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astounded to find a man trying to spend old coins from the reign of Decius. The bishop was summoned to interview the sleepers; they told him their miracle story, and died praising God. Selcuk is a good starting place for many excursions and visits in the area. * A major attraction is the ancient Greek city of '''Ephesus''' which is located only 4km away from the center of the village. Entrance fee cost 25 TL per person, while the Byzantine '''Terrace Houses''' cost an additional 15 TL


. Mátészalka is a good starting place for day-trips to '''Romania and Ukraine'''. '''Visit Tákos and Csaroda''' two small villages to the east. Tákos has an interesting reformed church from the 18th century called "The barefoot Notre Dame" and Csaroda has a very old church from the Middle Ages. Carefully inspect the old wooden furniture of the church, there are carvings in the wood made by 19th century vandals! '''Visit the Old Swamp of Bátorliget''' south of Mátészalka, near

Lower Saxony

. '''Arensch''' is a local part of Cuxhaven, a town in Lower Saxony, Germany. In the proximity of Arensch between 1945 and 1964 various rocket attempts were accomplished. Thus the A4-Raketen of the Operation Backfire (Operation Backfire (WWII)) started in October 1945 of one in the Werner forest between Arensch and Sahlenburg established starting place, from which still some shelter remainders and a soil hollow remained remaining. From 1957 to 1964


email address Antuninska 6 lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours Open 9AM-9PM price content An exhibition centre of war and conflict photography. Exhibits change during the season. Stunning images by world renowned photo journalists. *

place for your stroll through the Old Town is the Pile Gate. Before entering the Old Town, Fort Lovrjenac, the first among many sites worth seeing in Dubrovnik, provides a good view of the Old Town and its wall. *


, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and other countries as well. The largest number of brothers currently are natives from Spain and France. The Marist presence in these countries is divided into the following provinces: From 2006–07 (2006–07 Primeira Liga) onwards, Gomes faced tough competition for a starting place in Benfica's attack: he only netted six times in the league, and would suffer even more after


tourist attraction. Understand For those looking to travel in Africa, Zimbabwe is a great starting place. It is rich in flora (being home to the big five) and fauna and has numerous ancient stone cities including the largest in Africa south of the Sahara, Great Zimbabwe. History Stone cities were built in many locations in present-day Zimbabwe. The most impressive structures and the best known of these, Great Zimbabwe, were built in the 15th century, but people had been living on the site from about 400 AD. The Khami Ruins just outside Bulawayo are also a wonderful example. The population was overwhelmingly made up of Shona speakers until the 19th century when the Nguni tribe (in 1839-40) of the Ndebele settled in what is now Matabeleland, and then in 1890, the territory came under the control of the British South Africa Company under charter from the British Government. The United Kingdom annexed Southern Rhodesia from the British South Africa Company in 1923, when the country got its own government and Prime Minister. A 1961 constitution was formulated that favoured whites in power. In 1965, the government unilaterally declared independence, but the UK did not recognize the act and demanded more complete voting rights for the black African majority. UN sanctions and a guerrilla struggle finally led to both free elections and independence (as Zimbabwe) in 1980. Robert Mugabe became the first black leader of Zimbabwe and still clings on to power since 1980 (1980-1987 as Prime Minister, and thereafter as President). Climate Zimbabwe has a tropical climate that is moderated by altitude. The rainy season is in summer from November to March. Although there are recurring droughts floods and severe storms are rare. Winter temperatures can drop below 5° Celsius whilst summers can be very hot, in excess of 35°C (95°F) in some places. Terrain Mostly high plateau with higher central plateau (high veld). There is a mountain range in east including the scenic Chimanimani mountains. The Lowveld is found in south eastern corner. '''Elevation extremes''' : ''lowest point:'' junction of the Runde and Save rivers 162 meters ''highest point:'' Inyangani 2,592 m Culture Zimbabwe has many different cultures which include beliefs and ceremonies, including the Shona, Zimbabwe's largest ethnic group. The Shona people have many sculptures and carvings which are made with the finest materials available. Economy Once known as the ''Breadbasket of Africa'', since 2000 Zimbabwe has undergone an economic collapse and the rule of law has gradually but largely broken down, although there have recently been a few signs of improvement since the formation of a unity Government in 2009, the Zimbabwean economy has been on the rebound. GDP grew by more than 5% in the year 2010 and 2011. Growth is forecast to increase, buoyed by high mineral prices and the improving agriculture sector. Regions WikiPedia:Zimbabwe Dmoz:Regional Africa Zimbabwe Commons:category:Zimbabwe


