publisher Australia @ War accessdate 7 January 2008 author Peter Dunn date 27 August 2005 thumb right ''Enterprise'' on the right with the Fifth Fleet at Majuro, 1944. (File:US fleet at Majuro Atoll 1944.jpg) Detached from TF 58 with escorts, ''Enterprise'' launched raids on Jaluit Atoll on 20 February, then steamed to Majuro and Espiritu Santo. Sailing on 15 March in TG 36.1, she provided air cover and close support for the Landing on Emirau landings on Emirau Island

(19–25 March). The carrier rejoined TF 58 on 26 March, and for the next 12 days, joined in a series of strikes against the islands of Yap, Ulithi, Woleai, and Palau. After a week's rest and replenishment at Majuro, ''Enterprise'' sailed on 14 April to support landings in the Hollandia (currently known as Jayapura) (Jayapura) area of New Guinea, and then hit Truk again from 29–30 April. With Majuro as her base, ''North Carolina'' joined in the attacks on Palau

and Woleai on 31 March–1 April, shooting down another enemy plane during the approach phase. On Woleai, 150 enemy aircraft were destroyed along with ground installations. Support for the capture of the Hollandia (currently known as Jayapura) (Jayapura) area of New Guinea followed (13–24 April); then another major raid on Truk (29–30 April), during which ''North Carolina'' splashed yet another enemy aircraft. At Truk, ''North Carolina'' s planes were catapulted to rescue an American

Colonial Mauritania

this period, there were three ''marabouts'' of great influence in Mauritania: Shaykh Sidiya Baba, whose authority was strongest in Trarza, Brakna, and Tagant (Tagant Region); Shaykh Saad Bu, whose importance extended to Tagant and Senegal; and Shaykh Ma al Aynin, who exerted leadership in Adrar (Adrar Region) and the north, as well as in Spanish Sahara and southern Morocco. By enlisting the support of Shaykh Sidiya and Shaykh Saad against the depredations of the warrior

the central region of southern Mauritania. As Faidherbe had suggested fifty years earlier, the key to the pacification of Mauritania lay in the Adrar. There, Shaykh Ma al Aynin had begun a campaign to counteract the influence of his two rivals—the southern marabouts, Shaykh Sidiya and Shaykh Saad—and to stop the advance of the French. Because Shaykh Ma al Aynin enjoyed military as well as moral support from Morocco, the policy of peaceful pacification gave way to active conquest

. In return for support, Shaykh Ma al Aynin recognized the Moroccan sultan's claims to sovereignty over Mauritania, which formed the basis for much of Morocco's claim to Mauritania in the late twentieth century. In May 1905, before the French column could set out for Adrar, Coppolani was killed in Tidjikdja. thumb Henri Gouraud upright (File:Henri Gouraud Maroc.jpg) With the death of Coppolani, the tide turned in favor of Shaykh Ma al Aynin, who was able to rally many

Al Anbar Governorate

of American fatalities. In a country where most were associated with the Shi’ia branch of Islam, the Anbar Province was the Sunni stronghold that had long provided Saddam Hussein with the support he needed to remain in power. During the early years of Operation Iraqi Freedom, it provided an important base for Al Qaeda and insurgent operations. part of its significance came

cities (Category:Al Anbar Governorate) Category:Governorates of Iraq Category:Fertile Crescent Low Arab Sunni turnout threatened the legitimacy of the election, which was as low as 2% in Anbar (Al Anbar Governorate) province. More than 100 armed attacks on polling places took place, killing at least 44 people (including nine suicide bombers) across Iraq, including at least 20 in Baghdad. The Osprey has provided support in Iraq, logging 2,000 flight

to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq War). They returned from Iraq in late March 2006 having served in the Al-Anbar province (Al Anbar Governorate) in the Al-Qaim region (Al-Qa'im (town)), an insurgent staging area for travel south to disrupt regional stability. In October 2005, the battalion performed Operation Ironfist and successfully swept and cleared the cities of Sadah and Eastern Karabilah taking minimal casualties. They also operated as the main effort under RCT-2

Islamic Courts Union

robberies and drug (illegal drugs)-dealing, as well as stopping the showing of what it claims to be pornographic (pornography) films in local movie houses. Somalia is almost entirely Muslim, and these institutions initially had wide public support. The early years of the courts include such outfits as Sheikh Ali Dheere's, established in north Mogadishu in 1994 and the Beled Weyne court initiated in 1996. They soon saw the sense in working together through a joint committee to promote security

2006, the ICU claimed that they were in control of Mogadishu. Lacey, Mark, Islamic militias take control of Somali capital, ''The New York Times'', 5 June 2006 Meanwhile, in the United States the Bush (George W. Bush) administration (George W. Bush administration) neither confirmed nor denied support for either side. However, it was reported

the ICU in control of much of the weaponry in the country, which made a resurgence by the warlords difficult without outside support. The ICU also controlled significant territory outside the capital, including the important town of Balad (Balad, Somalia). In mid-August, ICU militiamen swept into the port town of Hobyo, 500 kilometers north of Mogadishu, meeting no opposition.


