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Uxbridge, Ontario

qualified for the Olympic trials ranking 18th in 200 back stroke In film * The 1972 film ''The House Without a Christmas Tree'' starring Jason Robards was filmed in Uxbridge at Peel and Victoria. * The show 'The Littlest Hobo' (a show about a lone dog's travails) was one of the first shows to use Uxbridge for on location shooting in the 1980s (GGL). *The CBC (CBC Television)'s series ''Road to Avonlea'' was shot on location at an exterior village set located in Uxbridge

. * The 1996 film ''Christmas in My Hometown'', starring Tim Matheson and Melissa Gilbert, was partially filmed in Uxbridge. * The 1996 film ''The Long Kiss Goodnight'' starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson was partially filmed in Uxbridge. * The 1996 film ''The Stupids'' starring Tom Arnold (Tom Arnold (actor)) was partially filmed in Uxbridge. * The 1998 film ''Jerry and Tom'' starring Joe Mantegna and Sam Rockwell was partially filmed in Uxbridge

. * The 1999 film ''A Map of the World'' starring Sigourney Weaver and Julianne Moore was partially filmed in Uxbridge. * The 2001 film ''Driven'' starring Sylvester Stallone and Burt Reynolds was partially filmed in Uxbridge. * The 2001 film ''Serendipity'' starring John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, and Jeremy Piven was partially filmed in Uxbridge. * The 2001 film ''Prancer Returns'' starring John Corbett (John Corbett (actor)), Stacy Edwards, Michael

Piru, California

Jackson had used nearby Rancho Camulos as one of the settings. Portions of the 1910 (1910 in film) silent movie (silent film), ''Ramona (Ramona (1910 film))'', starring Mary Pickford were shot there. During the production, Pickford, D.W. Griffith (D. W. Griffith) and others of the cast and crew, stayed at the Piru Hotel. The hotel later became known as the Mountain View Hotel. The name was later changed to the Round Rock Hotel, because of a large, round boulder located

Piru has been used for shooting countless film and television productions over the years, including ''Desert Fury'' (1947 (1947 in film)) starring Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak and Burt Lancaster, with Mary Astor and Wendell Corey. Location scenes were shot with the northwest side of Center Street, at Main, used as the exterior of Fritzi Haller's saloon and casino; the Piru Mansion was used as the Haller home and the historic Piru bridge

, crossing Piru Creek on the east side of town, was used as the locale of the car crash. (Some of the exterior scenes were also filmed in the Old Town section of Cottonwood, Arizona, especially where Burt Lancaster enters the Old Town jail, extant though enlarged.) Piru was also used in the scene in ''A Star Is Born (A Star Is Born (1954 film))'' (1954 (1954 in film)) starring Judy Garland and James Mason where Jack Carson's character, Libby, finds them after they are married


and nationally recognized. Tlayacapan was also a popular filming location for many Mexican and American films such as ''La Valentina (La Valentina (1966 film))'', starring María Félix and Eulalio González, and ''Two Mules for Sister Sara'', starring Shirley MacLaine and Clint Eastwood.

'' (1959), starring Antonio Aguilar *''La Valentina (La Valentina (1966 film))'' (1966), starring María Félix *''Lucio Vázquez'' (1968), starring Antonio Aguilar *''Lauro Puñales'' (1969), starring Antonio Aguilar *''Two Mules for Sister Sara'' (1970), starring Shirley MacLaine *''La presidenta municipal'' (1975), starring María Elena Velasco *''OK Mister Pancho'' (1981), starring María Elena Velasco *''Salvador (Salvador (film))'' (1986), starring James

Stirling, Alberta

. At one time, Stirling had a newspaper of its own called the Stirling Star. New Stirling Star. Retrieved on 2007-08-02 In the 1980s Stirling also hosted the cast of a film called "Pure Escape" starring James Garner. '''Newspapers''' *''Lethbridge Herald'' *''Prairie Post'', a newspaper focused on Alberta and the southwest region of Saskatchewan. *'' Stirling

Star '' was Stirling's newspaper printed in New Stirling (Maybutt, Alberta) until the late 1930s. *''Westwind Weekly'', a weekly newspaper featuring news from Stirling and surrounding communities. '''Movies''' *Pure Escape, movie shot throughout southern Alberta and Stirling in the 1980s. *The Calgary Stampede, movie filmed in 1925, starring Hoot Gibson. Gibson drove a team of palomino horses in a chuckwagon race filmed at the Calgary Stampede. The palomino horses were from

the Bascom Ranch of Stirling. *RV (RV (film)), movie filmed in the Vancouver area and southern Alberta including the Stirling area, May–December 2005, starring Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, Joanna Levesque (JoJo (singer)), Josh Hutcherson, Jeff Daniels, and Kristin Chenoweth. Notable people * Theodore Brandley, LDS missionary (Missionary (LDS Church)) and colonizer of Stirling


a supporting role in his first international film, ''Shantaram (Shantaram (film))'', directed by Mira Nair and starring Hollywood actor Johnny Depp in the lead. The film was due to begin filming in February 2008 but due to the writer's strike, was pushed to September 2008.