having a subpar performance, and subsequently losing the starting place to veteran Pedro Emanuel, a situation which was aggravated in his second year (2008–09 Primeira Liga), with the signing of Rolando (Rolando (Portuguese footballer)) (he would only play in the penultimate match in the league (Primeira Liga)). In November 2005, he played in a two-match qualification playoff for the 2006 UEFA European Under-21 Championship (UEFA U-21 Championship 2006) in Portugal, between


accomplished. Thus the A4-Raketen of the Operation Backfire (Operation Backfire (WWII)) started in October 1945 of one in the Werner forest between Arensch and Sahlenburg established starting place, from which still some shelter remainders and a soil hollow remained remaining. From 1957 to 1964 the Hermann-Oberth-Gesellschaft started; and some other experimenters in the proximity from Arensch of the building yard lain northwest and in the cotton wool before country numerous rockets

the then-second division side Eintracht Frankfurt to become their vice captain and leading scorer (16 goals) in their promotion campaign. During the 2005–2006 season, van Lent lost his starting place to Ioannis Amanatidis. <


World Cup - this included a four-goal performance against Andorra (Andorra national football team). He would struggle to hold a starting place in the finals in Japan and South Korea, only appearing twice as a substitute. On 19 November 2003, he scored his second hat-trick, in only 21 minutes of play against Kuwait (Kuwait national football team). In Turkey the nai (ney) and kaval are both end-blown, although one type of Turkish kaval (dilli kaval) has a fipple. The Turkish ney (Ney (Turkish)) plays a prominent role in classical Turkish music and Mevlevi (sufi) music. The Arab ''nay'' and the Persian ''ney'' are similar to the Turkish ney. China has the xiao (xiao (flute)), Japan has the shakuhachi and Korea has the danso and tongso. People of the Andes play the quena, the Hopi and their predecessors the Anasazi (Ancient Pueblo Peoples) of the American southwest (Southwestern United States) have and had a flute similar to the ney. The washint is an East African flute. Panpipes are rim-blown in the same fashion with their lower ends stopped, bound together in a row or "raft". On 7 May ''Razorback'' headed west again. Assigned to lifeguard duty in the Nanpō Islands and Tokyo Bay areas, she rescued Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Taylor, a P-51 fighter pilot from the 21st Fighter Group on 25 May. On 5 June she rescued four B-29 Superfortress crewmen shot down during an air raid (airstrike) over Kobe, Japan. ''Razorback'' retired to Midway Island to end that patrol and refit on 27 June. patrol was spent performing lifeguard services off Paramushiro for Alaska-based planes. On 31 August ''Razorback'' entered Tokyo Bay with 11 other submarines to take part in the formal surrender of Japan. She departed 3 September, arrived at Pearl Harbor on 11 September and San Diego, California, on 20 September. After the war she remained active with the Pacific Fleet serving off Japan and China in early 1948 and again in late 1949. She won the Navy&nbsp;"E" for overall excellence in 1949. In August 1952 she decommissioned incident to conversion to a GUPPY IIA-type submarine. She recommissioned in January 1954 and reported to Submarine Squadron 10 at New London, Connecticut (Naval Submarine Base New London), for shakedown and training. '''Shavit''' (Hebrew (Hebrew language): "comet" - שביט) is a space (outer space) launch vehicle produced by Israel to launch small satellites into low earth orbit. It was first launched on September 19, 1988 (carrying an Ofeq satellite payload), making Israel the eighth country (Timeline of first orbital launches by country) to have a space launch capability after the USSR, United States, France, Japan, People's Republic of China, United Kingdom and India. The founder’s son, Robert Fauchon, and his son-in-law, both took over the business and the third generation after them sold the company in 1952 to Joseph Pilosoff, the former owner of the famous French chocolate company, Chocolat Poulain, of the silverware maker, “Aux Ciseaux d’Argent” in Saint Cloud, France, and of the well-known European shirt retailer, “Aux 100.000 Chemises” in Belgium. Joseph Pilosoff managed Fauchon quite well and started a partnership with the French airline company Air France. He also developed Fauchon internationally with the opening of Fauchon stores in several countries, most significantly in Japan in 1972 inside the Takashimaya department stores. After Joseph Pilosoff passed away in 1981, his daughter took the helm of Fauchon. She died in a fire that occurred in 1985 at the company’s flagship store. Her daughter, Martine, only 33 years old, found herself the owner of Fauchon with her husband, Philippe Prémat. Until then, she had been managing a gym club in Marseille, France. (See the interview of Martine Prémat in the newspaper Le Figaro) Source: Le Figaro newspaper, Issue #16643, Monday February 16, 1998, Interview of Martine Prémat and her biography. Source: “Martine PRÉMAT a démocratisé le luxe” Page seen on October 8, 2009 ) The Era of Renewal A former investment banker, Managing Director and Partner respectively of the French bank Paribas and