proximity to the West Bank, it has been a target for Palestinian political violence. Five die in latest suicide bombing; British bomber dead On 6 April 1994, the Afula Bus suicide bombing killed five people in the center of Afula. In the Afula axe attack in November 1994, a 19-year-old female soldier was attacked and murdered by an axe-wielding Arab militant.

access 72300639.html?dids 72300639:72300639&FMT ABS&FMTS ABS:FT Arab Kills Female Israeli Soldier With Ax - published on The Washington Post on December 1, 1994 Afula also was the target of a suicide attack on a bus on 5 March 2002, in which one person died and several others were injured at Afula’s central bus station. In the Afula mall bombing on 19 May 2003, a woman suicide bomber blew herself up at the Amakim mall, killing three and wounding 70. This attack

was killed in a Hamas suicide bombing (suicide attack) in Rishon LeZion On 18 June 2002: A woman from the Arab border town of Barta'a was one of 19 killed by Hamas in the Pat Junction Bus Bombing in Jerusalem In August 2002, a man from the Arab town of Mghar (Maghar, Israel) and woman from the Druze village of Sajur were killed in a suicide bombing at Meron (Meron, Israel) junction On 21 October


in stemming suicide attacks. Isabel Kershner, 'Israeli Tactics Thwart Attacks, With Trade-Off,' New York Times, May 3, 2008. Demographics

index.php?p tandems Tandem Paragliding Netanya A new direction began with the formation of the al-Qassam Brigades militia in 1992, and in 1993 suicide attacks began against Israeli targets

on the West Bank. No End to War, by Walter Laqueur, p. 107. " I n 1993–1994 when Hamas ... enlisted experts for bomb making, and the first suicide bombers went into action. Some of the very early operations aborted. The first successful suicide bomb attack occurred in the Jordan Valley in October 1993. The first bus attack happened in Afula in northern Israel in April 1994..." Search at suicide&dq %22first

Tal Afar

Afar has also been the scene of sectarian violence (Sectarian violence in Iraq) between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. In May 2005, clashes broke out between the two groups. In October 2006, a bombing in Tal Afar killed 14 people, of whom ten were civilians and four Iraqi soldiers. On February 10, 2007 a suicide

, a policeman shot and killed a suspect and wounded two others. Police had already reported the death of one policeman. FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, Feb 22 (Reuters) On March 24, 2007 a suicide bomber in a market in the town of Tal Afar in northwestern Iraq killed eight people and wounded 10. FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, March 24

article latestCrisis idUSKAM134819 FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, June 11 (Reuters) On June 19, 2007 a woman and a child were killed by a mortar attack in the town of Tal Afar. FACTBOX: Security developments in Iraq, June 19 (Reuters) On July 12, 2007, seven guests celebrating the wedding of an Iraqi policeman were killed on Thursday by a suicide bomber.


Yearbook 2002 url http: ?id yp2sSGFOXAgC&pg PA434&dq cufew+jenin+2002&q curfew%20Jenin%202002 publisher Bernan Press year 2002 accessdate September 9, 2009 isbn 978-92-1-100904-0 By Israel's count, at least 28 suicide bombers (Suicide bombing) were dispatched from the Jenin camp from 2000–2003 during the Second Intifada.

the al-Aqsa Intifada, Israel launched Operation Defensive Shield with the stated aim of dismantling terrorist infrastructure so as to curb suicide bombings and other militant activities. The army encircled and entered six major Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, among them Jenin. During the Battle of Jenin in April 2002, 23 Israeli soldiers and 52 Palestinians, including civilians

suspected of masterminding a suicide bombing which had killed 14 people earlier in 2002. Peter Hansen (Peter Hansen (UN)), the head of UNRWA at the time criticized the killing: "Israeli snipers had sights. They would have known who the two internationals (non-Palestinians) were. They did not dress like Palestinians."

Rishon LeZion

(by Kiryat Mal'akhi of today) and other places. Israel Ashdod, Haifa, Rishon LeZion, Tel Aviv - *7 May: 15 people killed and 55 wounded when a suicide bomber detonated a powerful charge in a game club located on the 3rd floor of a building in Rishon LeZion, causing part of the building to collapse. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. *12 May: An Israeli settler of Pe'at Sadeh in the southern Gaza Strip was shot and killed by a Palestinian laborer

, when he came to pick him up at a checkpoint. * Holstebro, Denmark One recent development is the use of suicide bombs carried by children (Child suicide bombers in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict). Unlike most suicide bombings, the use of these not only earned condemnation from the United States and from human rights groups such as Amnesty International, but also

from many Palestinians and much of the Middle East press. The youngest Palestinian suicide bomber (Child suicide bombers in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) was 16-year-old Issa Bdeir, a high school student from the village of Al Doha, who shocked his friends and family when he blew himself up in a park in Rishon LeZion, killing a teenage boy and an elderly man. The youngest attempted suicide bombing was by a 14 year old captured by soldiers at the Huwwara Checkpoint Huwwara checkpoint

Kfar Saba

?mk_individual_id_t 538 Mordechai Surkis: Public Activities Knesset website Located just across the Green Line (Green Line (Israel)) from Kalkilya, Kfar Saba has been a frequent target of terrorist attacks (Palestinian political violence). In May 2001, a Palestinian Arab suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt killed a doctor and wounded 50 at a bus stop in Kfar Saba.

