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Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead

of Britain Through Time : ''Whickham Urban District'' Retrieved 2009-09-14 Office for National Statistics : ''Census 2001 : Table KS01 : Usual Resident Population'' Dunston; Teams (part); Whickham North; and Whickham South wards. Retrieved 2009-08-26 - '''Blaydon Races''' (Roud (Roud Folk Song Index) #3511) is a famous Geordie folk song written in the 19th century by Geordie Ridley, in a style deriving from music hall. It is regarded by many as the unofficial anthem of Tyneside and is frequently sung (football chant) by supporters of Newcastle United Football Club (Newcastle United F.C.) and Newcastle Falcons rugby club. Blaydon is a small town in Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead), situated about - 117 Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead) 1,347 Metropolitan borough Tyne and Wear - Nexus is the operations arm of the '''Tyne and Wear Integreated Transport Authority (Passenger Transport Executive#Integrated transport authorities)''' (TWITA). The ITA is made up of fifteen councillors from the county: four from each of Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland (City of Sunderland), three from Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead), and two from each of North Tyneside and South Tyneside. '''Dunston''' was originally an independent village on the south bank of the River Tyne. It has now been absorbed into the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead in the English (England) county of Tyne and Wear. Much of Dunston forms part of the inner Gateshead regeneration area. '''Birtley''' is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead, in Tyne and Wear, England. It is situated to the south of Gateshead town and is physically linked to Chester-le-Street across the County boundary in County Durham. Until 1974, Birtley and the adjoining areas of Barley Mow, Vigo and Portobello were part of the old Chester-le-Street Rural District. Since 1974, these neighbouring areas have been considered part of 'greater' Birtley. Birtley was a civil parish with a parish council (which also covered the adjoining neighbourhoods) until April 1, 2006 after a local referendum agreed to abolish it. Referendum to abolish Civil Parish The former parish has a population of 11,377. Office for National Statistics : ''Census 2001 : Parish Headcounts : Gateshead'' Retrieved 2009-09-14 Birtley lies within the historic county boundaries (historic counties of England) of County Durham and uniquely among settlements in Gateshead, Birtley forms part of the Chester-le-Street post town in the Durham (DH) postal area. '''Whickham''' is a town in North East England, four miles south west of Newcastle upon Tyne and four and a half miles west of Gateshead. Whickham is part of the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead. Its postal address is Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne. Whickham is situated on high ground overlooking the River Tyne and the MetroCentre (MetroCentre (shopping centre)). It has a population of 16,263. Office for National Statistics : ''Census 2001 : Urban Areas : Table KS01 : Usual Resident Population'' Retrieved 2009-08-26 '''Lamesley''' is a village and civil parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England. The village is situated towards the south of Gateshead, near to Birtley (Birtley, Tyne and Wear) and Kibblesworth. The parish includes Lamesley village, Kibblesworth, Eighton Banks and the Northside area of Birtley (The private estates: The Hollys, LongBank, Northdene & Crathie). It has a population of 3,928. Office for National Statistics : ''Census 2001 : Parish Headcounts : Gateshead'' Retrieved 2009-09-14 Early history Harry Clasper was born in Dunston (Dunston, Tyne and Wear), now part of the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead, but then an independent village on the south bank of the River Tyne, a mile upriver from Gateshead. Later his family moved to Jarrow, also on the south bank on the Tyne, downriver from Newcastle. At the age of 15, he began to work at Jarrow Pit, which was notorious for firedamp. After a while Clasper decided that mining did not suit him and he became apprenticed as a ship’s carpenter in Brown’s Boatyard, Jarrow. There he learnt about woodworking and the principles of boatbuilding. This would be useful to him in later life. '''High Spen''' is an old mining village (Pit village) in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead. There is an entrance to Chopwell Wood, whose forest festival and Christmas Trees attract many visitors to the village every year. High Spen has one pub, called The Bute Arms, and two Working Men's clubs (Working men's club). There is also a Primary school, called High Spen Primary School, http: and a Comprehensive school, called Hookergate. High Spen also is home to St Patrick's C of E (Church of England) Church (Church (building)). North East England County Durham & Darlington, Gateshead (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead) & South Tyneside, Newcastle (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) & North Tyneside, Northumberland, Sunderland (City of Sunderland), Tees (Cleveland, England) -

Coconut Grove

in Florida, Miami and Dade County WPA Guide to Miami , Northport, New York: Bacon, Percy & Daggett, 1941, p. 145. *Pioneer Folk rock musician Fred Neil resided in, and wrote songs about Coconut Grove, notably on the song "Bleecker & MacDougal". *"Coconut Grove" is a song written by John Sebastian and recorded by The Lovin' Spoonful in 1967. It later was covered by David Lee Roth and Paul Weller. Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr


school and, later, a secular high school. She began writing poetry at the age of 15. When she was 17, she moved to Kiev and began studying painting Grishaver, Joel L., and Barkin, Josh. ''Artzeinu: An Israel Encounter''. Los Angeles: Torah Aura Productions, 2008. 99. ''Google Books''. Web. 25 Oct. 2011. . ) is a Russian song written in 1860 by the composer and folklorist Ivan