of Rothschild & Cie, experienced in the field of luxury products as a former member of the Supervisory Board of Van Cleef & Arpels, graduate of “École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris” (ESCP-Europe) and of the Wharton School (See article in the business newspaper Les Echos (Les Échos (France)) on October 3, 2003 Source: Les Echos newspaper, Issue #19002 of October 3, 2003, page 50, Distribution, Entreprise et Marchés, En Vue, Laurent Adamowicz ), Laurent Adamowicz introduces marketing at Fauchon with the first advertising campaign on the theme of fashion in 1999. He organizes the full repositioning of the brand, its image, its graphic identity, its logos, and the entire range of packaging. He launches the creation of 700 new products under the Fauchon brand, introduced on the market from 1998 to 2003, in particular the new flavored teas of the Four Seasons, the “Pure Fruit” range of preserves, the foie gras made with Szechuan peppercorns, the caramel milk jam, the strawberry preserve with rose petals (See the article in the Spring 2003 issue of the Wharton Alumni Magazine Source: Wharton Alumni Magazine, Spring 2003, Issue 347 ) He completes the repositioning of the Fauchon brand in its food universe of good products made simply and exceptionally and he also removes the brand from the mass-market retail channel and renovates the historical stores on Place de la Madeleine. Finally he launches the Fauchon commercial website for packaged goods and catering. As soon as the year 2000, under his management, Fauchon becomes a growing and profitable company again. Fauchon opens new stores in Japan, in South Korea, Taiwan, the Middle East, Europe, and finally in the United States where it never had a store before. New Horizons Morocco, Switzerland, and China are the new territories targeted by Fauchon. Michel Ducros just announced the soon-to-be-opened Fauchon store in Casablanca; Source: Fauchon official website and the opening of a Fauchon store in Geneva where Fauchon had already opened a store under the Prémat management that had been closed a few years after it opened, due to mounting losses. China is also targeted as a very promising development with the announcement, in October 2007, of 13 stores Source: Le Figaro newspaper, Article of October 14, 2007, “Fauchon veut ouvrir treize magasins en Chine” to be opened by the Chinese company, Beijing Hualian Group, a leading chain of supermarkets, on the model of the large store it opened in a mall in Beijing near the Olympic Stadium. Two years later, two of the three floors of the Beijing store have already been closed, explains Les Echos (Les Échos (France)) in a severe article of October 29, 2009. Source: Les Echos newspaper, issue #20541 of October 29, 2009, page 19, “Fauchon revoit ses plans après des déconvenues” (“Fauchon must reassess its plans after its failures”) “Fauchon must reassess its plans after its failures to balance its books due to its local losses”. Adds Isabelle Capron , Chief Operating Officer of Fauchon: “China may be the future Japan, but not for right now” Source: Les Echos newspaper, issue #20541 of October 29, 2009, ibid, “la Chine est sûrement le futur Japon, mais ce n'est pas pour tout de suite” (“China may be the future Japan, but not for right now”) Another problem that Rostow’s work has is that it considered large countries with a large population (Japan), with natural resources available at just the right time in its history (Coal in Northern European countries (Northern Europe)), or with a large land mass (Argentina). He has little to say and indeed offers little hope for small countries, such as Rwanda, which do not have such advantages. Neo-liberal economic theory (Neoliberalism) to Rostow, and many others, does offer hope to much of the world that economic maturity is coming and the age of high mass consumption is nigh. But that does leave a sort of 'grim meathook future' for the outliers (wikt:periphery), which do not have the resources, political will, or external backing to become competitive. "Grim Meathook Future" is a quote from new media writer Joshua Ellis (See Dependency theory ) The NFTA has a fleet of 26 rigid-bodied (non-articulated) LRVs for the Metro Rail system, numbered sequentially from 101 to 127. They were built by Tokyu Car Corporation of Japan. One car (number 125) was damaged in transit and later purchased by a restaurateur, Bertrand H. Hoak, of Hamburg (Hamburg (town), New York), as an addition to Hoak's Armor Inn restaurant on Abbott Road, near Armor Duells Road. The car has since been sold. In Asian cultures: *In Japan: the lion figures are known as ''Komainu'' (狛犬・高麗犬, lit Korea dogs) possibly due to their introduction to Japan through Korea. *In Myanmar: called ''Chinthe'' and gave their name to the World War II Chindit soldiers. Rail tunnels The St. Gotthard railway tunnel (Gotthard Rail Tunnel), close but separate from the expressway tunnel, handles rail traffic on the north-south line in Switzerland. It was opened 1882. In this category, however, it is no longer the record-holder. The Seikan Tunnel in Japan and the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France are both in excess of zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

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