National Film Award for Best Actor and fifth Filmfare Best Actor Award. In 2010, he debuted in Malayalam film through ''Kandahar (Kandahar (2010 film))'', directed by Major Ravi and co-starring Mohanlal. The film was based

themes can be roughly divided into idyllic natural tales or dark struggles in relationships and love. All her novels were marked by clever observation and dialogue with an intimate, explicit style. Her popular novel ''Gigi'' was made into a Broadway (Broadway theatre) play and a highly successful Hollywood motion picture of the same name (Gigi (1958 film)), starring Leslie Caron, Louis Jourdan and Maurice Chevalier. In 2009, an adaptation of both ''Chéri'' and ''La Fin de

Hope, British Columbia

. ''First Blood'' (1982), the first Rambo film (Rambo (film series)), starring Sylvester Stallone, Brian Dennehy, and Richard Crenna, was filmed almost entirely in and around Hope, as was ''Shoot to Kill (Shoot to Kill (1988 film))'' (1988), starring Sidney Poitier, Tom Berenger and Kirstie Alley. ''K2 (K2 (film))'' (1992) was also filmed nearby, with the area's mountains standing in for the Himalayas. "Hope's Hollywood

Moments", p. 20 in ''Experience Hope'', 2008 visitor guide to Hope. ''Hope Springs (Hope Springs (2003 film))'' (2003), starring Colin Firth and Heather Graham (Heather Graham (actress)), was filmed in and around Hope, but set in a fictional Hope, Vermont in the United States. Other films made in whole or in part in and around Hope have included ''Fire with Fire (Fire with Fire (1986 film))'' (1986), '' Yellow Dog (film) Yellow Dog

'' (1994), ''White Fang II'' (1994), ''The Pledge (The Pledge (film))'' (2001), ''The Stick Up'' (2003, starring James Spader), ''Suspicious River'' (2004), ''Afghan Knights'' (2007), and ''Wind Chill (Wind Chill (film))'' (2007). Hope was the setting for a story by Todd McFarlane in Spider-Man (Peter Parker: Spider-Man) #8-12. Reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins from VH1's series '' Megan Wants a Millionaire

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Charlie Chan movies were filmed, as well as "Hurricane" starring Dorothy Lamour and the camp classic "Johnny Guitar". (The western street from that movie remained until the mid 1980s when KCET razed the set to make way for a much-needed parking structure—but they threw a huge studio-wide party there on its final days.) The neighborhood has historically been home to movie stars, musicians, and the Hollywood elite. It boasts some of the best known residential architecture

as ''It's Your Move'' (1945), starring Edgar Kennedy. Los Angeles–Ventura areas The fault continues west to form the hills of Highland Park (Highland Park, Los Angeles, California), the lower eastern Santa Monica Mountains from Dodger Stadium, Silver Lake (Silver Lake, Los Angeles), and Griffith Park through the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Strip and Studio City (Studio City, California). Further west the Raymond Fault creates the higher central and western Santa Monica Mountains from Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills, California) and along the southern San Fernando Valley to Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks, California) and Malibu (Malibu, California), and on to Point Mugu at the Pacific Ocean.

Weirton, West Virginia

'', starring Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep. *Six years later it served as the primary location for filming of ''Reckless (Reckless (1984 film))'' starring Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah. *The movie ''Super 8 (Super 8 (film))'' was filmed in downtown Weirton, as well as many other places throughout the town, in late September to mid October 2010. The town stood in for the fictional town of Lillian, Ohio. *Disney featured Weirton briefly in its documentary, '' America's

was released in 1984. Cast members included Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah. Many scenes were set in Mingo Junction or nearby cities such as Pittsburgh, Steubenville, Ohio, and Weirton, West Virginia. Movie credentials also include 1983's "All the Right Moves" starring Tom Cruise and Craig T. Nelson. '''Mount Pleasant''' is a village (village (United States)#Ohio) in Jefferson County (Jefferson County, Ohio), Ohio, in the United States

White Rock, British Columbia

. The festival began in 1949. White Rock in television and film Scenes from the boxing film ''Knockout (Knockout (2011 film))'', along with some in the 2007's ''Juno'' (Juno (film)) were filmed in White Rock. Portions of the 1965 film ''The Railrodder'' starring Buster Keaton were filmed in White Rock. Much of the 1982 movie ''Big Meat Eater'' was filmed near and around the White Rock waterfront. The USA Network's detective comedy ''Psych (Psych (TV series))'' is also

Columbia , Canada) is a Canadian actor who is best known for his role as Louis Testaverde-Miller on the hit Nickelodeon (Nickelodeon (TV channel)) show ''Romeo!'' He made his acting debut on ''Stargate SG-1'' in 2001. Noel has graduated at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is currently studying Communications at Simon Fraser University Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2006, he did the voice of Sage in an animated film starring Tony Hawk called

Sandy Hill, Ottawa

. executive_producer starring Robb Weller Sandy Hill (Sandy Hill, Ottawa) Gary Collins (Gary Collins (actor)) Cristina Ferrare Dana Fleming Beth Ruyak Sarah Purcell country USA address 10 Range Road location Sandy Hill (Sandy Hill, Ottawa), Ottawa high_commissioner The '''High Commission of Pakistan''' in Ottawa is the diplomatic mission of Pakistan to Canada. The Embassy chancery

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