Salina, Kansas

leader of the musical group The Association. Show 37 - The Rubberization of Soul: The great pop music renaissance. Part 3] : UNT Digital Library Kirkman co-wrote some material with fellow group member and friend Jules Alexander. His "Requiem For The Masses", a song written about the war in Vietnam, featured requiem-style vocals. SHS Choirs' Webpage - Terry Kirkman In 1964, while he was dating a girl named Barbara Bivens, he introduced her sister Beverly (Beverly Bivens) to what became, with her as their lead singer, the folk rock group We Five Early life Smith was born in Denver, Colorado. His father was an Air Force (United States Air Force) officer, and his childhood was spent in various places including Waco (Waco, Texas), McQueenie, and Laporte (La Porte, Texas), Texas; Salina (Salina, Kansas), Kansas; Sacramento (Sacramento, California), California; and Gifford (Gifford, Illinois), Illinois (all before he completed 5th grade (Fifth grade)) and then St. John’s (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador), Newfoundland and Ft. Walton Beach (Fort Walton Beach, Florida), Florida where he graduated from high school. http: lneilsmith ?p 42 Author’s Biography as of May 12, 2007 - SLN KSLN Salina Municipal Airport Salina, Kansas, United States - *Great Bend (Great Bend, Kansas) - KSNC 2 (KSNC) (satellite of KSNW) *Salina (Salina, Kansas) - KSNL-LD 47 (KSNL-LD) (satellite of KSNW) *Topeka (Topeka, Kansas) - KSNT-TV 27 After the war ended, she worked for the Salvation Army in San Francisco, and became an attorney (Lawyer), helping Union veterans with legal issues. She ran a hotel in Salina, Kansas for a time. She received a special pension of $25 a month from Congress (United States Congress) in 1886, and retired to Bunker Hill, Kansas. She died peacefully after a minor stroke. While attending the University of Tulsa, he continued working at KVOO, first as an announcer, and later as a program director. Harvey, at age nineteen spent three years as


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held in the second half of a lunch break, the make-up of which changes from term (academic term) to term, and which vary from table tennis to bridge (contract bridge). However, in recent years though these lunchtime activities have not diminished they have moved away from their house competition orientation, leaving only the main house events, music, drama, sporting,and academic. The King's School song, written by former headmaster Maurice Wheeler, is reputed to be the only school song

Nassau, Bahamas

on behalf of the confederacy to run supplies between Bermuda, Nassau, England and Wilmington, North Carolina. "'''Whenever, Wherever'''" is a Latin pop song written by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, Gloria Estefan, and Tim Mitchell for Shakira's first English language album, ''Laundry Service''. The track was produced by Shakira, and recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami as well as Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas


, Ben Weisman, Kay Twomey and German bandleader Bert Kaempfert, was based on a German folk song by Friedrich Silcher, '''Olaf Saile''' (August 27, 1901 - June 29, 1952) was a German (Germany) writer born in Weitingen (Eutingen im Gäu), Württemberg. Saile's principal claim to fame is the historical novel ''Kepler, Roman einer Zeitwende'' first published in German (German language) in Stuttgart in 1938 and many times reprinted. It is an imagined biography of the life and times of the astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler. The novel was translated into English (English language) by James A Galston and published in New York in 1940 by Oskar Piest, under the title ''Troubadour of the Stars''. The novel has occasionally been interpreted as a coded protest against the Nazi régime which Saile had experienced at first hand. Following the banning of the Social Democratic Party (Social Democratic Party (Germany)) by the Nazis, in June 1933 as editor of the newspaper ''Rathenower Zeitung'', during the subsequent wave of arrests Olaf Saile was briefly detained in the Oranienburg Concentration Camp, during which time he was maltreated. His release was apparently secured after a friend and fellow-journalist Käthe Lambert used her journalistic credentials to enter the camp and then to write a report detailing conditions there. They subsequently married. Saile died at the age of 50 and was buried in the Church of St. Bernhardt in Esslingen am Neckar. Käthe Saile is buried alongside her husband. Falkenhayn (Erich von Falkenhayn)'s forces made several probing attacks into the mountain passes held by the Romanian Army to see if there were weaknesses in the Romanian defences. After several weeks, he concentrated his best troops (the elite ''Alpen Korps'') in the south for an attack on the Vulcan Pass. The attack (Battle of Vulcan Pass) was launched on November 10. One of the young officers was the future Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. On November 11, then-Lieutenant Rommel led the Württemberg Mountain Company in the capture of Mount Lescului. The offensive pushed the Romanian defenders back through the mountains and into the plains by November 26. There was already snow covering the mountains and soon operations would have to halt for the winter. Advances by other parts of Falkenhayn's Ninth Army (9th Army (German Empire)) also pushed through the mountains; the Romanian Army was being ground down by the constant battle and their supply situation was becoming critical. * Michałów (Michałów, Pińczów County) (1953) of Poland, which breeds Arabians. *Marbach stud, (1477) also known as Weil-Marbach, Württemberg (present day Germany). Produces Arabians, Black Forest Horses, Haflingers (Haflinger (horse)), and warmbloods. *Yeguada Militar, Spain

Jackson, Mississippi

a woman in Jackson, I ain't gonna say her name" in his song "Outlaw Blues (Outlaw Blues (Bob Dylan song))" on the 1965 album "Bringing It All Back Home". "She's a brown-skinned woman, but I love her just the same." *"Jackson (Jackson (song))" is a song written by Jerry Leiber and Billy Edd Wheeler about newlyweds making the discovery that the "fire" has gone out of their relationship. They want to go to Jackson, where each looks


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