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traditional houses converted to rooms, courtyards, and gathering places, and designs all trend to traditional Chinese sensibilities. There are new high end hotel and condominium developments starting construction from 2011 forward, so there is a definite push to make the destination one for all tastes and not just young adventurers. Nearby Some tens of miles north of Lijiang is the Baishui Terrace (Baishuitai) (白水台 ''Baishuitai'', literally "White Water Terrace"), an area where


. The A3 (A3 (Romania)) highway is also planned to pass the city. However, there is no foreseeable date for starting construction. thumb View towards the old fortress (File:Muresenilor Street.jpg) Tourism thumb right Poiana Brașov (File:Panoramica Poiana Brasov.jpg), a possible bid for the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games (2020 Winter Youth Olympics) With its central location, Brașov is a suitable location from which to explore Romania, and the distances to several tourist


a new 800 km railway in the Congo-Brazzaville Republic in return for timber concessions. They would build a railway from Brazzaville to Ouesso in the Sangha region in the north-west of our country. A two-year feasibility study would take place before signing a final agreement with the government and starting construction work on the railway. http: 2007 0425-congo.html See CMKC Group. On 5 February 2012, there were munitions explosions (Brazzaville arms dump blasts) at a tank regiment (seemingly 'Regiment Blinde') barracks located in Brazzaville's fifth arrondissement, Ouenze. Some 206 people were initially reported killed. There are five military barracks in the city, and after the explosion officials said the government had promised to move all munitions out of the capital. http: news world 206-people-dead-arms-depot-explodes-republic-congo-article-1.1033182, accessed 6 February 2012 thumb 325px right Kigali International Airport (Image:KigaliAirport.jpg) The country's main air gateway is Kigali International Airport, which is located at Kanombe, a suburb approximately 10 km from Kigali city centre. The airport has international flights to Lagos,, Brazzaville, Dubai, Nairobi, Entebbe, Addis Ababa, Bujumbura, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Brussels and soon Doha and is the main airport for the national carrier RwandAir. * WikiPedia:Brazzaville commons:Brazzaville


as a strategic port called Anfa. The Portuguese destroyed it and rebuilt it under the name ''Casa Branca'', only to abandon it after an earthquake in 1755. The Moroccan sultan rebuilt the city as Daru l-Badya and it was given its current name of Casablanca by Spanish traders who established trading bases there. The French occupied the city in 1907, establishing it as a protectorate in 1912 and starting construction of the ''ville nouvelle'', however it gained independence with the rest of the country in 1956. Casablanca is now Morocco's largest city with a population of almost 4 million and also boasts the world's largest artificial port but no ferry service of any kind . Casablanca is also the most liberal and progressive of Morocco's cities. Young men flirt brazenly with scantily-clad women, designer labels are the norm in the chic, beachfront neighbourhood of 'Ain Diab and many young Moroccans speak to each other exclusively in French. But not everyone is living the Casablancan dream. Tens of thousands of rural Moroccans who fled the drought-ravaged interior to find work in the city are struggling under high unemployment rates and expensive housing. The poverty, prevalent in slums on the city's outskirts, has led to high rates of crime, drug use, prostitution and the rise of Islamism. Casablanca is a mixed bag of Moroccan extremes. thumb Casablanca Old Medina at night (File:CasablancaOldMedinaNight.jpg) Get in By plane thumb Royal Air Maroc (File:Morocco 001.jpg) '''Mohammed V Int'l Airport''' ( WikiPedia:Casablanca Dmoz:Regional Africa Morocco Localities Casablanca Commons:Category:Casablanca



construction of a new Fr. (French franc)2.5 billion ($411 million) final-assembly plant adjacent to Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in Colomiers; by November 1988, the pillars for the new ''Clément Ader'' assembly hall had been erected. Commons:Category:Hamburg Wikipedia:Hamburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Hamburg


of the Mendip Hills, approximately 10 mi (16 km) south of Bristol, England. The lake was created by Bristol Water (Bristol Waterworks Company as it was known then), when it dammed the River Yeo (River Yeo (Congresbury Yeo)), starting construction in 1891 and completing this in 1899. The Wrington Vale Light Railway was constructed primarily to bring building materials for the lake. '''Compton Martin''' is a small village and civil parish within the Chew


, are not members of NATO (w:NATO). He said that, ''"unfortunately, we anticipate some will challenge the free use of space."'' Arab and Muslim countries including Jordan (w:Jordan), Malaysia (w:Malaysia) and Indonesia (w:Indonesia) criticized Israel for the controversial work and urged it to halt construction. Israeli defense minister Amir Peretz (w:Amir Peretz) also warned against starting construction. The leader of the Pakistan Muslim League (w:PML-N) urged Muslim


Laos gross domestic product. Final hurdles to starting construction appear to have been cleared early in 2005, despite considerable environmental opposition. History Development of the RAK dates back to the late 1950s when the concept was first proposed at the Warsaw University of Technology in response to a requirement for a light hand-held defensive weapon for rear-echelon soldiers such as gun crews and vehicle drivers. After the death of the chief designer Piotr Wilniewczyc in 1960, the submachine gun’s development was assumed and completed by the state-operated Łucznik Arms Factory in the city of Radom, where it was produced until 1974. After close examination, the PM-63 was accepted into service with the People's Army of Poland and police in 1965 as the ''9 mm pistolet maszynowy wz. 1963'' ("9 mm submachine gun model 1963"). Small numbers of the weapon were exported to several Arab countries, Vietnam and the former East Germany. A slightly modified, unlicensed version of the PM-63 was produced by the People’s Republic of China as the '''Type 82''', who sold the weapon to politically allied nations in Asia. Woźniak, Ryszard. Encyklopedia najnowszej broni palnej - tom 4 R-Z. Bellona. 2002. pp11. transmission 5-speed manual (Manual transmission) 4-speed automatic (Automatic transmission) 3-speed automatic (Automatic transmission) assembly Bupyeong (Bupyeong-gu), South Korea Cairo, Egypt (Daewoo Motors Egypt (Speranza Motors)) Asaka (Asaka, Uzbekistan), Uzbekistan (UzDaewoo (UzDaewooAuto)) Commons:Category:Vietnam


Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). This station is managed and owned by SingTel with the building starting construction in 1983 and started operations in 1986. As it is located next to the BKE, motorists coming into Singapore via the causeway see this as their first landmark other than Woodlands (Woodlands, Singapore). Background In 1942 with the fall of Singapore Australia lost nearly an entire division (8th Division (Australia)) captured

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