publisher PHP Classes date accessdate 2011-11-03 In September 1984, North Korea promulgated a joint venture law to attract foreign capital (Capital (economics)) and technology. The new emphasis on expanding trade and acquiring technology was not, however, accompanied by a shift in priorities away from support of the military. In 1991, North Korea announced the creation of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the northeast regions of Rason ( Rajin-Sonbong Economic

command onboard on 19 October. Her primary mission was to provide seagoing artillery support by bombarding enemy targets in the Chaho-Tanchon area, at Chongjin, in the Tanchon-Sonjin area, and at Chaho, Wonsan, Hamhung, and Hungnam during the period 25 October through 2 January 1953. Notes * Several former special cities have been re-merged with their provinces, including Kaesong, Chongjin, Hamhung, and Nampo. * Rason

of Japan to join TF 77, and commenced combat operations off the northeast coast of Korea on 9 November. On 17 November, she provided gunfire support to the United Nations troops advancing on Chongjin. That day, shrapnel (Shrapnel shell) from a near miss by a shell from a Communist shore battery injured six men at gun mount stations. The cruiser destroyed the enemy emplacement with counter-battery fire and continued her support mission. As the Chinese Communists began

Umm Qasr

of the two nations. The Iraqi government rejected the border changes and continued to claim Kuwaiti territory near the port. "Kuwait - The First Persian Gulf War and its aftermath", ''Encyclopædia Britannica'' (2006) Meanwhile the Iraqi government shifted much commerce to Umm Qasr away from Basra in order to punish the Basrawis economically for their support of the post-war rebellions (1991 uprisings in Iraq) against the rule of Saddam Hussein. Second

. There are many local teams, but the greatest public support is for the Port Culp team in the mother port of Maqel in downtown Basrah. Some of the youth are involved in swimming in the gulf water because of the limited number of swimming pools; also, some people are focusing on the running sports. Female participation in sports is limited in the public schools. Airport Umm Qasr has a Civil aviation airport (List of airports in Iraq), with the List of airports by ICAO code: O ICAO Code

the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards destroyed 14 Iraqi tanks on 27 March. Upon the outbreak of war the RAN's focus shifted to supporting the coalition land forces and clearing the approaches to Iraqi ports. HMAS ''Anzac'' (HMAS Anzac (FFH 150)) provided gunfire support to Royal Marines during fighting on the Al-Faw Peninsula and the Clearance Diving Team took part in clearing the approaches to Umm Qasr. Boarding operations continued during the war, and on 20 March boarding parties from


; Concerning the Jewish community of the oblast, Governor Nikolay Mikhaylovich Volkov has stated that he intends to "support every valuable initiative maintained by our local Jewish organizations.". Governor Voices Support for Growing Far East Jewish Community Federation of Jewish Communities In 2007, The First Birobidzhan International Summer Program for Yiddish Language and Culture was launched by Yiddish

of Birobidzhan, Mordechai Scheiner, says there are 4,000 Jews in the capital city. Governor Nikolay Mikhaylovich Volkov has stated that he intends to, "support every valuable initiative maintained by our local Jewish

organizations." The Birobidzhan Synagogue opened in 2004 on the 70th anniversary of the regions founding in 1934.

Kingdom of Laos

per capita than it had on any other nation. That worked out to US$150 per Laotian, twice the average person's annual income. Some of the money went to support pro-American candidates in an election. Other money went to a program to support the local currency, the kip. John Holt (2009). Page 110. Spirits of the Place: Buddhism and Lao Religious Culture. King Savang Vatthana visited the United States in 1963 to meet with President Kennedy (John F Kennedy). Laos

to support the soldiers at Điện Biên Phủ (Dien Bien Phu), deep in the hills of northwestern Vietnam. Its purpose was to cut off Viet Minh supply lines into the neighboring Kingdom of Laos, a French ally, and tactically draw the Viet Minh into a major confrontation that would cripple them. The Viet Minh, however, under General Võ Nguyên Giáp (Vo Nguyen Giap), surrounded and besieged (Siege) the French, who were unaware of the Viet Minh's possession of heavy artillery (including Anti

of Laos Laos and Cambodia. The system provided support, in the form of manpower and materiel , to the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (called Vietcong by the opposition) and the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN), or North Vietnamese Army, during the Vietnam War. The name, taken from North Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh, is of American origin. Although the trail


southwest of the port of Latakia. In the south the springs that feed the upper Yarmouk River are diverted for irrigation of the Hawran. Underground water reservoirs that are mainly natural springs are tapped for both irrigation and drinking. The richest in underground water resources is the Al Ghab region, which contains about 19 major springs and underground rivers that have a combined yield of thousands of liters per minute. Syria was one of the few Arab countries to support Iran

increased its "level of technical support and personnel support" to strengthen Syria's "ability to deal with protesters," according to one diplomat in Damascus. Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats Simon Tisdall and foreign staff in Damascus guardian.co.uk 9 May 2011 Iran reportedly assisted the Syrian government sending it riot

snipers" had been deployed in Syria to assist in the crackdown on protests.support+Syria+essential+fend+Israeli+wolves 5260227 story.html Iran sees support for Syria essential to fend off U.S., Israeli 'wolves' By Rob Crilly and Robin Pomeroy, Daily Telegraph And Reuters 16 August 2011 According to the US government, Mohsen Chizari, the Quds Force’s third-in-command, has visited Syria to train security services

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