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Córdoba, Veracruz

; and a connected line running from the port city of Manzanillo (Manzanillo, Colima) to Aguascalientes. The train which would travel at 300 km h http: Project-for-a-Mexico-City-Guadalajara-High-Speed-Line?lang fr allows passengers to travel from Mexico City to Guadalajara in just 2 hours at an affordable price (the same trip by road would last 7 hours


to the south, and the provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu to the west and north respectively. Plan The high speed line would run between the two Chinese cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou. The total length would be 169 km (105 mi), of which 64 km (40 mi) would be within the City of Shanghai and 105 km (65 mi) in the province of Zhejiang. Four stations would be built: at the Expo 2010 site in east Shanghai; in south Shanghai


21, 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Borås, Sweden DATE OF DEATH *'''35 (Swedish national road 35)''' Linköping Trafikplats Staby ('''E4 (European route E4)''' Linköping östra) – Mörtlösarondellen *'''40 (Swedish national road 40)''' Gothenburg – Borås - Rångedala **Through Haga in Jönköping thumb 150px 40 through Borås (Image:Riksvag 40 Boras.jpg) Future There are plans to build a high-speed line between Stockholm and Gothenburg, south


DATE OF DEATH Future expansion Plans for an expansion of the high-speed line to Hamar have been launched, but have not been incorporated into any specific plans. This suggestion would increase the length of the high-speed rail north of Oslo with —almost a doubling. The project may or may not incorporate a further high-speed line to Trondheim.


, Huskvarna and Gränna, which all three now are part of the Jönköping Municipality. The town of Visby is the seat of the Gotland Municipality, but is no political entity of its own. Some former towns have also grown together, forming one urban area. Future There are plans to build a high-speed line between Stockholm and Gothenburg, south of the lake Vättern. The route would be operational somewhere around 2020, and capable of speeds of more than . However


of the Level 1 is that the speed is restricted to 160 km h only; the distance between the signals does not allow speeds higher than this. In Poland (High-speed rail in Poland), ETCS Level 1 was installed in 2011 on the CMK high speed line between Warsaw and Katowice-Kraków, allowing speeds to be raised from . Railway Gazette International, 'Cab Signalling


, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia as well as from Beijing and beyond. A High Speed Rail line between Dalian and Harbin passes through Anshan and is available from the Anshan West Railway Station. The high speed line allows travel from Anshan to Dalian in about one and a half hours and to Shenyang in about twenty minutes during summer. In winter, the line runs at a reduced speed due to the cold weather. By taxi A taxi from Shenyang to Anshan will cost about ¥400 by the meter. Many drivers

Federal Railroad Administration

on the Philadelphia and Western Railroad high-speed third rail line (now the Norristown High Speed Line). Such arrangements are almost impossible now, due to the Federal Railroad Administration refusing (for crash safety reasons) to allow non-FRA compliant railcars (i.e. subway and light rail vehicles) to run on the same tracks at the same times as compliant railcars, which includes locomotives and standard railroad passenger and freight equipment. Notable exceptions in the USA


Ministry of Railways . There are also plans to build a high-speed railway (Nanning–Pingxiang High-Speed Line) to Pingxiang (Pingxiang, Guangxi) on the Vietnamese border. The goal is to better integrate (economic integration) Pan-Pearl River Delta and southeast China with members of the Association of Southeast

Toledo, Spain

h. The second high-speed rail line (Madrid to Barcelona) was completed in 2007 with the inaugural service commencing at 6 am February 20, 2008. The operational speed on this route is 350 km h. The greater part of the line (Madrid to Lleida) was placed into service on 11 October 2003 (October 2003), with connection to Huesca from Zaragoza. The third high-speed line (Madrid to Toledo (Toledo, Spain)) was opened in November 2005, followed by the spur from Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain) to Málaga (Málaga, Spain) as far as Antequera in 2007. Another high-speed route from Madrid to Valladolid was opened in 2007, the line from Madrid to Valencia (Valencia (city in Spain)) was opened in 2010 and the first stage of the high-speed line in Galicia (Galicia (Spain)) opened in 2011. A line to Lisbon is being designed. Events *December 4 - San Juan de la Cruz (John of the Cross) is imprisoned at Toledo (Toledo, Spain). During his imprisonment he composes his ''Spiritual Canticle''. thumb European depiction of the Persian physician Rhazes (Image:Al-RaziInGerardusCremonensis1250.JPG), in Gerard of Cremona's "Recueil des traités de médecine" 1250-1260. Gerard de Cremona translated numerous works by Arab scholars. "Inventions et decouvertes au Moyen-Age", Samuel Sadaune, p.44 '''Gerard of Cremona''' ( ) is a stone fortification located in the highest part of Toledo, Spain. Once used as a Roman palace in the 3rd century, it was restored under Charles I (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) and Philip II of Spain in the 1540's. Henry Kamen, ''Philip of Spain'', (Yale University Press, 1999), 184-185. In 1521, Hernán Cortés was received by Charles I (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) at the Alcázar, following Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs. ''Toledo and the New World in the Sixteenth Century'', Javier Malagón-Barceló, '''The Americas''', Vol. 20, No. 2 (Oct., 1963), 124. Guillaume's nephew and namesake, Guillaume III de Croÿ (William de Croÿ (archbishop)) (1498-1521), was educated in Louvain (Leuven) with Juan Luís Vives, a great philosopher of the time. As it appeared unlikely that he would succeed to the lands of his grandfather, Philippe I, he was destined to the church. Family interests ensured his rapid promotion: he was elected Bishop of Cambrai at the age of 17. Within a year, Charles V (Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor) bestowed upon his young Burgundian friend the archbishopric of Toledo (Toledo, Spain), making him a cardinal and Primate of Spain. This unprecedented move brought Spain to the brink of a civil war. Guillaume accompanied his uncle and Charles to Worms, where on January 6 he died aged 22, following a fall from his horse. His tomb is in the Celestin monastery of Louvain, founded by his father.

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