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for an important story line in Tom Clancy's novel ''Red Storm Rising''. Clancy described the base, the geography, local flora, and the station equipment. See also * Cold War * Iceland Defense Force, headquartered in Keflavík until 2006 * Uppspretta References


, in Guizhou Province, China. Her poetry books include ''The Carp'' from Bull Thistle Press, and ''The Book of Jade'' (ISBN 1-58654-023-8) from Story Line Press. - Zunyi ZUZY ZYI Zunyi Xinzhou Airport (under construction) - style "background:#ccc;" birth_date birth_place Zunyi, Guizhou, Republic of China alma_mater St. Paul's Co

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

, North Carolina. The leading roles were played by Sean Hayes and Alicia Fowler. Paxton's story line followed the classic Chinese version, but with the addition of several supporting characters. Returning to New York, she worked further with the APA, and then was cast as Eleanor of Aquitaine in ''The Lion in Winter'', a performance that garnered her a Tony Award in 1966. Rabb directed her one last time as Natasha in ''War and Peace'' in 1967, the same year they agreed to divorce. , owner Carl Pohlad almost sold the Twins to North Carolina businessman Don Beaver, who would have moved the team to the Piedmont Triad (Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina) – Winston-Salem (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) – High Point (High Point, North Carolina)) area. The defeat of a referendum for a stadium in North Carolina and a lack of interest in building a stadium for the Twins in Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina) killed the deal.


as "Meeting Zhou Tong By Chance (Media about Zhou Tong#How Wu Song became Zhou's student)" and "Swordplay under the Moon" belongs to the "Wang School Shuihu" of Yangzhou storytelling. It acts as a ''shuwai shu'' ( ), meaning it takes place in the same setting ''Water Margin'', but is independent of the main story line. The tale takes place after Wu Song kills the man-eating tiger, resists the charms of his sister-in-law


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Monterey, California

was superintended by Lieutenant Ord and his second in command, Lieutenant Sherman. On February 17, 1865, the fort was renamed Ord Barracks. (It is now known as the Presidio of Monterey.) thumb right Edward O. C. Ord and his family. (File:General Edward O C Ord and His Family.png) The story-line was originally set in Los Angeles, but under Eastwood's insistence, the film was shot in the more comfortable surroundings of the actual Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where he could shoot scenes


''Sheikh Sanan'' was written in 1909 in a form that was entirely opposite to the first. This time Hajibeyov employed a purely European style. ''Sheikh Sanan'' received raves as a musical composition, but the content was too progressive for the period. In this opera, Hajibeyov advocated that marriage should not be bound by nationality or religion - in essence, it was another form of integration. But this time, it backfired. The story line follows a religious sheikh on his way to Mecca who meets a very beautiful Georgian (Georgia (country)) lady. To his horror, the lovely creature's father turns out to be a swineherd, caring for what, to him, was a forbidden animal. In the end, the sheikh denounces his religion to win the woman. It is said that when the opera was performed, many people were offended and walked out, leaving Hajibeyov with the realization that he had outpaced his generation too much this time. As a result, he made a drastic decision and burned the score. When asked by Ramazan Khalilov, his assistant, how he could do that, Hajibeyov replied: "I didn't destroy my opera. It's my own creation so it's always in my head." Khalilov said that Hajibeyov went on to use this same magnificent music 27 years later to create, ''Koroghlu'' (The Opera of Koroglu), an opera that many acclaim to be his finest. "Composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov: 110 Jubilee", Vol 3.3 (Autumn 1995) "Why Uzeyir Hajibeyov wrote Koroghlu at Height of Stalin's Repressions" by Betty Blair, Azerbaijan International, Vol. 14:2 (Summer 2006), p. 61. In the 13th century, Arabs migrated to the shores of this lake in four boats after they were banished from Mecca for refusing to pay tributes to a new calif (Caliph). Streets with dilapidated masonry houses, once occupied by these Arabian Muslims, are still found in the area. Some remaining resident families claim records in Arabic testifying their migration to this area.


operatives in the main story line. India is a major regional center for cinema (film). The Indian film industry is the largest in the world (1200 movies released in the year 2002). Each of the larger languages supports its own film industry: Hindi, Bengali (Bengali language), Kannada (Kannada language), Tamil (Tamil language), Telugu (Telugu language), Malayalam (Malayalam language). The Hindi Urdu film industry, based in Mumbai, formerly ''Bombay

ascend to dominance as living iconic images, then "meeting" in a David-Goliath match playing on movie screens internationally . . . you couldn't pitch that story line to Hollywood even as an ''X-Men'' flick. Mark Bourne's review of ''The Great Dictator'' for Mark Bourne, in his review of the 2003 DVD release of ''The Great Dictator'' Bobby Bare was also given an opportunity


, and more than $180 million worldwide on DVD. In April 2006 on Eli Roth's birthday, ''Hostel'' opened on DVD at No. 1. The movie plot is said to take place in Slovakia, however, all the exteriors were shot in the Czech Republic. The story line is naively simple – three friends are lured to visit a hostel in which they think their sexual fantasies will come true. Instead, they drop into the clutches of an international syndicate offering a first-hand

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