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Baddeck, Nova Scotia

in 1908. Baddeck was home to Alexander Graham Bell and was witness to the first flight in the commonwealth by Bell's Silver Dart (AEA Silver Dart) in 1909. Historic dates * 1851 - Established as shire town of Victoria County * 1908 - Village is incorporated * 23 February 1909 - The first flight in the Commonwealth as the Silver Dart takes off from the frozen Baddeck Bay * 9 September 1919 - The HD-4 sets a world marine speed record of 114 km h (70.86 mph

the boatyard at Bell Laboratories on Beinn Bhreagh, Bell's estate near Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Pinaud's experience in boat-building enabled him to make useful design changes to the HD-4. After the First World War, work began again on the HD-4. Bell's report to the U.S. Navy (United States Navy) permitted him to obtain two 350 horsepower (260 kW) engines in July 1919. On September 9, 1919, the HD-4 set a world marine speed record of 70.86 miles per hour (114.04 km h), ref

. On September 9, 1919 the HD-4 set a world marine speed record of 114 km h (70.86 mph), a record which stood for two decades. A full-scale replica of Bell's HD-4 is viewable at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site (Alexander_Graham_Bell#Legacy_and_honors) museum in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. thumb right 250px The "Largest Ceilidh Fiddle in the World". Located at the Sydney waterfront. (Image:Sydney Fiddle.JPG) In recent decades, Cape Breton Island has

Rosamond, California

Between Pearblossom Highway and Avenue S, there is a vista point overlooking Lake Palmdale, which features an historic plaque that honors aviation accomplishments including the space shuttle, breaking the sound barrier and the speed record. The freeway passes the Los Angeles (Los Angeles County, California) Kern County (Kern County, California) line at Avenue A, and continues to run north through Rosamond (Rosamond, California) and Mojave

(automobile) fenders and hubcaps, on November 16, 1941, Edelbrock drove the car in 7.41 seconds at a speed of , achieving a national speed record in the flying quarter mile. Almquist, Ed. "Hot Rod Pioneers, The Creators of the Fastest Sport on Wheels", Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc., 2000. ISBN 0-7680-0232-X All Chevy Magazine article, August 1988, Michael Lufty Originally, he had no intention of producing any additional manifolds, but the overwhelming response following his phenomenal speed in a 1932 Ford prompted Edelbrock to make more. This was the first product he sold commercially and marked the beginning of the company as it is known today. Edelbrock ultimately manufactured 100 of the ''Slingshot'' manifolds. Broadcasts can normally be heard beginning as far south as Rosamond, California, on State Route 14 (California State Route 14) to the State Route 58 (California State Route 58) turn off in Mojave, California. The broadcast is audible on State Route 58 from Mojave through Barstow, California, where State Route 58 ends into Interstate 15 (Interstate 15 (California)). From Barstow north on the 15 broadcast can be heard normally past the Nevada state line and in the Las Vegas Valley itself. Audible broadcast can normally be picked up on the majority of State Route 138 (California State Route 138) to its junction with Interstate 15 and also Interstate 40 (Interstate 40 (California)) from Barstow to around Kingman, Arizona. Realignment Following a major realignment of the route and assumption into the state highway system around 1922, the main Midland Trail alignment in California bypassed early stagecoach-era stops at Freeman and Willow Springs and at the Neuralia railroad siding, and now routed through Red Rock Canyon (Red Rock Canyon State Park (California)) to Mojave. The earlier alignment took a high line route to the west in the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada (U.S.)) and Scodie Mountains foothills around it following the Los Angeles Aqueduct route past Jawbone Canyon, thence following the Southern Pacific railroad tracks through Rosamond (Rosamond, California) and Lancaster (Lancaster, California) and on to Los Angeles, following the route that was later assigned to U.S. Route 6—the Sierra Highway) in 1937. Story Billy the Mountain, a typical mountain which poses for postcards, lives between the cities of Rosamond, California and Gorman, California with his wife Ethell, a tree. The main features on his mountain edifice are two large caves, resembling eyes, and a cliff for a jaw, which lifts up and down when he talks puffing up dust and boulders. Upon exiting the mountains, Sierra Highway enters the Antelope Valley and serves as one of the main streets of Palmdale (Palmdale, California), Lancaster (Lancaster, California), and Rosamond (Rosamond, California). The highway runs parallel to the modern Route 14 and the railroad. Just shy of Mojave (Mojave, California) the freeway portion of Route 14 ends, and Sierra Highway shares the active routing of SR 14 passing through downtown Mojave. 57.8 Rosamond Boulevard – Rosamond (Rosamond, California), Edwards AFB (Edwards Air Force Base)


on the Laajavuori stage of the 2010 Rally Finland. In early 2007, Kankkunen set a new world speed record on ice in his privately owned Bentley Continental GT on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia near Oulu, Finland. He averaged held by a Bugatti EB110 Supersport

by Nokian and Bentley Motors. Kankkunen bettered the record to 330.695 km h (205.48 mph) in 2011, driving an E85-powered Bentley Continental Supersports convertible. Bentley will release a limited edition of the Supersports to celebrate the achievement. The 100 models will be the most powerful road cars Bentley has ever produced.

