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Whistler, British Columbia

Olympic Logo structure. Whistler's urban landscape was specifically designed to accommodate the natural environment,special-projects village3 as well as to re-mediate a large garbage dump which became today's Whistler Village which had been one of the main non-natural feeding grounds for black bear in the valley. Since the resort's development, black bear (American black bear) populations have gradually recovered. New residents

Fontana, California

of the management and coordination of city services is: class "wikitable" - ! City Department ! Director - City Manager Kenneth R. Hunt - Deputy City Manager Development Services Debbie Brazill - Deputy City Manager Administrative Services David R. Edgar - Police Chief Rodney Jones - Redevelopment Special Projects Director Raymond Bragg - Public Works Director Chuck Hays - Community Services Director


of residential school life told by local residents. Most recently the museum in 2012 the museum was awarded the 2012 Ontario Museum Association Award of Excellence in Special Projects for its work on the IPad based "mobile tour".<


; Sierra Leone; Sudan; and Uganda. It also has special projects for refugees in the Netherlands. Russia In Russia Ramadan is observed mostly in Muslim majority states such as Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and other areas. In Moscow it has become a tradition to open Ramadan Tent a public iftar event organised by Russia's Mufti Council. Ramadan tent in Moscow offers festive activities ref

Columbus, Georgia

area. The project will result in the longest urban whitewater rafting venue in the world, scheduled for completion in 2012. Retrieved 2011-22-11. In upcoming years, it is predicted that there will be an additional 30,000 soldiers trained at Fort Benning each year due to Base Realignment and Closure .Special-Projects BRAC Base Realignment And Closure. Retrieved 2011-04-11

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also did his Masters in Business Management. He also completed his Social Enterprise Management Programme (Spread over approximately one year) in 2004 from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and conducted jointly by LUMS and McGill university Canada. In 2004 he took up an assignment with Himont Pharamaceuticals sa Manager Special Projects and formed to companies Himont International and Himont Integrated Medical Support Systems. He was then appointed as the Chief Operating Officer


; Sierra Leone; Sudan; and Uganda. It also has special projects for refugees in the Netherlands. In 2011, McManaman joined a number of former star players including Diego Maradona and former team-mates Luis Figo and Robbie Fowler in a select World XI to play against Chechen (Chechnya) President Ramzan Kadyrov and his select XI in a match to mark the opening of the new national stadium in the war torn nation's (Second Chechen War) capital of Grozny.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Romero moved to Shreveport, Louisiana in March 1989 and joined Softdisk as a programmer in its Special Projects division. After several months of helping the PC monthly disk magazine ''Big Blue Disk'', he officially moved into the department until he started a PC gaming division in July 1990 named 'Gamer's Edge' (originally titled PCRcade). Romero hired John D. Carmack into the department from his freelancing in Kansas City, moved Adrian Carmack into the division from

Oklahoma City

, a bus and taxi company that served central Oklahoma. The company remained small until 1952, when an ownership group led by George E. Powell Sr. bought the company. During this time, Yellow helped pioneer the concept of consolidating small freight shipments into trailer loads. Dotson's first job in broadcasting was as Director of Special Projects at WKY-TV in Oklahoma City between 1969 and 1975. In 1975 he moved to NBC News, working with Cleveland-based WKYC-TV, before

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