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by ''Consumer Reports'' as the top sporty car under $25,000, one of ''Car and Driver'' magazine's "10 Best (Car and Driver Ten Best)" for 2007, ''Automobile'' Magazine's (Automobile Magazine) 2007 Car of the Year, as well as a 2008 ''Motor Trend'' comparison ranking the mid-size Passat first in its class. The J. D. Power and Associates 2006 Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study scored Volkswagen fourteenth overall with strong performances by its new


. - bgcolor "#99BADD" bgcolor "98FB98" Winner 2. 4 June 2006 Chen Yi (Chen Yi (tennis)) 3–6 7–6(7) 6–1 - bgcolor "#99BADD" The 1999 World Championships in Tianjin, China saw strong performances from Produnova, where she was unlucky not to take any more individual medals. She finished fourth in the vault


best rhythmic gymnast with consistently strong performances in International competitions. In the 2005 Australian Championships she consistently placed second, continuing on to be selected into the Australian World CHampionships Team. At the 2005 World Championships (2005 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships) in Baku, Azerbaijan, she only competed 3 out of 4 apparatus but was ranked 64th overall while the next Australian, Naazmi Johnston, was ranked in 94th position


title Dimitri Mascarenhas named Hampshire captain publisher accessdate 31 August 2009 In 2008, Hampshire struggled and were near the foot of the Division 1 table for the majority of the season. Midway through the season coach Paul Terry (Paul Terry (cricketer)) stood down and was replaced by Giles White. A series of strong performances helped Hampshire go from relegation favourites to title outsiders going into the final round of matches. The club


appeared in supporting roles in such notable movies as ''The Shawshank Redemption'' and ''The Mothman Prophecies (The Mothman Prophecies (film))''. Thomas is a working man's character actor who, while not achieving the notoriety of some of his more famous co-stars, has become widely known for his consistent and strong performances. '''John Gary Glover''' (born December 3, 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Miami Marlins


tally of 18 hot dogs took first place and enabled her to compete in the July 4 competition (Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest) held at Coney Island. Her total of 25 hot dogs there broke the women's record set three years earlier by Takako Akasaka, the dominant female in Japanese competitive eating. Thomas had several strong performances in the remainder of 2003, including record setting victories in turducken and fruitcake competitions. At a single-person exhibition in a rock festival in Indianapolis, she ate 65 hard-boiled eggs in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, setting a record and amazing the skeptical concertgoers. International Federation of Competitive Eating - Records Though Thomas had only competed for half of 2003, the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) named her Rookie of the Year. Chapters thumb Guardian Angels in Miami (File:Miami angels.jpg)The Guardian Angels USA first established chapters in Washington, D. C., New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, London, Toronto, Dallas, Tokyo, Houston, Cape Town, Auckland, Savannah (Savannah, Georgia), Seattle, and York, (Pennsylvania) (York, Pennsylvania). Recently, the organization established chapters in smaller cities, such as the Massachusetts cities of Springfield (Springfield, Massachusetts) and Brockton (Brockton, Massachusetts); other smaller city chapters recently organized include Sacramento and Stockton, California and Portland, Maine. In May 2011, a chapter was organized in Indianapolis, Indiana as well. Early life Rusie was born on May 30, 1871 in Mooresville, Indiana, to mason (Masonry) and plasterer William Asbury Rusie and his wife Mary Donovan. WikiPedia:Indianapolis Dmoz:Regional North America United States Indiana Localities I Indianapolis commons:Indianapolis, Indiana

Mexico City

1962-11-12 PLACE OF DEATH Mexico City, Mexico Sporting career After strong performances in the 1968 Australian Championships (Australian Championships in Athletics) and Olympic trials, Boyle was selected to represent Australia at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, at the age of 16. At 17, she won a silver medal in the 200 metre sprint (Sprint (race)) and placed 4th in the 100 metres. thumb left Ignacio López Rayón (Image:Ignacio López Rayón.gif) '''Ignacio López Rayón''' (July 31, 1773, Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, New Spain—February 2, 1832, Mexico City) led the revolutionary government of his country after Miguel Hidalgo (Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla)'s death, during the first years of the Mexican War of Independence. birth_date Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Federal District Commons:Category:Mexico City Wikipedia:Mexico City


Commons:Category:Pittsburgh WikiPedia:Pittsburgh Dmoz:Regional North_America United_States Pennsylvania Localities P Pittsburgh


½, in the penultimate round, Israel settled for a tie for third place; the Americans claimed the bronze medal on Buchholz (Buchholz chess rating system) tiebreak (tiebreaker)s. Hungary, seed (Single-elimination tournament#Seeding)ed 16th, finished fifth, getting strong performances from third board ''GM'' Ferenc Berkes and fourth board ''GM'' Csaba Balogh, while India, who entered the tournament seeded second, finished in 30th place, with first board ''GM'' Viswanathan Anand's


to achieve an international basis in spatial development. F.C. Copenhagen In his first two years in F.C. Copenhagen he struggled to become a first team regular, first being a backup for former Norwegian (Norway) international André Bergdølmo and later Danish international Niclas Jensen. However, in 2008, he managed to become a first choice on the left back position for his team, earning him a call-up to the Swedish national team, his first in over 18 months. His strong

performances also had him linked with both English (England) club West Ham United (West Ham United F.C.) and Italian (Italy) club Genoa (Genoa C.F.C.). Early life Andrés

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