kankkunen-sets-new-world-speed-record-on-ice article 196476 accessdate 17 February 2011 thumb Texas School for the Deaf (File:MoreAustinandWashingtonBrazos 127.JPG) thumb right ''Merikartano'' school for deaf students in Oulu (Image:Merikartano Oulu 2006 02 12.JPG), Finland (February 2006). thumb right Students at a school for the deaf in Baghdad (Image:Deaf Students In Baghdad.jpg), Iraq (April 2004). In Oulu, Finland, 'patio' means a furnished

Westwood, California

was featured in the 1996 film ''Fargo (Fargo (film))'', but was filmed in Bathgate, North Dakota and not Brainerd. title FAQ: I've read around that South Park episodes can be made in 5 days, but what is the speed record for producing an episode, and which one was it? publisher South Park Studios date November 15, 2004 accessdate January 17, 2012 Nearly the entire production of an episode is accomplished within one set of offices, which were originally at a complex


by a SA-7 while taking off from Aweil Sudan, killing the four crew on board. Criminal Occurrence description Retrieved 4 October 2011. * August 11 – A Westland Lynx fitted with special composite rotor blades sets a new helicopter world speed record of 249.09 mph (400.87 km h) over a course. Donald, David, ed., ''The Complete Encyclopedia

Fort Macleod

, aiming to preserve the sandstone and brick buildings, some dating back to 1878. Alberta First. Fort Macleod Overview UFO incident On August 27, 1956, while an RCAF (History of the Royal Canadian Air Force#Cold War era) squadron leader and a Flight Lieutenant were attempting to set a speed record in an F-86 (Canadair Sabre) and flying over Fort Macleod


of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC). In 1984 Lüderitz was the starting point for explorer and sailor Amyr Klink's successful solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, Watercraft


– U.S. racer Craig Breedlove sets a new land speed record of . * November 16 – Venera program: The Soviet Union launches the ''Venera 3'' space probe from Baikonur, Kazakhstan toward Venus (on March 1, 1966 it became the first spacecraft to reach the surface of another planet). * November 20 – The UN Security Council (United Nations Security Council) recommends that all states stop


was in 1995 where he started and finished in sixth position, leading 59 laps. For a period, he held the world speed record for a closed race track, set at California Speedway in 1997 at a speed of 240.942 mph (387.759 km h). Gugelmin retired at the end of 2001 after a year that included the death of his son. Gugelmin was born in Joinville, Brazil on April 20, 1963 into a wealthy family. wikipedia:Joinville commons:Joinville

Mojave, California

'''Sierra Highway''' or '''El Camino Sierra''' is a road in Southern California, United States. El Camino Sierra refers to the full length of a trail formed in the 19th century, rebuilt as highways in the early 20th century, that ran from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe following parts of modern State Route 14 (California State Route 14), U.S. Route 395 (U.S. Route 395 in California) and State Route 89 (California State Route 89). Two portions of this road are currently signed as Sierra Highway. The first is an old alignment of SR 14 U.S. Route 6 (U.S. Route 6 in California) from Los Angeles to Mojave (Mojave, California). This road is also signed with the unusual designation of '''State Route 14U''' through the city of Santa Clarita (Santa Clarita, California). The second part signed as Sierra Highway is a portion of US 395 in Bishop (Bishop, California). Route description thumb right Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita. Although Route 14 was moved to a freeway bypass years ago, this portion remains under state control in a state of bureaucratic limbo, signed as Route 14 "Un-relinquished" (File:CA14U.JPG) El Camino Sierra connects Los Angeles with Lake Tahoe along the eastern edge of California, serving the counties of Los Angeles (Los Angeles County, California), Kern (Kern County, California), Inyo (Inyo County, California), Mono (Mono County, California), Alpine (Alpine County, California) and El Dorado (El Dorado, California). The highway exists as a roadway now called Sierra Highway from Los Angeles to Mojave (Mojave, California). North of Mojave, El Camino Sierra is better known by the numbered designations in current use. While traversing the state, the highway crosses several mountain passes. The highway crests the San Gabriel Mountains via Soledad Pass. While in the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada (US)) the highway crosses Sherwin Summit, Deadman Summit, Conway Summit, Devil's Gate Pass, Monitor Pass and Luther Pass.

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