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Rey, Iran

in old Persian and Ragâ in Avestan. p. 8. See also ( Hārūn was born in Rey (Rey, Iran). He was the son of al-Mahdi, the third Abbasid caliph (ruled 775–785), and al-Khayzuran, a former slave girl from Yemen and a woman of strong personality who greatly

Punta del Este

. Splurge * '''The Chic Collection Hoteles & Resorts'''. The most exclusive 4 and 5 stars hotel collection at '''Punta del Este'''. Each hotel maintains its own and strong personality, providing a wide variety of possibilities to tourists. '''The Chic Collection''' consists of '''Barradas Parque Hotel''', '''Hotel del Lago Golf & Art Resorts''' and '''Golden Beach Resort & Spa'''. * WikiPedia:Punta del Este Dmoz:Regional South America Uruguay Localities Punta del Este Commons:Category:Punta del Este

Abu Dhabi

and strong personality of Rafael Benitez so at the end as a result was departure of Rafa after 6 months at the bench. The '''62nd Academy Awards''' were presented March 26, 1990 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California. The venue, half the size of the one used (Shrine Auditorium) the previous year, prompted Gil Cates (Gilbert Cates) (the producer of the telecast) and Karl Malden (the president of the Academy) to put a memo to "our friends

Austrian Empire


with musical instruments) are also not allowed; instead ''nasheeds'' are sung, which are basically ''a cappella'', songs without instruments. ''Nasheeds'' are usually religiously based, but not all are sung about religion. She was kidnapped from her home by a Bedouin who then sold her in a slave market near Mecca to Al-Mahdi during his pilgrimage. Later the caliph fell in love with her and married her. Al-Khayzuran was a woman of strong personality, and persuaded her husband to appoint


(''Administración Nacional de Combustibles, Alcohol y Portland'', 1931) and the Brazilian Petrobras, created in 1953 by Getúlio Vargas. '''Félix Pérez Cardozo''' (1908–1953) He was born in the town of Yhaty, today known as Felix Perez Cardozo, as an homage to the important Harps player. He learned to play the harp from anonimus old harpists from the region. His special quality in playing the instrument, together with his strong personality gave him the chance to visit and conquer


and support for one another, even though Temüjin murdered his stepbrother in a disagreement which his stepbrother started over hunting spoils. She and her children managed to survive due to her skill at gathering food, hunting at Khentii Mountains and fishing in Onon River. Mother Hoelun was considered as a person with a very strong personality because of her hardships of raising all of her children alone without little or no support in the harsh Mongolian steppes. thumb Sainkho Namtchylak at Moers Festival (Image:Sainkho-Namtchylak-2004.jpg) 2004, Germany '''Sainkho Namtchylak''' (born 1957) is a singer originally from Tuva, a small autonomous republic in the Russian Federation just north of Mongolia. She is known for her Tuvan throat singing Commons:Category:Mongolia WikiPedia:Mongolia Dmoz:Regional Asia Mongolia

Memphis, Tennessee

by trade, Sasser sought election in his own right and won his party's 1976 nomination for the Senate. He defeated, among others, Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) entrepreneur and attorney John Jay Hooker, then still considered to be a serious candidate due to his strong personality, his (intermittent) wealth, and his connections with the Nashville ''Tennessean'' (The Tennessean)'s controlling Seigenthaler family. His son Gray Sasser, also a lawyer, is the past chair of the Tennessee


Jinan, Shandong province (Shandong); and at Linhai, Luqiao and Ningbo, in Zhejiang. Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company In 1984, a joint venture (JV) was established between Volkswagen Group and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC Motor) (now SAIC Motor), creating ''' Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Shanghai Volkswagen


" for some local people. * '''Chueca''' - Near Malasaña and Gran Vía, it is the gay district (although no one is ever excluded) with a very strong personality. New design, trendy shops, cool cafes. Pop and electronic music. By far, the most cosmopolitan place in town. Has become quite chic and expensive. * '''Tribunal''' '''Malasaña''' - Alternative area. You can enjoy a café, a dinner, a book or just some drink. Mainly rock and pop music clubs, some of them still open from "La

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