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nationworld world la-fg-libya-nato-20111021,0,4843984.story?track rss&utm_source feedburner&utm_medium feed&utm_campaign Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories%29 "Kadafi slain against a backdrop of NATO support" , ''Los Angeles Times'', October 21, 2011 6:45 pm. Retrieved 2011-10-21. toward Misrata. Fleishman, Jeffrey, and Henry Chu, story?track rss&utm_source


, based on a request for burial ground, to 140 estimated by the (then) opposition Movement for Democratic Change - Tsvangirai party.

war on diamond miners last McGreal first Chris publisher date 2008-12-11 accessdate 2009-01-10 Estimates of the death toll by mid-December range from 83 reported by the Mutare City Council (Mutare), based on a request for burial ground, to 140 estimated by the (then) opposition Movement for Democratic Change - Tsvangirai party.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Assembly is currently pending that would fold the PTC into PennDOT, with PennDOT appointing a Deputy Secretary to run the toll roads in the state. Such a move would be done for efficiency and cost reasons, as well as to cut down on the government bureaucracy.story?track rss History The PTC was established by law on May 21, 1937, when Pennsylvania Governor

Montego Bay

os-southwest-airtran-deal-20110421,0,6990592.story?track rss Southwest-AirTran deal: Airlines announce date they plan to cinch the deal - Integration of employee groups between the two carriers has already begun, with total and complete integration of all employee groups expected to be completed by 2015. http: news 10614808 airtran-workers-start-transition Bidding The two

French colonial empire

of the United States, the so-called ''Zoreilles'' and ''Petits-blancs'' of various Indian Ocean islands (List of islands in the Indian Ocean), as well as populations of the former French colonial empire in Africa. There are currently an estimated 400,000 French people in the United Kingdom, most of them in London.


, appeared in Baghdad newspapers (Al Jazeera)PKFHSPKFHS story?track hpmostemailedlink (LA Times) * Conflict in Iraq: 10 U.S. Marines (United States Marine Corps) are killed following an insurgent (Iraqi insurgency) roadside bomb (improvised explosive device) attack in Falluja. (BBC) * Scientists in Gabon

Anchorage, Alaska

local la-me-crescent-city-harbor-destroyed-20110311,0,1105044.story?track rss work Los Angeles Times first1 Mike last1 Anton first2 Shan last2 Li title Crescent City harbor destroyed; 4 people swept into sea, 1 feared dead date March 11, 2011 '''Korean Air Lines Flight 007''' ('''KAL 007''', '''KE 007''' KAL 007 was used by air traffic control, while the public flight booking system

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flashpoints: rebels . Retrieved on 2011-06-15. story?track rss Libyan officials and rebels give conflicting reports on Zawiya fighting. Retrieved on 2011-06-15. strength2 Munawaba Brigade strenght3 Unknown casualties1 30 killed 20 wounded ref name "


-backed units, most notably Battalion 316 (Battalion 3-16 (Honduras)).story??track sto-relcon "A survivor tells her story" '''', 15 June 1995. Retrieved 8 January 2007. thumb left Beach at Roatán (File:Roatan West End 95 we 006.jpg). File:Honduras rel 1985.jpg thumb Honduras is surrounded

and bombings, and many non-militants. The operation included a CIA-backed campaign of extrajudicial killings by government-backed units, most notably Battalion 316 (Battalion 3-16 (Honduras)). story??track sto-relcon "A survivor tells her story"

Birmingham, Alabama

of Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama), Alabama. http: news whnt-larry-langford-sentencing,0,7177091.story?track rss http: birmingham-mayor.aspx He previously served on the Jefferson County, Alabama, Commission, including four years as the first African American commission president. He also served as mayor of Fairfield, Alabama, and served one term on the Birmingham City Council. Prior

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