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Herceg Novi

is not a major destination for sunbathing (Sun tanning), with no long sandy beaches along the rest of the Boka Kotorska bay, many beaches are reachable by boat. Tourist companies organise one-day boat trips to Luštica peninsula, which lies opposite to the town. Popular Luštica peninsula beach sites include ''Žanjic'', ''Mirište'' and ''Rose''. Herceg Novi accounted for one-third of overnight stays in Montenegro before the Yugoslav wars, but the situation has changed since

, mildly radioactive sand. A health and hospital centre complex offers mud therapy combined with other treatments, but you can do it yourself by following the locals and wading through the sand. Apply the muddy sand all over your body, or on affected parts, and combine with gentle exercise and sunbathing for best effects. This is believed to be beneficial for rheumatic complaints, skin disorders, and gynecological problems. *People watching - Along the promenade, the main square in the Old Town


address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content psywear t-shirts and sleeveless are readily available from solnechnaya 25. Excellent for sunbathing, raving and other outdoors activities in the Crimean summer, complete with fluorescent and psychedelic decoration appropriate for the Kazantip festival. Eat Drink Try local herbal drinks. They are ravishing in the crimean heat, ranging from more familiar ginger to more obscure local herbs

Punta del Diablo

it as something you'd expect to find in a 1970's Lonely Planet book. The essence of the charming ''balneario'', known for its eclectic architecture and traditional artisan fishing industry, differs greatly from summer to winter. While the two seasons are very distinct they both have a lot of appeal. The summer consists of sunbathing on one of the several gorgeous beaches and partying the night away at the town’s popular night clubs among throngs of eager vacationers trying to make the most


Ruins in Bagamoyo, Tanzania Within an hour's drive north is Bagamoyo, which is home to the Kaole ruins. There are beaches on the Msasani peninsula north of Dar es Salaam and in Kigamboni to the south where residents and tourists alike frequently visit. Trips to the nearby islands of the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve are a popular daytrip from the city and a favourite spot for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. In addition to that, Bongoyo Island is just a boat ride away from Msasani

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Highway 11 Highway 11 or Highway 11A (Alberta Highway 11A). It is situated on the southeast edge of Sylvan Lake (Sylvan Lake (Alberta)), a long freshwater lake, in Red Deer County. The lake is a popular destination for tourists from around Alberta, with over 1.5 million visitors each year. Popular tourist activities include sunbathing, swimming, water-skiing, and visiting the local Wild Rapids Waterslides. Camp Woods in Sylvan Lake played to the Scouts Canada#Major


fascinating sites in the Vologda Region, including Vologda, Kirillo-Belezersky Monastery, Belozersk, and Ustyuzhna. Do There are many exciting things to do in and around Cherepovets. During summer, the beaches on the Sheksna river are good for sunbathing, but swimming might not be safe. There is a beach in each major section of the city. Boat tours can be taken along the Sheksna for about 1.5 hours from Ulitsa Nabarezhnaja, just look for the boat. Just outside the city

Point Loma, San Diego

and motels catering to fishing enthusiasts. Some restaurants and hotels have docks for customers who arrive by boat. thumb left alt Dozens of people sunbathing beneath rocky cliffs, houses visible above them Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Sunset Cliffs (File:Sunsetcliffswikibyreviewer.jpg) Tourists visit the cliffs on the western side of the peninsula for views of the ocean and the sunset - hence the name, Sunset Cliffs. There are surfing spots below

La Jolla

. To the north of Black’s Beach lies the rest of Torrey Pines State Beach, which altogether stretches The '''Preuss

by the beachfront extending north of Palomar Avenue and south of Westbourne Street. Sex offense, flight, and name change In 1983, Poland was charged with child molestation. Apparently, in 1980 a nudist couple had entrusted Poland with the care of their daughter while they were attending a swinger (swinging) party while nude sunbathing on Black's Beach in La Jolla, a neighborhood of San Diego. Years later, the couple's daughter accused Poland of having performed

South Beach

. The area is popular with tourists from Europe, Israel and the entire Western Hemisphere, with some having permanent or second homes (Vacation property). The large number of European tourists results in South Beach's tolerance of the female monokini, aka topless (Toplessness) sunbathing, despite it being a public beach. South Beach's residents' varied backgrounds are evident in the many languages spoken. In 2000, 55% of residents of the city of Miami Beach spoke

as SoBe, or simply The Beach, the area from 1st street to about 25th street) is one of the more popular areas of Miami Beach. Topless sunbathing by women is illegal, but is officially tolerated on South Beach. Before the TV show '' Miami


for a large number of lesbians who would go topfree or nude on the beach. The Seattle Times ''Sun Days In The Park -- Enjoy A Summer Of Patrolling & Frolicking'' By Linda Keene. Sunday, June 23, 1991 - Documents problems in Seattle Parks, also notes some sunbathing and skinny dipping. This also documents topfree use of Denny Blaine circa 1991.

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