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Bracebridge, Ontario

access to special support programs, including—Career Counselling, Job Search, Academic Skills Programs, Peer Tutoring resources and individualized assistance for special needs students. Muskoka Campus applicants are also eligible for Nipissing University entrance scholarships and bursaries. In September 2008, the new Nipissing University Muskoka Campus opened its new facility on Wellington St right beside the old Centennial Centre( now the new Georgian College Facility) birth_date

Socialist Republic of Slovenia

% of the population, were annexed to Yugoslavia. The national border was drawn just off the town centre, putting Gorizia into a peripheral zone. Several important landmarks of the town, such as the Kostanjevica Monastery, the Kromberk Castle, the Sveta Gora pilgrimage site, the old Jewish cemetery, and the northern railway station, remained on the other side of the border. In 1948, the authorities of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia (with president Tito (Josip Broz Tito)'s special

support) started building a new town called '''Nova Gorica''' ("New Gorizia") on their side of the border. The film was shot on location in the former SFR Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). Scenes were filmed around Obrov in SR Slovenia (Socialist Republic of Slovenia) and Zagreb and Savudrija in SR Croatia (Socialist Republic of Croatia). Interiors were completed at Pinewood Studios in London. In November 1918, the poem was sung

White Plains, New York

fleet of 5 Engines, 3 Ladders, 1 Rescue, and numerous other special, support, and reserve units. ref>

York, Pennsylvania

on South Duke Street The city of York is protected at all hours by the 59 professional firefighters and 45 volunteer firefighters of the city of York Fire Department (YFD). The YFD operates out of four fire stations, located throughout the city, and maintains a fire apparatus fleet of 4 engines, 2 trucks, 1 service, and numerous other special, support, and reserve units. The YFD responds to approximately 2,700 emergency calls annually.

Portland, Maine

special, support, and reserve units. Island "call" firefighters man a total of 4 Engines, 1 Ladder, 4 Water Tank Units, and 3 MEDCU Units (Ambulances). Each frontline fire company is staffed by 1 Officer and 2 Firefighters per shift. Each MEDCU Unit (Ambulance) is staffed by 2 Firefighter EMT's per shift. The Marine Division is staffed by 1 Officer and 2 Firefighters per shift, who also cross-staff Engine 7 in the event of a structural fire in the city not requiring a Marine Unit


Fire_Stations title Cleveland Fire Stations publisher City of Cleveland accessdate October 20, 2012 The Division of Fire operates a fire apparatus fleet of twenty engine companies, seven ladder companies, three tower companies, three rescue squad companies, one task force company(tactical engine company and rescue squad), one fireboat, one hazardous materials ("haz-mat") unit, and numerous other special, support, and reserve units. The current fire chief Chief


Aweys and Mohamed Deq Abdulle of the national Taekwondo team (Somalia national Taekwondo team) took home a silver medal and fourth place, respectively, at the 2013 Open World Taekwondo Challenge Cup in Tongeren. The Somali Olympic Committee has devised a special support program to ensure continued success in future tournaments. Commons:Category:Somalia WikiPedia:Somalia Dmoz:Regional Africa Somalia

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