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Pasco, Washington

Division was then assigned the mission of conducting One Station Unit Training, Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, and Combat Support training. 1st Brigade took on basic combat training, while 3rd Brigade undertook combat support training, 4th Brigade conducted combat service support training. High school Bonderman attended Pasco High School in Pasco, Washington. In his last

Umm Qasr

cargo transportation duties during the course of the war. title Michael Breaugh biography publisher Parliament of Canada * LCol Michael Sweeney, Commanded 3rd Battalion (3 Royal Canadian Regiment), Royal Canadian Regiment (1993). Later commanded northern sector of United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission at Umm Qasr, Iraq (2000). Appointed Chief of Staff of the Canadian Forces Support Training Group, CFB Borden (2007), subsequently appointed interim

Oliver W. Dillard

Studies at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where he served as Operations and Training Staff Officer, Special Studies Division, and later as Chief of Analysis Coordination Branch, Study Division 3. In 1967, Colonel Dillard was assigned to command a battalion of the 5th Combat Support Training Brigade at Fort Dix, and later he commanded the Brigade for a year. Category:1926 births Category:Living people Category:People from St. Clair County, Alabama Category:United States Army generals Category:United States Army Command and General Staff College alumni Category:National War College alumni Category:American military personnel of World War II Category:American military personnel of the Korean War Category:American military personnel of the Vietnam War Category:Recipients of the Distinguished Service Medal (United States) Category:Recipients of the Silver Star Category:Recipients of the Legion of Merit Category:Recipients of the Bronze Star Medal

Kennedy Space Center

contact, fast scan and slow scan TV, and packet radio. Several hundred contacts were made with amateur radio operators around the world. Mission duration was 143 hours, 32 minutes, 44 seconds. *Development of nitrox diving to support training for the Hubble Space Telescope repair and on a variety of Space Station EVA developments Space Shuttle Discovery (w:Space Shuttle Discovery) has successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center (w:Kennedy Space Center) in Florida on mission STS-128 (w:STS-128). Discovery took off at 11:59 p.m. (EDT (w:Eastern Time Zone)) for a 13-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). On Thursday, NASA officials confirmed that a small plastic bag of cocaine (w:cocaine) was found two days before in a secure space shuttle (w:space shuttle) processing facility within the Kennedy Space Center (w:Kennedy Space Center) located in Merritt Island (w:Merritt Island), Florida (w:Florida). ''Atlantis'' lifted off in fair weather at 2:20 p.m. EDT (1820 UTC) from the Kennedy Space Center (w:Kennedy Space Center) in Cape Canaveral (w:Cape Canaveral), Florida. The launch was viewed by over 40,000 spectators at Kennedy, including a small group chosen by NASA (w:NASA) for a space "tweetup (w:Twitter)". Carrying six veteran astronauts and an assortment of parts for the International Space Station (w:International Space Station) (ISS), the shuttle took off without any delays. This mission, scheduled to take twelve days, is the aging shuttle's 32nd voyage into space of its 25-year career. thumbnail left Space Shuttle Atlantis landing for the last time. (File:STS-132 landing.jpg) Space Shuttle Atlantis (:Category:Space Shuttle Atlantis) landed Wednesday, May 26, at Kennedy Space Center (w:Kennedy Space Center) in Florida, after 11 days, 18 hours and 4.8 million miles in space on mission STS-132 (w:STS-132).

Mobile, Alabama

November, she put to sea for training exercises in the Gulf of Mexico. During that voyage, she made a port visit at Mobile, Alabama, and conducted naval gunfire support training at Vieques Island near Puerto Rico. She made another port visit to the island of St. Thomas (Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands) on 6 December and 7 December before heading home. ''Virginia'' reentered Norfolk on 11 December and began preparations for her first deployment to the Mediterranean which

Marshall Islands

. Arriving Pearl Harbor on 4 March, she got underway for Majuro five days later and for the next month conducted antisubmarine patrols and participated in the blockade of enemy-held atolls in the Marshall Islands, returning to Pearl Harbor on 2 May. There, she underwent intensive fire support training and 31 May departed with Task Group 52.17 (TG 52.17) for Saipan. Approaching that island on the night of 13 14 June, she sank . A few hours later


that deployment, she visited Oslo in Norway, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Portsmouth in England. The warship departed the latter port on 3 October and reentered Norfolk on the 12th. On 16 November, she put to sea for training exercises in the Gulf of Mexico. During that voyage, she made a port visit at Mobile, Alabama, and conducted naval gunfire support training at Vieques Island near Puerto Rico. She made another port visit to the island of Saint

Jacksonville, Florida

complex battle group training events, naval surface fire-support training and air-to-ground bombing. COMPUTEX is an intermediate level battle group exercise designed to forge the battle group into a cohesive, fighting team, and is a critical step in the pre-deployment training cycle and prerequisite for the battle group's Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) scheduled for early the following year. Successful completion of the COMPUTEX also certifies the carrier and its embarked air wing as qualified


crafts, has 600 personnel. The air force, with 3,500 personnel, is equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and 24 combat aircraft. Militia self-defence forces number approximately 100,000 organised for local defence. The small arms used by the army include the Soviet AKM assault rifle, PKM machine gun, Makarov PM pistol, and RPD light machine gun. From its founding, until the present, the LPA receives significant support, training, advisers, troop support and assistance from

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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