southern California high school drill teams and dancers network CBS (NFL on CBS) The halftime show was a "Salute to Hollywood's 100th Anniversary" featuring an introduction by George Burns (who was only nine years younger than Hollywood at the time) and a performance by the Southern California high school drill teams and dancers. Pregame ceremonies The pre show featured The Rockettes dance company in a tribute to Hollywood, music, and the movies (film). thumb 200px A R Rahman referred to as 'The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mozart (File:AR Rahman-2.jpg) of Madras (Chennai)' In terms of modern cine-music, Ilaiyaraaja was a prominent composer of film music in Tamil cinema during the late 1970s and 1980s. His work highlighted Tamil folk lyricism and introduced broader Western musical sensibilities to the South Indian musical mainstream. Tamil Nadu is also the home of the double Oscar Winner A.R. Rahman

Brunswick, Maine

'''Jeremiah Hacker''' (1801-1895 ) was a reformer and journalist who lived and wrote in Portland, Maine from 1845 to 1866. Born in Brunswick, Maine to a large Quaker family, Hacker moved to Portland as a young adult where he worked as a penmanship instructor, a teacher, and a shopkeeper. Eventually he sold his shop in 1841 and took to the road as an itinerant preacher during the Second Great Awakening. He traveled through Maine, telling people to leave their churches and seek their inner light, or "that of God within." He was born in Saco, Maine and attended the Saco schools, Thornton Academy, and Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. He then engaged in trade and studied law, being admitted to the bar in 1826, and practiced successfully in his native town and in Biddeford, Maine. He was appointed a trustee of Thornton Academy in 1826 and served as president of the board of trustees from 1845 to 1847. Biography Upton graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover in 1870. He studied at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, at Princeton University where he received his M.S. (Master of Science), and in Berlin, where he worked together with Hermann von Helmholtz. Bowdoin Medical School, Medical Department of Bowdoin College Brunswick (Brunswick, Maine) & Portland (Portland, Maine) 1820 '''Maine's 1st congressional district''' is a congressional district in the U.S. state of Maine. The geographically smaller of the two congressional districts in the state, the district covers the southern coastal area of the state. The district consists of all of Cumberland (Cumberland County, Maine), Knox (Knox County, Maine), Lincoln (Lincoln County, Maine), Sagadahoc (Sagadahoc County, Maine), and York (York County, Maine) counties and most of Kennebec County (Kennebec County, Maine). Located within the district are the cities of Portland (Portland, Maine), Augusta (Augusta, Maine), Brunswick (Brunswick, Maine), and Saco (Saco, Maine). '''Frances Caroline "Fanny" Chamberlain, née Adams''' (12 August 1825 – 18 October 1905) was born in the Greater Boston area. She was shuffled to different family members until she settled with Rev. George Eliashib Adams, a nephew of her father, in Brunswick, Maine as a small child. She grew up an educated and artistic girl with a talent for music and singing, which is what made her play music in the First Parish Congregationalist Church (Congregational church) (her adoptive father's church). Chabotar later served as vice president for finance and administration and treasurer at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine from 1991-02 where he was subsequently honored by the Maine Legislature on the 25th anniversary of his college teaching. Bowdoin students established the Kent John Chabotar Scholarship Fund in 2002. He received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in Education from St. Francis University in 2003, and the Academic Leadership Award from the Council of Independent Colleges in 2003.


, Connecticut , in the United States. When Ullman was younger, his father worked as a clown. He attended camp the following summer and landed the role of Peter Pan (both lead and supporting roles), which helped him discover his talents in acting, singing, dancing, and reading drama novels. DATE OF BIRTH January 24, 1986 PLACE OF BIRTH Eilat, Israel DATE OF DEATH May 27,2105 During the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict Gaydamak

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Ice dancer Dougherty, born in Prince Albert is a provincial, national, and international ice dancer with several different partners. - style "vertical-align:top; background:#ffffec;" Ducommun, Rick (Rick Ducommun) Actor Ducommun, born July 3, 1956, in Prince Albert is a Canadian (Canada) actor and comedian, often seen in supporting roles on both television and the silver screen.


also played supporting roles in feature films such as ''Jason X'' and ''White Chicks'' and also appeared in the TV series KidZone as herself in 2000. DATE OF BIRTH August 21, 1971 PLACE OF BIRTH Kelowna, British Columbia DATE OF DEATH '''Kelowna''' is a city in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Understand Kelowna is the largest inland city in British Columbia


for acting, making his début at the City Theatre in Konstanz in 1959. He then began to take supporting roles in films. He made his first appearance in English-language films as an SD (Sicherheitsdienst) officer (who captures Richard Attenborough) in ''The Great Escape (The Great Escape (film))'' (1963). With his broad face, broken nose and distinctive white-blond hair, he would go on to play variations on the role of German officers in a series of films, notably '' Battle of the Bulge

Ithaca, New York

, Ithaca Talent Education, provides musical training for children of all ages and also teacher training for undergraduate and graduate-level students. The Community School of Music and Art uses an extensive scholarship system to offer classes and lessons to any student, regardless of age, background, economic status or artistic ability. Economy The economy of Ithaca is based on education and manufacturing with high tech and tourism in strong supporting roles. As of 2006, Ithaca remains one of the few expanding economies in economically troubled New York State outside of New York City, and draws commuters from the neighboring rural counties of Cortland (Cortland County, New York), Tioga (Tioga County, New York), and Schuyler (Schuyler County, New York), as well as from the more urbanized Chemung County (Chemung County, New York). With some level of success, Ithaca has tried to maintain a traditional downtown shopping area that includes the Ithaca Commons pedestrian mall and Center Ithaca, a small mixed-use complex built at the end of the urban renewal era. Another commercial center, Collegetown (Collegetown (Ithaca)), is located next to the Cornell campus. It features a number of restaurants, shops, and bars, and an increasing number of high rise apartments and is primarily frequented by Cornell University students. Ithaca has many of the businesses characteristic of small American university towns: used bookstores, art house cinemas, craft stores, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants. The collective Moosewood Restaurant, founded in 1973, was the wellspring for a number of vegetarian cookbooks; Bon Appetit magazine ranked it among the thirteen most influential restaurants of the 20th century. Ithaca has many local restaurants and chains both in the city and town with a range of ethnic foods. The innovative and popular Ithaca Bakery chain, and the Ithaca Farmers Market Nobel Laureate in Physics (w:Nobel Prize in Physicst) '''Hans Bethe (w:Hans Bethe)''' died in his home in Ithaca, New York (w:Ithaca, New York) on March 6 (w:March 6), 2005 (w:2005), according to Cornell University (w:Cornell University), where he was professor emeritus of physics (w:physics). Scientists say they can confirm that images from the planet taken in May of 2007 at Gusev Crater (w:Gusev Crater), show that a white substance in the soil that was turned up as the rover moved along its path is Silicon dioxide (w:Silicon dioxide) or silica. Scientists at Cornell University (w:Cornell University) in Ithaca (w:Ithaca, New York), New York who made the discovery, have determined it to be nearly 90 percent pure. They also say the only way for the substance to be present there is if there was an abundance of water present on the planet sometime in its past. The water would have been superheated and coming up through hydrothermal vents (w:Hydrothermal vent) or even hot springs which scientists say would have been similar to ones already present at Yellowstone National Park (w:Yellowstone National Park) in Wyoming.

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