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Skid Row, Los Angeles

and stage musical The musical is based on the basic concept and dark comic (black comedy) tone of the 1960 film, although it changes much of the story. The setting is moved from Skid Row, Los Angeles to Skid Row in New York. Seymour's hypochondriacal Jewish mother (Jewish mother stereotype) is omitted, and Seymour becomes an orphan in the care of Mushnik. Also dropped is the subplot involving the two investigating cops. The characters of Mrs. Siddie Shiva and Burson Fouch are also

omitted, although Mrs. Shiva is mentioned as being the shop's biggest funeral account. The character of the gleefully masochistic dental patient (played by Jack Nicholson) is deleted from the stage musical but restored in the 1986 film version (played there by Bill Murray).

Oneonta, New York

known for his roles as the adult Simba in the Broadway (Broadway theatre) stage musical (musical theater) version of ''The Lion King (The Lion King (musical))'' The Broadway League, ''The Lion King'', Internet Broadway Database, http: production.php?id 4761, accessed September 8, 2011. and Denahi in the animated Disney film ''Brother Bear''. ''Brother Bear'' DVD site, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, http: BrotherBear, accessed September 17, 2011. Early life Born as '''Jason Rothenberg''', Kenneth Jones, "Jason Raize, Broadway's Original Simba in The Lion King, Dead at 28,", February 9, 2004, http: news article 84301-Jason-Raize-Broadways-Original-Simba-in-The-Lion-King-Dead-at-28, accessed September 8, 2011. Jason grew up in the Catskills in upstate New York, and started acting as a teenager when his mother enrolled him in a summer Shakespeare workshop. Patrick Pacheco, "Raize of Light," ''InTheater'', January 23, 1998, 16-19. In high school, after moving with his father to Oneonta, New York, Jason performed in high school plays and with Oneonta’s Orpheus Theatre. He moved to New York City after high school where he briefly attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Belleville, Ontario

Belleville (Belleville, Ontario) to Kingston (Kingston, Ontario). The work was completed by 1817 and the road renamed ''The Kingston Road'' (Kingston Road (Toronto)). In 2004, Centennial Secondary School in Belleville, Ontario created and performed a stage musical version of the album. The show itself did a trial at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. thumb 360px right Edwin and Veronica Dam's Alfred Purdy Memorial (File:Toronto Al Purdy Memorial 02.jpg) Born in Wooler, Ontario Purdy went to Albert College (Albert College (Belleville)) in Belleville, Ontario, and Trenton Collegiate Institute in Trenton, Ontario. He dropped out of school at 17 and rode the rails west to Vancouver. He served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. Following the war, he worked in various jobs until the 1960s, when he was finally able to support himself as a writer, editor and poet. University of Toronto Library. Al Purdy, Biography. Canadian Poets Series. Retrieved on: April 19, 2008. * 25px (File:Flag of France.svg) Dole (Dole, Jura), France since 1962 * 25px (File:Flag of Canada.svg) Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), Ontario, Canada since 1971 * 25px (File:Flag of Costa Rica.svg) Alajuela, Alajuela (Alajuela), Costa Rica since 2006 After retiring from the music business, Quaife resided in Denmark throughout the 1970s. He relocated to Belleville, Ontario in 1980, where he worked as a cartoonist and artist. He was diagnosed with renal failure in 1998 and moved back to Denmark in 2005. Quaife died in June 2010 of kidney failure. birth_place Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) draft 163rd overall DATE OF BIRTH February 4, 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH - colspan "4" '''Belleville (Belleville, Ontario)''' - ''Main article (Belleville municipal election, 2006)'' - He was born in Ireland around 1800 and came to Canada with his father's unit of the British Army in 1813. He studied at York (Toronto), where he became close friends with Robert Baldwin. He articled in law with Christopher Alexander Hagerman, was called to the bar in 1823 and set up a practice in Belleville (Belleville, Ontario). In 1828, he married Alicia Fenton Russell, the niece of Sir John Harvey (John Harvey (governor)). In the same year, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada for Hastings (Hastings County, Ontario); he was reelected in 1830 and 1834. He was one of the most conservative members of the assembly. After William Lyon Mackenzie criticized Samson in his ''Colonial Advocate'', he pressed libel charges against Mackenzie in 1831 and introduced a motion to expel Mackenzie from the assembly. He helped build the first hospital in Belleville in 1832 and served on the village council. He also served as lieutenant colonel in the local militia.