articles sec_0220.htm title security: Suicide attacks in Kfar Saba and Jerusalem kill one Israeli publisher israelinsider date 2002-03-17 accessdate 2009-05-05 In April 2003, a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up at the Kfar Saba train station during the morning rush hour, killing a security guard and wounding 10 bystanders.

killed and 10 hurt in Israel suicide attack work The Independent date 2003-04-24 accessdate 2009-05-05 Demographics thumb Hadarim neighborhood, Kfar Saba (File:Kfar Saba new district.JPG) The census of 1922 listed the population of Kfar Saba as 14 Jews. Report and General Abstracts of the Census of 1922. Table VII. By the census of 1931 it had grown to 307 Jews, 9 Christians, and one female of "no religion


to what a senior Palestinian security official admits to tens of Israeli soldiers and officers meeting their deaths in suicide bombings, shooting and Qassam rocket attacks there. Nevertheless, Ehud Olmert, then the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor, stated that the closing was part of Israel's plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. The closing was later responsible

Israel increased significantly with 67% supporting and 31% opposed, compared to support by 40% in 2005 and 55% in 2006. A February 2008 suicide bombing that killed one Israeli woman in Dimona was supported by 77% and opposed by 19%. An overwhelming majority of 84 percent supported the March 2008 Mercaz HaRav massacre, in which a Palestinian gunman killed eight students and wounded eleven in a Jerusalem school. Support for the attack was 91 percent in the Gaza Strip compared to 79 percent

in the West Bank. Similar suicide attacks in 2005 had been less widely supported, with 29% support for a suicide attack that took place in Tel Aviv, and 37% support for another one in Beersheba. Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No (27), PSR – Survey Research Unit, March 24, 2008 * '''Aya''', a law student driven to fighting crime when her mother is wrongly accused of murdering her father. She has


Infantry Division and returned to its home in Germany. *At least 16 people are killed and 40 injured by two female suicide bombers (suicide bombing) in an attack at ''Krylya'', a popular music festival, at the Tushino airfield near Moscow. The Russian authorities blame an on-going terrorism campaign by Chechen (Chechnya) rebels; the Chechen government denies any connection to the attacks. invasion of Iraq 2003 occupation

;The Most Dangerous Place." During this time, Forward Observers from Task Force 1-506 claimed the honor of the first use of a GMLRS (Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System)(Company B, 2nd Platoon "Diablos," 1st Squad) in combat. ** A massive suicide car-bomb kills 70 Iraqi civilians in an attack near a police station in the city of Baquba, north of Baghdad. ** Insurgents launch simultaneous attacks on U.S bases around Ramadi, killing two U.S soldiers and wounding eight. One

: A suicide car bomb kills 16 and wounds 40 at a police training base in Ramadi west of Baghdad. A separate car bomb kills four Iraqi National Guard soldiers at a check point in Samarra. Two die and four are injured in U.S. air strikes on Falluja. In Mosul, two Turkish (Turkey) drivers are killed and two wounded when their convoy is attacked. Mortars (Mortar (weapon)) land in central Baghdad killing two civilians. The U.S. military say they have


coming on November 12, 2003 – a suicide car bombing of the Italian Carabinieri Corps HQ left a dozen Carabinieri, five Army soldiers, two Italian civilians, and eight Iraqi civilians dead. *2001 – The Russian ''Mir'' space station is disposed of (Deorbit of Mir), breaking up in the atmosphere before falling into the southern Pacific Ocean near Fiji. *2003 – In Nasiriyah, Iraq, 11 soldiers of the 507th Maintenance Company as well as 18

, Afghanistan (Afghanistan war), and Iraq (Iraq war). In 2003 twelve Carabinieri were killed in a suicide bombing (2003 Nasiriyah bombing) on their base in Nasiriyah, near Basra in southern Iraq, in the largest Italian military loss of life in a single action since the Second World War (World War II). Sumerian Renaissance thumb left Great Ziggurat of Ur (File:Ziggurat of ur.jpg), near Nasiriyah, Iraq

on peacekeeping missions, including Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In 2003 twelve ''Carabinieri'' were killed in a suicide bomb attack on their base in Nasiriyah, near Basra, in southern Iraq, in the largest Italian military loss of life in a single action since the Second World War (World War II) (see 2003 Nasiriyah bombing). **Balad (LSA Anaconda (Joint Base Balad)) — 250 W **Nasiriyah (Tallil Air Base (Ali Air Base)) — 200 W **Qayyarah West Airfield (‘''Q


-663843.html Bat mitzvah massacre in Israel leaves seven dead , Phil Reeves, 18 January 2002 and a suicide bomber who blew himself up at a falafel stand on October 26, 2005, killing seven civilians,

-3778335,00.html title Woman injured in Hadera terror attack dies 4 years later work ynet and 55 were injured, of them five in severe condition. In addition, four civilians were killed when a terrorist opened fire on pedestrians at a bus stop on October 28, 2001. ref name

1990 * Shenzhen, China (People's Republic of China) since 1997 After the September 2000 outbreak of the Second Intifada, negotiations continued at the Taba summit in January 2001; this time, Ehud Barak pulled out of the talks to campaign in the Israeli elections. In October and December 2001, suicide bombings by Palestinian militant groups increased and Israeli counter strikes intensified. Following

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