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a prominent writer. Notable heavy metal (Heavy metal music) artists were the groups Karamela and Concorde, the latter being remembered for their more radio-friendly megahit ''Visoki štikli i crni čorapi'' (''High Heels and Black Stockings''). Its guitarist Venko Serafimov later started a successful solo career. The synthpop trio Bastion (Bastion (band)) which featured Kiril Džajkovski was one of the most important 1980s acts. Another notable 1980's act was Haos in Laos. The pop-rock group Memorija formed in 1984 was one of the most prosperous from this period. The most productive in the country was the post-punk, darkwave and gothic rock scene which included the cult bands Mizar (Mizar (band)), Arhangel and Padot na Vizantija, the latter led by Goran Trajkoski. Later he formed the neo-folk group Anastasia (Anastasia (band)) which became internationally acclaimed with its soundtrack for the Milčo Mančevski's Academy Award nominated film ''Before the Rain (Before the Rain (1994 film))''. Intercity trains link Kumanovo, Skopje, Zelenikovo, Veles, Negotino (Kavadarci), Demir Kapija, Miravci (Valandovo) and Gevgelija (Bogdanci) with Serbian Railways and Greek railways (Railways of Greece). Geography Negotino is situated on the right bank of the river Vardar. It is about Commons:Category:Kavadarci


of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC). commons:Lüderitz


) the band, although still generally fitting into hard rock, started gradually turning towards softer sound, managing to sustain their popularity. The pop rock band Bajaga i Instruktori, formed in 1984 by former Riblja Čorba member Momčilo Bajagić "Bajaga" (Momčilo Bajagić), after releasing their debut, highly successful solo album ''Pozitivna geografija'' in 1983 (originally released as Bajagić's solo album, but, as it featured musicians which would later become members of Bajaga i


generated title -- After the disbanding band's leader Andrius Mamontovas started a successful solo career. All statues were taken down after 1991, most eventually winding up in Grutas Park; they were all erected during the Soviet period and stood, among other places, in Vilnius (capital, at least two statues, one of them together with Lithuanian communist leader Kapsukas (Vincas Mickevičius-Kapsukas)), Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Jonava, Druskininkai

Gary, Indiana

migrated to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis – Saint Paul) to become a criminal lawyer, jevetta2007 although music and stage would eventually became her destined paths. In addition to her successful solo career, Steele is a member of the acclaimed gospel group The Steeles. Jevetta Steele is married and is a mother to three children.

Republika Srpska

Bajagić Momčilo Bajagić "Bajaga" , after releasing their debut, highly successful solo album ''Pozitivna geografija'' in 1983 (originally released as Bajagić's solo album, but, as it featured musicians which would later become members of Bajaga i Instruktori, included in the band's official discography), started releasing successful albums ''Sa druge strane jastuka'' (1985) ''Jahači magle'' (1986), and ''Prodavnica tajni'' (1988), all becoming mega-hits. Both Bajaga i

Jacksonville, Florida

, Florida , USA (United States) Despite extensive touring, the breakthrough to mainstream success eluded them. The band having completed their recording contract with Castle Communications in 1996 disbanded. The split up saw Kennedy go on to launch a successful solo career (his first album saw a renewed partnership with Steve Earle), whilst McQuade and Breslin relocated to Jacksonville (Jacksonville, Florida), Florida. Whilst there they played together in local band Celtic Soul, prior

which also included successful solo artists Big L and Cam'ron (at the time known as Killa Cam). Of his ten childhood friends, eight were murdered and two went to prison. While attending SUNY Purchase, Mase met hip hop producer Country, was introduced to producer Sean Combs, and dropped out of college to pursue a rap career.


years. The group disbanded in 1991 with Sekou Diabaté and Sekouba Bambino Diabaté going on to successful solo careers. The '''Senegalese Popular Bloc''' (in French (French language): ''Bloc Populaire Sénégalais'') held its constitutive congress in Dakar February 23-25 1957. BPS was the result of the merger of the Senegalese Democratic Bloc (BDS) of Léopold Sédar Senghor, Senegalese Democratic Union (UDS), Casamancian Autonomous Movement (MAC


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Oceans'' was pretentious and – despite its ambition – insubstantial. He disliked performing the album on tour, feeling the length of the songs prevented the band from playing their more popular tracks. Following the tour, as the band began work on what would become ''Relayer'' (1974), Wakeman felt further alienated from the group. Disenchanted with the direction in which Yes was going, and already into a successful solo career, he left.

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