Rockville, Maryland

Army Medical Department from 1943 to 1946. Stage adaptation The holiday special has been adapted into a full-length stage musical. Andrew Fishman has reworked the book, with music and lyrics by Connick who has added five new songs for the musical, for example "That Magic Hat". The show premiered at Coterie Theatre at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri on November 13, 2007 to generally good reviews.


drop. Some sections of tramway track still have the slot rails visible. ''Summer Holiday'' was adapted into a stage musical in the mid-1990s starring Darren Day in the role that Cliff Richard played. It premiered for a summer season at The Opera House (Opera_House_Theatre,_Blackpool) in Blackpool in 1996, and then later toured nationally, before returning to The Opera House in 1998. The cast for these included Claire Buckfield, Isla Fisher, Hilary O'Neil, Peter Baldwin (Peter Baldwin (actor)) and Rene Zagger. It was also recorded and released on video, entitled "Summer Holiday-The Hits", which was all the musical numbers strung together by clips of Darren Day writing postcards to his friends, and describing what was happening in the story as he wrote. At the end of 2010, late October or November, Eboué signed another long-term contract with Arsenal. News & Features. Retrieved on 2012-03-21. In April 2011, Eboué scored for Arsenal in their 3–1 win over Blackpool at Bloomfield Road, with a powerful strike from his weaker left foot, which helped keep Arsenal's title hopes alive. In the following match against Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium, however, he conceded a last-minute penalty by pushing Lucas Leiva in the back which denied the club victory and left them six points adrift of the leaders. On 8 May 2011, he was an unused substitute in the game against Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium in a 3–1 defeat. At the end of the 2010–11 season, Eboué made 27 appearances in total and scored once in all competitions. * Richard Norris (Richard Norris (musician)) (born 23 June 1965, London) - keyboards (Keyboard instrument) * David Ball (David Ball (musician)) (born 3 May 1959, Blackpool, Lancashire) - keyboards * Sacha Rebecca Souter - Vocals Circus The first Belle Vue Circus took place in 1922, but it was not considered a success. The next was staged in 1929, after the company negotiated a deal with the Blackpool Tower Company (Blackpool Tower) to provide acts and equipment for what subsequently became a regular Christmas event held in the Kings Hall. One of the first arrivals from Blackpool was ringmaster (Ringmaster (circus)) George Lockhart (George Claude Lockhart), WikiPedia:Blackpool Commons:Category:Blackpool


Kingston upon Hull

2005. In 2008, at the age of 71, Steele toured in the lead role of the stage musical ''Doctor Dolittle (Doctor Dolittle (film))'', and reprised his role as ''Scrooge'' during the Christmas season in 2009. He will play the part once again in Dublin in winter 2010. He also played Scrooge in the Empire Theatre (Sunderland Empire Theatre), Sunderland (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear) in October 2010, Hull New Theatre New


to the needs of either sport. After a retrial that was moved to Cincinnati, Ohio due to the publicity the case had received in Detroit, a jury cleared Ebens of all charges in 1987. Commons:Category:Cincinnati WikiPedia:Cincinnati Dmoz:Regional North America United States Ohio Metro Areas Cincinnati Metro

Portland, Oregon

straight years (1982–1986). Legacy In June 2006, a stage musical (musical theatre) titled ''The Gospel According to Tammy Faye'' opened at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival and is currently being developed for a larger professional production. The show features songs by J. T. Buck and a book by Fernando Dovalina. The musical is described as a fantasia (Fantasia (music)) which takes a balanced and fair look

Kansas City, Missouri

adaptation The holiday special has been adapted into a full-length stage musical. Andrew Fishman has reworked the book, with music and lyrics by Connick who has added five new songs for the musical, for example "That Magic Hat". The show premiered at Coterie Theatre at Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri on November 13, 2007 to generally good reviews. ref>

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